Monday, December 29, 2008


I heard my Mom say this to somebody over the phone “Yeah, Sandy’s on a vacation!” My jaws dropped.. Vacations? What!? If you call a 10-day off, cut short by 3 days, vacations; then I have some questions for you. My dictionary defines vacation as a holiday. Yes, I was on a holiday, but this was of a different kind. A vacation to me is something, ideally spent in the backwaters of Kerala, or soaking in the beaches of Goa, ushering the New Year. A cheaper version of the same spent in Mahabalipuram and Muthukadu. When my director declared winter vacations, I was jumping with joy!

YaaaaaY! Holidays at last! I started dreaming about long hours of uninterrupted sleep; lazy mornings, waking up to some super hot filter-kaapi, reading the Hindu cover-to-cover, equally lazy afternoons. Book in hand, steaming hot food, afternoon siesta, of watching movies, a walk in the beach in the evening. Visit friends, chill out and have fun in short. My dream was shattered by a voice which said, “You have been given holidays, and to make you spend them usefully, we have some holiday homework for you”. Yeah, we were given holiday home-work.

In all my years of schooling and college, I haven’t done anything in the name of homework. Leave alone holiday homework. To tell you the truth my mom did more than half my stuff, from writing Hindi compositions to finishing up English essays. All I did was finish my scrap-book. A scrapbook was something where we had to stick pictures on a certain topic and submit them. I got A+ in all my topics.

But this was atrocious. I shook my head in disbelief, to add insult to injury; they cut short our so-called holidays by three days, to attend a seminar on how to read a balance sheet. They sent us a case study, and we’re supposed to work on the questions given at the end and come prepared for the workshop. The next day we have to make a presentation on the Reverse Engineering of the Ratio Analysis of three cement companies. Economics homework on how the latest foreign trade policy would affect India. We’re supposed to analyze it and come to conclusions. To make things worse, we have model exams coming up.

How can you people be so heartless, one you mock a 7-day off calling it a vacation, next you pile us up with homework, and make us give presentations on arbit topics. Then you decide to fill my official inbox with business articles and expect me to work on them 24*7.
When everybody around me is spending their holidays in bliss, one poor thing spends her time working on pieces of paper containing weird numbers, trying to decipher where they came from.

Instead of giving it a beautiful name called vacation, you could have simply told us, we’re letting you off for a week to finish up the following stuff. Why give poor things like me wrong impressions? Why God; why me.

PS: I thought there was nothing wrong in killing a beautiful song, when people decided to kill my joy by giving me homework.
Cheers :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of Semester

YaaaaaY! Four months of college: first semester is 'officially' over. Tracking down the changes from: September'08- December'08.
Then: September-08; Now: Decemeber-08.
Then: Wake up at 5.30, when the alarm goes off for the first time. Brush, bathe, stand in front of the cupboard for solid 10mins deciding on what to wear. Stare at the mirror for another 10mins, adjusting the kajal. Basically get dressed. Pack lunch ad breakfast. Read newspaper (Chennai Times or Hindu-Metroplus). Walk to the bus-stop with newspaper in hand. Reach the stop, 15mins before the bus arrives.
Now: Wake up at 6.15,(not realising when the alarm went off, and the human alarm clock read, mom: screams for the n-th time) run into the bathroom with toothbrush in one hand towel in the other. I've practically mastered the Mr.Bean Act. Pick the dress on top of the dress-rack, stick the contact lenses on. Throw lunch and breakfast into the bag, run down the stairs, half-run-half-jog to the bus-stop, with a big-black something riding on my back. Reach the stopping at 6.59, pray that the bus should arrive after me.

Then: Get into the bus; look around for the window seat, settle down with headphones plugged in and a book in place. Stick my head out of the window: gape at OMR and ECR, like I've never seen them before. Or read the newspaper and act all snobbish.
Now: Run into the bus; look at the nearest seat available, gasp for breath, flop on the only seat available, even if its near the driver's seat. Open the material for the day. Close eyes and doze off.

Then: Collect the newspaper, look at the last page for entertainment news. It took me 4-months to realise that Business Line does not carry entertainment news. Eat breakfast; dig into others boxes as well. Listen to the class; take down notes 'diligently' (I try to Ok?). Answer in class. Act smart.
Now: Grab the newspaper, toss it under the desk, and open the text-book. Read-read and more-read, cram as much as I can in 15mins. In some worst cases, ask Praseela, Inniki test irruka?!Gulp oats. Pray that the test should get cancelled, or that the submission date for the assignment or article should be extended. Try listening to the class, keep my head from falling onto the desk. Pinch myself now and then to bring me back from sleep. (Me sleeping in class can be a post in itself).

Attendance: This is something, am very ashamed of. My attendance percentage for the semester reads: 90% and this is disgusting! For somebody who hates college, a 90% is like a slap on my face..! My attendance in MOP never went beyond, 79.5%-to-79.9%, and rarely beyond that 80% mark. I don't know. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with me!

Then: Come back home at 5.00. Wobble around the place. Gossip with Mom. Read BL, mark-articles, file them. Study (at least try to). Help mom in cooking. Finish work. Have dinner aram-se. Sleep at 11.00.
Now: Come back at 5.00. Throw the BL onto the paper-rack or in some cases on the floor. Scream at everybody at home. When mom asks "dinner?" I vigorously nod my head. Crib about professors, homework, tests, and assignments. Open books, crash on them and wake up to realise you have work pending!

Higher order species in college say, "this is just the tip of the iceberg" with a chuckle in their voice.
.... The vicious cycle continues....
And.. Fountainhead, stands unread from page 100.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

16 Random Things About Me

Tagged goes the topic.
Here are my 16 random things.

1) Paathshala has been my ringtone for over a year.
2) I screwed up my economics paper today.
3) I have the most common name.
4) I pray every morning.
5) I had a crush on this guy in my school, who looked just like Harry Potter.
6) I am superstitious.
7) I plan to christen my laptop, "Harry Potter" thanks to the number of scratches on it.
8) I can't stand people who can't make a decent conversation in English. I think I'll forget English by the time I finish my course.
9) I haven't cleaned my room in months. I wouldn't mind showing you a pic, but you might get scared.
10) I find it amusing when 17yr old girls in my bus, talk about the guys they "love", or they've asked out in the last one month. Yes! I eavesdrop when the conversation gets interesting. ;)
11) I specialise in mokka comedy. You have to laugh when I crack or joke, or when I've claim to have cracked one :P
12) I don't talk by default, I talk on demand. I can keep my mouth-shut for as long as I want.
13) Appreances are deceptive and I stand as a testimony to it.
14) I plan all my activities to the last detail, me not executing them is a different story.
15) I cannot pose for photographs. I either hold my head too high, or tilt it to one side.
16) I am a die-hard romantic.

PS: I typed this out after my Economics test..
Cheers :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Varanam Aiyiram

We the audiences of Tamil films have seen movies on amma-sentiment, akka sentiment, thangai pasam.. So, Appa pasam was something new to us. The movie had created such a hype that it drove, perenially lazy people like me to the theaters.

At the outset, it's a great effort by Mr. Gautam "vasudev" Menon, to make a movie on his "ideal" dad. This is a movie meant for the family, Mom-Daddy-Sis-Bro, so that all 4 can sit and cry together. The 2nd session was at home, because my "mummy" wanted to watch it.

This movie is pasa-malar with a twist.. There it was thangai, here it is daddy!
Ok! Agreed dude, you love your dad. So, you could have well written a Biography of your daddy instead of making us sit through a 3hr ordeal of you crying daddy daddy and more daddy throughout the movie. Or could have sung "Appa enrdu azhaikadaka uyir illaye" on top of your voice.. Even better, you could have directed a mega-serial called "Daddy" and given Kolangal some competition.. But you chose to go the celluloid way..

It's not easy when you are trying to, bring the finer aspects of your dad's life onto the screen, portraying how much you love, admire and adore him. The impact the man has had on your life. Parents have sacrificed a lot to make us what we are, and hats-off to them for that. It takes a lot of patience and perseverence, no denying that but there is a flaw...

He has taken the pains, tried to bring to life a utopian family... When grapevine is full of stories of broken families and conflicts, here is a movie which talks about an urbane-nuclear-family, where happiness is in abundance.. No conflict, no arguments, dad is not even bothered about his son having arrears, happily sends him to America saying "bring her back home". How many families are this picture-perfect?.. This picture is too perfect to be believable.. Missing components were: a "Oh! Mere papa the great" and a "Kabhi khushi Kabhie Gham" types song and dance sequence..

Adi's Friend: "Dei, his dad sends him to US appidiye va da?" Me: "It's his story da!" Adi: "Ama da, avaa appa indha maari than avana tharudalai alaya vitta."

There is no family without issues. Me and my daddy argue over everything. My daddy never tells my bro, bring your girls home. I haven't seen a guy who strums his guitar when he sees a girl. No daddy You call it creative freedom, we call it unrealistic stuff.

The dialogues quaintly reminded me of my lecturer in under-grad, who used "okay" in the same fashion।
Sample this:
UML is Unified Modeling Language Ok?
UML has activity diagrams ok?
With this you can do Visual Modelling ok?
You can define process functions with this ok?
Painful uh??.. I thought she was the worst thing alive!

Mr.GVM gave her some serious competition on this ground..
Now read this:
Daddy.. Neenga than ennaku ellame daddy..
Neenga than en hero Daddy..
Ungala ennala marakave mudiaydhu Daddy...
Daddy... Daddyy... Daddddyyyy!!!

The movie is a must watch, if not for that picture perfect family, atleast for the portrayal of the characters. Sameera Reddy is the best that happened to the movie after Surya... She over did nothing.. I simply loved her dressing sense.. Very simple, very cute and very sensible acting.. Somebody please tell me what "kuthu" Ramya, sorry Divya Spandana was doing in the movie? Bad lip-synching, the person who did her dubbing should be taught to speak Tamil properly without chewing the words.. Simran ROCKS!.. She looks old, but she's graceful.. Thank you for showing us USofA without the Statue of Liberty.

An ode to all the Appa's, aka Daddys in the world. Epitome of a father-son relationship. Watch it with your Daddy. Instead of killing us with daddy, in every sentence, you could have given a daddy monologue at the end of it, atleast then I could have jumped out of the theatre
A laudable effort on the whole minus the daddys!

Varanam Aiyiram - Porumai Vendum.. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Children's Day!

Here’s wishing you the child in you, a very happy children’s day.

Every parent’s claim to fame is their child’s achievements. They piggy back on their success. The children; form the brigade of new-age brand ambassadors. Parents take great pains in organizing their child’s life; they are the marketing maestros in the making. They plan everything to the last detail, and strive for perfection, because the child is the product and they are the marketers.

The new-age parents of today are in search of that ideal child, who will make them proud, stand out in a crowd, and be crowned the best in town. Their ultimate goal in parenting seems to be the crowning glory. Call it parenting pressure. They are under greater pressure to perform than the Indian Cricket team.

At any given family function you can see groups of ladies resembling the great Indian huddle, and a child standing at the centre doing a stand-up show. All these ladies throw random requests at these children and they sing, dance, recite rhymes, shlokams and what not. Every lady worth her salt makes sure her child’s talent is “showcased”, “Kanna maami andha paatu paadi kaatu…” and the child meekly shakes its head and starts singing, and one request after the other follows. So on and so forth. If you have 2-3 players: I mean ladies in the group the competition only intensifies.

These folks are so good at advertising and marketing that, Mr. Philip Kotler can pick up a few marketing tricks from these people and incorporate them in his book. If you are a management student, and are pretty interested in building a brand, you can emulate them. The idea of bringing up the ideal child starts when the child is barely a couple of years old. Parents read up books on good-parenting, how to make your child the best. They want that perfect child, and leave no room for complacency. They have their blue-prints ready and all they need to do is implement it.

Take for e.g. Bhuvi; my cousin sister, who is 8yrs old, and is pretty much the size of a mini-Sumo-Wrester. She has a life than busier that of mine. paatu-class, dance-class, maths -tution, shlokam classes during weekends. Summer vacations are filled with painting classes, and God-knows-what classes. Yes! Bhuvi lives a full life. My chitti is quite serious about building Brand Bhuvi. She comes back from office and helps her finish her homework and also gives her extra coaching. She wants Bhuvi to be a bundle of success at the end of the day, and she goes to every possible limit to fulfill this desire of hers. What she fails to realize is, she is trying to mould her little daughter’s life according to her own whims and fancies and in the process is giving absolutely no room for the kid to grow.

I am not trying to say, you should have no dreams and aspirations for your children. You can dream, form your own ideas on what you want them to be. At the same time you need to let them dream as well. By goading them day in and day out about what you want them to be; don’t you think you are adding too much pressure onto their lives? Are you building castles in the air, and fooling yourself with these unrealistic expectations from life? What if they come crashing down on your face? Will you be able to take failure in the same spirit?

I am not too sure if there will be something called Brand Bhuvi a few years down the line. I would be the happiest big-sister if she walks into a prestigious insti or becomes famous.

Let them dabble with stuff and see if they find something that interests them. Show them gateways which will let them explore, don’t just thrust your dreams on them. Just because you like something doesn’t mean your child will like it too.. If you like red, ask your child if she likes it too.. Give her a chance to voice her opinion. Teach her to walk on her own, but don’t become her walking stick. It’s ok if she goes off-balance, she’ll learn to walk ultimately.
If your child doesn’t live up to it, accept it; don’t blame her for a fault of hers. A disagreement is not the end of the world, it opens a window to sneak into your little girl’s life and see what she is.

Question yourself; is your child failure-ready? Being in a cocoon and being super-protective, will only cripple her. Tomorrow when failure socks her in her face, she may not be able to get over it. Every child, who attends a music class; need not become a singing sensation, IIT Coaching doesn’t lead to IIT-Madras. Let them be what they are, Nurture them. Don’t choke them with more than what they can chew. Let them take little steps into life. Let them be; what they want to be.

Like Taare Zameen Par put it; every child is special, accept it. Lead them; don’t expect them to follow you. Let them be what they are.

Happy Children’s Day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random thoughts.

I am just thinking aloud. This is not going to make any sense to you.

Why does my Mom find my OB and Mercantile Law text books so interesting? It’s very strange when she picks up those pillow sized books and starts reading them. I mean, I don’t even ‘touch’ those books.

Liberation is sending 75-SMS-es in 2hrs, in the middle on an ’interesting’ class.

Why can’t I sleep for 12hrs a day? (Yeah, just 12hrs a day)

Am I plain over enthusiastic or absolutely jobless?! Why do I do all the donkey work in a team? Sometimes, I really wish I could be a passenger in a team, sleep through the work and take credit for somebody else’s job.

Sudden brainwaves are a part and parcel of Legal Aspects classes. The germ ling for my Write-up-4 was sown there.

Google thinks my favorite website is, every time I open a mail, I get a link on the top of the inbox which reads “, get married to good looking well settled girls from Chennai” Ok Google, I understand your feelings, but don’t you think I should be looking for men instead?

NIIT people think I would be interested in attending a seminar on “IT & Economy” They send me a mail, a sms and a reminder sms asking me to collect my pass from the nearest NIIT centre. They even update me about the change in venue and timings. My question: Do you think I am remotely interested in this?

NO! I don’t want to be a part of I am single; I am jobless, yes hopeless as well. But what I need right not is not a boyfriend, but an android which can finish up all my work.

I think I need time-management lessons in addition to the usual subjects. I either waste time, or I spend too much time working, when I could have finished all my work on time, if I worked systematically.

Since when did I become this lazy? I plan my day, and stick it up on the board and forget about it.

I think I should start taking 2-capsules of memory plus everyday from today, so that I can remember the faces of all my mom’s relatives, and save myself from embarrassment the next time somebody asks me “Do you remember me?”

I don’t know if I’ll get a job 2yrs down the line, but Max New York Life Insurance people want to help me in financial planning.

The after-effect of Diwali is always cold-fever-throat infection. Why does it strike me only when am swamped with work?

Vadhiyar Mama's should not show-off their single bags, its not Surya's six-pack and its not worth the trouble. Please use the anga-vastram.

I borrowed 2 books from the library had them for two weeks, and did not read a single word from either of the books.

Why stick flashy ferrari stickers on your old maruti-800, when you know nothing is going to change the way it looks?

Am sure this made no sense whatsoever. I warned you in the beginning dint I?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This is called the MBIT test, which helps you find out your pesonality, and what kind of a job suits you the best. If you want to know more, please read, Stephen .P. Robbin's- Organisational Behaviour. (don't blame me if the book puts you to sleep)

My results were as follows.
Your personality type is ENFJ.
Extraverted (E) 50% Introverted (I) 50%
Intuitive (N) 68% Sensing (S) 32%
Feeling (F) 55% Thinking (T) 45%
Judging (J) 55% Perceiving (P) 45%

ENFJs generally have the following traits:

  • Genuinely and warmly interested in people
  • Value people's feelings.
  • Value structure and organization
  • Value harmony, and good at creating it
  • Exceptionally good people skills
  • Dislike impersonal logic and analysis
  • Strong organizational capabilities
  • Loyal and honest
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Enjoy variety and new challenges
  • Get personal satisfaction from helping others
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism and discord
  • Need approval from others to feel good about themselves

The flexibility of these characteristics leaves the ENFJ a lot of leeway in choosing a profession. As long as they're in a supportive environment in which they can work with people and are presented with sufficient diverse challenges to stimulate their creativity, they should do very well.

Possible Career Paths for the ENFJ:
Consultant (I play consultant to many people :P)
Psychologist (Pyscho la pyschologist uh?)
Social Worker / Counselor(I did community service in coll for credits)
Teacher (students ellarum fail aiyduva :P)
Clergy (chumma oru pechuku Art of Living guru nu sonna, ippidi sollitele!)
Human Resources (Food resources)
Manager (Neenga rombaa nallavangaa saar)
Events Coordinator (Depends on the kind of event)
Sales Representative (Selling what?!)
Politicians / Diplomats (Yeaaah Right)

Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeler, Judger (ENFJ)
Vivacious, warm, compassionate, and articulate, ENFJs are among the most skillful communicators. Tactful and diplomatic, they are patient listeners and have a rare gift for making personal connections. ENFJs are concerned with global issues, exceptionally attuned to others’ needs and passionate about finding creative solutions to help people in long-term ways. They are happiest when they have a plan and can work cooperatively with others to realize their goals. Being naturally orderly, ENFJs prefer an organized world and like to have matters settled, even if someone else is making the decisions. ENFJs radiate sympathy and understanding and are nurturing and supportive of others.

ENFJs Tend To Be:

  • Excellent communicators – great at facilitating, writing, & presenting
  • Enthusiastic, persuasive & able to build consensus
  • Inspiring leaders, creative problem solvers & great collaborators
  • Empathetic & able to anticipate others' needs
  • Quick to see the "big picture" possibilities
  • Decisive, organized & driven to be productive & reach their goals

The results were quite accurate, but grossly overrated.. Please give me better career options :)

You can take this test at:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ode to Plagiarism

This is a fable my paati told me when I was a kid: “Once upon a time, there was a fox which was roaming in the forests. It was pitch dark in the open, and the fox fell into a pool of indigo dye. This changed the color of the fox and it did not know of it. The other animals in the forest were afraid, they ran away at the very sight of the fox. The fox loved this new found fame. It declared itself different from the rest, it claimed to be powerful. All the animals in the forest revered the fox. One night it started raining heavily. The fox got wet in its new found happiness. Little did it realize that it was its doomsday? When it dawned the next day, the fox was back to its original colour. The fame was lost. All the animals go like “neela sayaam veluthu pochu dum dum dum dum. Raja vesham kalanju pochu dum dum dum dum” “Translated as “The blue color has vanished, and the true color is out”

The essence of this was, be yourself, a simple message in a fable. When you try to pass off as somebody else, you are actually cheating yourself and the fake attitude will come to light someday just like in the fox’s case.

Another story to make it more “interesting”: X was copying something from Y. X copied everything written by Y. Finally when he finished copying, he found out that Y had a fly squatted, at the end of the page. In order to make it look “authentic”, X did the same. We call it “ee-adichan copy” in Tamil.

Most of us do this and it’s called plagiarism. We don’t claim to be somebody else; we claim of something that is rightfully not “ours” as our own.

“Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.” Source Wikipedia

Plagiarism in layman terms can be called copying or lifting. Copying is an ambiguous term, so lets put it this way; you copy an answer in the exam, which is plagiarism and you copy-pasting an article or a program from the internet is plagiarism again. Only the magnitude of copying varies.
In simpler terms we can term it as claiming somebody else’s work to be yours. Most of us have been there done that. All through college, we’ve done this for every assignment and project we had to submit. We copied or lifted articles at college level, maybe because we were asked to submit an assignment on a certain topic, nobody really talked about originality, and so nobody cared to write on their own. We the student folks can relate to this better than anybody else.

It’s not the right thing to do, and all of us know it. Teachers ask us to mention sources, and most of us don’t really care about it. And hence the bibliography page of any review or project was left empty, in most cases. Copying at college level may not look like a horrendous crime, because you know for a fact that the papers you submitted isn’t going to go anywhere beyond the college dustbin.

When you submit an assignment, you don’t ask “what’s in it?” you ask “where did you copy it from”, and we’re proud of it. Copying something worth reading from the internet was and is still something you are proud of. It’s easier to pass off somebody’s work as yours than do something on your own. It requires less brains and lesser hard work. It’s the easiest thing that you can ever do.

There really is no point in a claim to fame of that sort, your true colours will come to light someday or the other like the story of the fox which lost its blue colour when it rained.

Plagiarism is rampant everywhere. From the assignment you submitted to the scientific publications. Story writing to music direction. What is yours once it goes on the internet can easily become someone else’s. All of us are aware of the fact, that Himesh Reshamaiya lifts his tunes from Korean albums, and claims to be his own. Even well known directors down south do it for instant fame. We know it, and we accept it. Nobody revolts against it, leave revolting, nobody even questions the authenticity. We take it in our stride.

Take the case of a famous music director down-south, who is hailed as the next best thing that happened to the Tamil Film industry. A friend of mine, asked me to check out the videos in her profile. What I saw was SHOCKING! My first reaction was, how can somebody be so cheap? You claim that he is the best, and he happily lifts tunes from lesser known, in some-cases really well known albums, and we the audience lap it up, and don’t give a damn about it. This is the kind of apathy we have towards another person’s art. This is just one example, there might be lots more which you and me aren’t aware of. Plagiarism in the modern day life is put across the table in this sugar-coated word called “inspiration”.

Film-makers get inspired by movies made in the west, some modify It and some remake it, to suit the local taste.(yeah right!). Same applies to the student community; we get inspired by the article written by somebody else. My question here is, when you get inspired, you take the essence of it and build your idea based on it. You don’t literally copy it word by word and say “it’s mine!” Some people make it look better by adding on their own stuff to it, which is a couple of sentences at the max. Call it value-added service!

What do you get out of mindless copying? What kind of a satisfaction do you get out doing something as cheap as this? I am not trying to say, I’ve not lifted a thing, yes I have, and I mention the source at the end of it. Maybe that’s why my assignments fetched me more marks than my answer scripts!

Now I’ll show you plagiarized, I am sorry, inspiring stuff..
1) June Ponal- Inspired from All-Rise by Blue

2) Music Director’s Muse

3) The shot in the arm- Krish has performed a karaoke on this

Cheers :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kalam

சென்னையில் ஒரு மழை காலம்

Before you go ahead and read the post, answer the following questions.
1) Do you run into the balcony when you smell rain in the air?
2) Your fondest memories of childhood are those, spent in the verandah collecting rain-drops in little cups? Rowing little paper boats in puddles of water? Or running out of the house with your grandma screaming “Come in!” in the background?
3) Every time it starts raining, you drop a couple of clothes from the clothes line intentionally so that you can run down and get drenched in the rain?
4) You cannot resist the temptation of stepping into a puddle however muddy it might be?
5) You thoroughly enjoy singing/dancing/walking/riding your bike in the rain?
6) You despise umbrellas, raincoats, jerkins and the likes?
7) You really don’t mind catching a cold or sneezing away to glory after a royal drench.
8) You sit by the window enjoy a steaming cup of filter kaapi, and Maggie noodles, watching the rain?
9) You like clicking random pictures of the rain, and showing off your photographic skills?

If you’ve answered 6/9 questions with a yes, you may proceed to read the post. For those who haven’t qualified, this post is really not meant for you, get back to sleep I say.

"விண்ணோடு மேல சட்டம் என்ன..
மண்ணோடு சின்ன தூறல் என்ன..
எங்கேதான் சென்றாயோ இப்போது வந்தயூ
சொல்லாமல் வந்தது போல் நில்லாமல் போவாயோ..
தப்பாமல் மீண்டும் சந்திப்பாயோ..
நீ வரும்போது நான் மறைவேனா..
நீ வரும்போது நான் மறைவேனா..
தரிகிட தரிகிட தா..."

Rain is the greatest manifestation of Mother Nature’s beauty. You look up at the grey clouds waiting for them to grace the earth and watching her come down with all her fury is a visual treat. Everything around you wears a cheery look, the leaves look greener, the flowers with their dew on, look brighter. The calmness the rain brings about is something that cannot be expressed in words.

It can be used to portray a variety of emotions; anger-joy-happiness-sadness. The moviemakers exploit this to the hilt, and it’s unfairly misused. You tend to love the rain a tad more than other folks maybe because of Chennai’s famous or rather infamous weather, which goes like hot-hotter-hottest.

It brings respite from the sweltering heat, schools and colleges declare unexpected holidays at the slightest hint of rain; exams get postponed, roads get clogged with rainwater, over flowing storm water drains. Puddles of water on the ground; little kids walking, jumping, and running through them splashing water all over the place. Oldies cribbing about wet shoes. It’s the time of the year when cold, viral infections and Madras eye make their presence felt. You get to see an array of colourful umbrellas and raincoats on the roads and a handful like me making fun of them.

Say Hi!, to Chennai’s winter or rainy season or whatever you’d like to call it. It has arrived and is here to stay until the mid of December. (Hopefully). The irony of this fact is that during April-may, people crib about water or the lack of it in Chennai, and when it rains they say “I hate this rain”, it rains once in a while and these people are a major turn off. *Spoil Sports*

Chennaiyin mazhai kaalam comes only once a year, and it is a season to treasure and cherish.. So, throw away that umbrella and get drenched in the rain!! If you don’t have the guts to do that, don’t discourage people like me, it doesn’t deter us anyway.

Here’s a bonus read or watch that might inspire you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Road Rage

Date: 03.10.08
Time: 17.05
Place: A busy road in Chennai City.

Reported by, Yours Truly:
If this was a newspaper report, it would have been something like this. "21yr old Woman, knocked off her two-wheeler by a four-wheeler. She sustained minor injuries on her leg, and no FIR was filed. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for first aid."

If this was a TV reporter, One reallyyy high pitched voice, vehicles speeding in the background, and the lady or the man standing in the middle of the road, lets say where the event took place and saying the following. "On a busy Friday evening a 21 yr old girl Ms. Yours truly was hit a by a speeding car on a busy road. The girl fell off the bike with the bike turned to the right, the victim's left leg was right under the bike. The car driver on seeing the victim on the road, sped off the road, before the cops could arrive. This is another case of a road-rage!! The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital for first aid. She sustained injuries on her right leg."

If I was reporting this, it would be like this "One stupid fucked up son-of-a-bitch car driver hit me on the road when I was trying to move to the left side of the road with my indicator on! I fell off the bike like a Tamil film hero falling off his bike. I tried getting onto my feet, and before that I was surrounded by a group of ladies and uncles trying to get me off my feet. I promptly switched off my bike's ignition. One really nice Thata brought my bike to the corner of the road. One lady put my arms around her shoulder, helped me walk up to the pavement, and some other lady gave me a bottle of water to drink. The same Thata rode my bike until my Mom's office. And I got home after that!"

What started off as a boring Friday morning ended on a double sad note. Earlier during the day I was a little upset over the fact that my balance sheet did not tally in the exam and the other two problems were also wrong. But what made me double sad was, my torn jeans.. My favorite pair of jeans tore.. :'(. I don't intend to throw it off, I will keep it as a keepsake in memory of my first road accident, which has left me with a swollen and bruised knee and torn jeans. Or I'll take Adi's advice and wear it later to make a fashion statement!

This goes out to all my speed loving friends.

  • Speed thrills but kills as well.!
  • Fast and furious is only meant for the dudes in the Pulsar ad. Don't ever try it on our roads, you may not live to tell the tale.
  • Never speed on your bike when you are taking a turn, I was going at 30Kmph so I ended up with a bruised and swollen knee.
  • Wear your helmet. There are no replacement surgeries for your head. And not all of us get a replacement like Lord Ganesha. Yeah it makes your hair stink, causes hair-fall, ruines your hairstyle. But its worth it. THIS saved me from a head injury.
  • Never hesitate to help someone in need, You may need them someday.

Cheers :)

Angels do exist....

What happened last evening has reinforced my good-trust in people. When i fell off my bike yesterday, for a second I could not comprehend what was happening around me. My mind went blank for a couple of seconds, I had this weird swirling feeling in my head, my leg felt like jelly and I was helpless in the middle of a road. Sounds very filmy but its true. I did not cry or scream, the pain had made me numb.

At this point one Thatha walked up to the spot, picked my bike and parked it on the corner of the road. He offered me a ride back home on his scooter, and was ready to take me to the hospital for treatment. He spoke to my mom and informed her about what happened. I was moved by what he did for me. I was a stranger to him, I was just another victim of a road accident. He could have left the spot immediately, but he did not do that. What took me by surprise was his kind, gentle and friendly demeanor.

This man was a man of virtue, who wanted nothing in return for the service rendered. On our way back he asked me about what I do, where I study and about my parents. I was reassured that I was fine and nothing has happened to me, I think that kept me from crying. He dropped me back to my visibly tensed and nervous Mom, he looked at her and said "your daughter is a brave girl" my mom could only laugh to herself.

When the world is filled with selfishness, jealously, hatred, intolerance and acrimony, here was a man who symbolised selflessness, honesty and integrity. I really admire him for what he did. He was old, but not fragile, he was a man who had probably weathered many storms. His age showed wisdom and charecter. When my Mother offered to drop him off at the spot, he refused saying he stayed close by and that he took his evening walk that way every evening. That showed independence.

When I was humiliated, insulted, by a group of strangers a couplle of months back, when I was dumped by so-called best friends, when my good trust in people was lost. Someone like this thata woke up me to the fact good samaritans and angels do exist. They don’t walk up to us everyday, but they make their presence felt this way.

Thinking about it I think he was the Guardian Angel sent by God to save me. I could have well been left there, but he decided to help me out. Mr. K. Krishnamurthy wherever you are, Thank you so much for kind-heartedness. Thank you is too small a word to express what I feel. My heart goes out to him.

Wounds of the past will heal with time, and this too will. But what keeps us going are these memories, some good; some bad. People walk in and out our lives and only some have that lasting impact. This will stay with me forever.

Angels do exist, but they walk into our lives in the form of human beings.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lesson from a Sparrow

A little Sparrow was observing something from the parapet wall of the terrace, I had no idea what it was looking at.. The moth on the floor was too insignificant to be noted. In sudden burst of flutter the sparrow came down at the moth. The moth realised what was happening, and tried to fly away. The sparrow wasn't ready to give up on it.. It looked like a battle of wits.

The sparrow was the predator and the moth was the prey. Both of them were extremely insignificant, but they were competitors in their own right. What was happening was really interesting, in fact I would call it gripping.

It went on, on these lines. The sparrow's only aim was to get hold of the moth, and the moth's only aim was to get away from the sparrow. Every time the sparrow came closer to the moth, the moth tried flying away from it. But little sparrow was in no mood to give up without a fight, and the moth like a true soldier kept fighting till the very end. When the sparrow made a clever move, the moth hid away from it. It looked like a game of hide and seek.

The sparrow wasn't letting go of any chance, and the moth kept flying away from it. The moth was an intent observer of every move, and it gave away no chance.. This hide and seek went on for solid ten-minutes. At the end of it, the little sparrow won.!

The whole thing sounds very trivial I know. When you apply your mind into what was actually happening, you wouldn't call it trivial. What can be observed from it is that, both of them were extremely intelligent, each trying to out-do the other. They were playing their game with a strategy, the only aim was to get on top of the situation and get an upper-hand. In this case the moth wanted to save itself from the sparrow and the sparrow wanted its daily bread.

The lesson I learnt from this little sparrow is, life is a constant battle. If you want to stay afloat in life, you have to fight it out in this big bad world. In life nothing comes easy. There is a struggle attached to everything. Success doesn't come in a day. Success is a constant battle of intelligence, strategies and perseverance. To survive we need to be on our toes, act swiftly and intelligently.

Every move you make has to be backed by a strategic plan. Just imagine what would have happened if the sparrow had given up when the moth flew away the first time. The whole purpose would have been defeated. The sparrow was determined to get hold of the moth. There wasn't a single move that made me think, "Ah! There goes the moth".

The sparrow was no eagle, or a crow for that matter. It was a tiny little bird. It’s only focus was to catch the moth, and in this process it gave no room for complacency. In reality, we are the sparrows and success is the moth. Success eludes us every time we think we've come close to achieving it. Just when you say "gotcha" it flies away from you.. When we achieve a little bit, complacency takes over. Little do we realise that this complacency may cost us dearly.

Success in life is like the battle between the Sparrow and the moth. It doesn’t matter who wins at the end. All that matters is who fought harder.

Cheers :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

When you...

1)You haven't slept for more than 4hrs during the night in the last week.
2)Your eyes are burning, you feel dead tired.. You want to sleep like a log but the Accounting assignment isn't complete yet..
3)You have this gut feeling that there might be an Organizational Behaviour surprise test tomo because the lady has asked you to read up and come..
4)Your ECG looks more like the Sensex graph..
5)Your heart skips a beat when you hear people talk about market-fluctuations, financial services, cash-flow and fund-flow, economies of scale, market-equilibrium.
6)You are still trying to figure out what GDP, NDP, Fiscal policy, sensex, stock-markets and the likes are all about...
)7)You shreik in joy when your balance sheet tallies or when your Operation Research problem gives out the right value...
8)You spend hours into the night wondering what good statistics is going to do your career as a corporate professsional..
9)You haven't figured out why you need communication skills!!!
10)You crib about assignments, unfinished "home-works" day in and day out.. Your brother chuckles at you when you say I have home-work to complete.
11)Your friends are shocked when they hear you say, "dude, I have work!" Some folks may even say "Yeah! It serves you right!"
12)Your Under-Graduate course now feels like an extended version of your summer vacation.
13)You haven't read one decent novel in the last one month. Instead you've been trying to read, analyse and review Harvard Business Review and The Economist.! Previously you read Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ a call centre, read, analysed and reviewed Shyam's love life!
14)Business-Line becomes your daily newspaper, you have been told by "intelligent" folks that you must also read The Economic Times.!
15)Folks at your place are stupified when they see you skim through your books..
16)Economics is more of Greek and Latin than English. Esp if you come from a science background like me.
17) has become your homepage, not by choice but by compulsion...
18)You spend half your time reading articles on business in general.
19)Your google homepage boasts of high-funda articles from Market-watch, Business-world, and the economic times.
20)Discussions around you are all about Lehman Brothers closing down, Merrill-Lynch sell-out, and the bloodbath at BSE...
21)Your greatest fear is that at the end of two years, you'll either lose all your hair and become bald, and your power inreases to an all time high that you'll go blind someday..
22)You haven't watched a decent flick in ages..
23)You check your mails in the middle of an OB class..
24)Parallel reading is made compulsory, you have been asked to read, a parallel book on business, one business journal and a self-help book!
The self-help part is what I need right here; right now..!
25) You feel like taking a sabbatical and going off to the Himalayas. Or you are seriously contemplating on joining the Art of Living, and teaching them Sudarshan kriya!
26)You are wondering if this is your state after a month what will happen to you two years down the line!
27)Last year this time you were "busy" preparing for a plethora of B-school entrance exams..
28)You were busy dreaming about Life @ a B-school.. You got carried away by the cute-looking guys on the front-pages of B-school websites.
29)Your favorite line was "B-school join karenge, ladke hoonge, masti karenge..!" Now you've fucking forgotten what "masti" is.. :(
30)Finally, you thank your stars that you are not in an IIM!!!

Welcome to life @ a B-School... :-)

Thank you for reading about our sad-ass lives.. I have half a mind of talking people out of B-school dreams.. But whats the fun in that... The sadist in me says "Naan petra tumbam vaiyagumum pera vendum" Meaning: I shouldn't be the only one going through the torture.

PS: This post is dedicated to my Best-friend Satya, who is in the same boat as I am..!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Enna Koduma Saar Idhu!!! :(

I have this strange fetish when it comes to babies, kids and children in general... I cannot resist pulling their cheeks or blowing a flying kiss to them or make funny faces, smile at them everytime I see one..! I have a weird ability to attaract kids.. No! Am not one those poochandis aka scary people :P, am quite a nice person... I even baby-talk to them sometimes much to the embarrassment of my friends.. Today was no different. I saw this reallyy cute looking 3-yr-old standing in front us in the queue, me being my usual self, smiled at the kid and did all of the above.. What happened today was unexpected... This kiddo's mom was like "Aunty ku Hi sollu!" I was shocked!!! I could hear the echo aunty all over the place (remember the old Godrej hair dye ad??... Where a guy calls a lady Aunty and she goes like Aunty.. Aunty.. Aunty...!!) I had this What-the-fuck-did-you-call-me just now look!!! The kid was ismyling at me and said "Hi Aunty" *thud thud thud*....
Let me ask you a simple question: Just because I was wearing a Salwar with a bindi, does it make me an aunty???.... I call people who are of my Mom's age aunty and a few of them akka! And this stupid kid was calling me Aunty...
Is it the changing Indian demographics or the influence of western culture!!! Ok! if you decide to call me Aunty what will you call a 40yr old lady trying to fit into a jeans which is 2-sizes smaller?? "Didi"?? And a lady, ok let me call her "paati" or "maami" who is 70yrs old "Aunty"?!!! Ungaluku manasakhi nu onnume kadayadha?? :( (I am in no mood to do the English translation!) Lets do some quants here (I suck at numbers), considering the fact that the mom might be say 27, you call people of her age, people -2 yrs, and 27+ x(x, can be any variable from 1-100). I think we should come up with a rule that people above the age of 25 should be called aunty.. Lets make it 30!!
Am not anti-modern dressing.. But isn't the age of a person obvious the very first time you see him/ her??.. How can you people be soo unfair...
Next time I walk out of my house I'll make it a point to dress up like a 13-yr-old, maybe I'll be called something else then! Hmphhh... :( Maybe we guys should take a leaf out of the foreigners book and call people by their last-names, this will not have the personal touch, but atleast saves people from embarrassing themselves in public... Or maybe I should stop smiling at kids!! Whatever.. !!!!
Enna koduma saar idhu!!! :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Date: 12th September 2008
Time: 11.00Am
Place: M.O.P.Vaishnav College for Women.
Purpose: Collecting my certificates.

Rewind: Exactly 60mins back I was at the bus-stop waiting for the all familiar bus to come.. This is one route which I know like the back of my hand. I know the place inside out. You blindfold me, I'll reach the place! So, on the all familiar route there were a trail of thoughts. I was going to the place which I fondly refer to as "jail" To me it was always M.O.P.Vaishnav Jail for Girls! The place somehow resembled a matchbox more than a college. Imagine 2400 girls being stuffed into one single building or a long building which is 6 floors high! You could actually take space management techniques from the people in my college. There was a famous picture which was a pictoral representation, a student standing behind the bars, and at the bottom of it there is a line which says "I am in MOP Jail!!" I could completely relate to it then.. There was another famous joke as well "Message on the highway: Drive carefully, dead-end ahead. Don't kill the students, leave it to the management!". I really wanted to laugh out loud thinking about all this...
After 45 mins I was at the gate, I walked in like a royale, the security called out "ID card enga?  Me: "Naa Pass-out sir" :D. The purpose of my visit was to collect my certificates, It was a ten-minute procedure. I still have no idea why it took me solid 1hr to get out of there.. Maybe thats the power the place holds.. I was supposed to go straight to the office room produce my ID and get my certi and get out of the place. But what I did was completely unexpected. I walked up straight to the lab.. Went in there said a Hi to all the teachers who were there.. It felt nice actually.. There was a practical exam going on, and the examiner called out to a girl "output vanduda ma?" The girl gave out a blank look.. 3yrs back I did the same bloody thing... There hasn't been a single practical exam where I've got the output on time leaving out a few exceptional cases..!!
After my salutations and my showing off session was over, I went down to the office to collect mt stuff. I should have left the place right then. But no visit to college is ever complete without visiting the canteen. It was my temple, my second-home and my comfort zone..!! I was shocked when the people at the counter actually "remembered" me!! I ordered my food, collected in and sat down on a corner table to eat.. Looking around at all the hustle-and bustle around the place, I wanted to be there again.. The chitter-chatter, the discussions we've had in the canteen... The gossip sessions.. Unfinished assignemnts, the chocolates we've wiped out. Nobody recognised me, but I could see a little of me in everybody around me..!! Everything happening around me was amusing and I was enjoying it... Littlle did I know that I will miss this very place when I walk out of the portals 3yrs later.. And yeah I call myself a Computer Applications student anyway!
MOP I miss you...!!! I never thought I'd say this.... And for all you people who hate your colleges, hating it is fun, but when you walk into the portals a few months or years later, the moments which made you laugh over there will come out gushing... Finally I owe what I am today to this institution. It has brought the best in me.. Thank you MOP!

Celeb status or Intrusion of privacy?

Sample this: I came back home a week back, and the phone calls haven't stopped coming.. I made a very low key return back home. Only a handful of my friends knew that I was actually coming back. Nobody else knew it.. My mom's friends were aware that I was planning to come back home for good. The reactions I got weren't entirely positive.. A few of them were very veryyy critical about me coming back. The minute I stepped in, my neighbor walked in.. She saw packed bags on the floor which can be grossly translated into 1-big carton, 2 air bags, 1 suitcase. That lady was so cheeky she was like "Have you come on a vacation?"!!! Audacity I say... Yeah so where was I celebrity status.. Ever since I walked in a week back, I've been amusing people... Anybody and everybody wants to talk to me all of a sudden! People walk up home and are like "Oh you are back!" "Oh you got through XYZ college, veryy good decision kanna! Every time I stepped out of home I had random buggers walk up to me and start off like "why did you come back?”,” you dint like the food in the coll", "health problem?" "Was there something wrong with the college" "Did you get through XYZ college through mgmt quota!" To make things even more amusing they discuss me.. Sideways glance at me, and hushed conversations! So on and so forth... I see no reason why I should tell these people about my personal life? DAMN! I've been ripped off my privacy... Where ever I go the network follows..!! Gimme a break people... Hang in there ladies! Yes I am back home for good.! My life is my own and I don't wash my linen in public. It’s a harrowing experience... Now, I know what these poor little celebrities feel like when the paparazzi follow them everywhere.. Get a life is what I want to say!!!
**Peace Out**

Sunday, September 14, 2008

When Shit happens!

Evrything in life happens for a reason.. Shit happens! Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I did not realise the power of these sentences until sometime back.. Anything good or bad actually happens for a reason. There is no destiny factor involved in it, but somewhere deep inside you realise that there is an external power that controls your life.. I am not trying to say everything that happens, happens because of externals.

Shit happens for a reason.

What has happened has happened.. Honestly I don't really have the time or the energy to actually crib about it.... Looking at it from an inpersonal point of view, it looks like a chain reaction one action leading to another and another and finally a blast. I am glad that it happened... Sounds stupid but yes I am happy, infact I am ecstatic..!!

It has made me understand and realise certain aspects of life which I would have never realised if these happenings had not happened... Sometimes in life you need bad to realise the good things life has to offer....

The essence of life is not looking at the darker side of life and cribbing about it..

I am home now.. I know that my future is secure.. I needn't worry about anything else... Life's good!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pullaiyar Chaturthi

Today morning when I woke up I had this strange feeling that something was amiss... It wasn't the usual Pullayar Chaturthi (for obvious reasons).. There were no familiar sounds in the background... There was only silence when I woke up at 5 in the morning... No suprabatham playing at vol-20, no sound and smell of something really nice made in the kitchen... There was no Amma calling "Sandhya ezhunduru di" from the kitchen (Sandhya wake up), or Meenamma(my grandma) prodding my feet conveying the same message.. Today was just the opposite.. It was only me and me.. I went to the temple near the college without my Amma telling me that I should go to a temple.. I was there for close to 2hrs... I watched the whole Abhishegam and took the prasadam.. If Amma or Paati or both of them had seen me over there they would have had a heart attack (No kidding!). It was nothing when compared to what happened at home... No familiar people walking upto you and wishing you.. I missed all the simple glory of being at home.. A friend of mine even invited me over to her place for the Poojai.. I may go; I may not go.. But it will never equal to being at home.

Festivals are the most important part of Brahmin households and mine was no exception. It was more important at my place because, with my parents working and Sundays being the only weekly holidays festivals were something we always looked forward to.. Another thing I really like about festivals is - the clothes (brand new ones), the food, and the pampering you get!! The preparations start the previous evening. Going to the poo-kaari (The lady who sells flowers) down the lane, buy coconuts, lots of fruits, arigampul (a variety of grass), and some other garland, I don't know what its called. Helping Amma draw the big maavu-kolam (Btw, kolam is not to confused with rangoli, they are two different entities)in the corridor, and my job was to fill it with kaavi, and writing "Happy Pullaiyar Chaturthi" with the maavu dripping all over my hand... Once the kolam was done, the door was left open to make sure nobody stamps it... My paati has the habit of shouting at anybody who walks anywhere close to the kolam...
Poojai preparations started early in the morning!! Work is usually delegated (Mgmt principles) Amma does the cooking and poojai related work. My job was to help paati make kozhakattai and apply kumgumam chandanam to the vellaku. The best part of making kozhakattai is licking off the poornam when paati or Amma are not watching you..! Infact Paati used to sneak out some poornam for me and Adi and we used to snack on it after the Poojai got over.. The Menu for the day was something like Vadai, payasam, Kozakattai, avial, moor kozhambu. Sharp at 7, Me and Appa used to go out to buy the Pullayar Idol, and the umbrella.. Buying the idol is a process in itself, you have to make sure its not flat or too on your face. (Amma's favorite instruction: Avar pakarthuku Azhaga irrukanam seriya???.. Meaning: He should look really good) Then comes the umbrella for the God. Appa does the job of decorating the Idol, and Amma does the monitoring making sure the Poonal is there, the Kodai (umbrella) is not tilted to one side, the eyes are in place etc etc... Once all this was done Amma used to place him on the tambalam(big wide plate made of steel or brass). The music in the background changes to some ashtotram now.. Next came organising the kitchen-turned-poojai room, arranging the flowers on another tambalam, thenga, pazham, vethala paaku in another. And finally the food...

Once all this was in place the real poojai starts... Appa, Amma, Me and Adi sit in the kitchen, Paati doing the monitoring. Once the poojai starts me and Adi give each other funny glances.. The food is tempting mind you ;) The poojai is the longest... Starting from Shlokam, to Stotrams to everything else.. Appa reads it out from a book then a cassette gives the instructions... Finally after 2hrs the poojai comes to an end... Amma does the deevaradhanai (Aarti) and the poojai officially comes to and end.. All us do our namaskarams (prostrating in front of God). No! The food is not served now, first it goes to the kakaai (crows), then the neighbours, we distribute the prasadam and finally US!!!

I miss all of it now.... The Poojai would be over by now, and I can imagine Appa, Adi, Amma and Paati watching TV and munching on Kozhakattais... I so want to be there again... I am waiting for my chance to catch the next bus or train to Chennai...

I miss home... I miss Pullaiyar Chaturthi at home...!!! Can I have some Kozhakattais please???...

PS: I dint know typing out Tamil words in english and translating them would be so difficult.. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are regretted...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Today's fortune in Orkut reads as follows.. "You are soon going to change your present line of work" I am only hoping that this comes true....

12hrs down the line I'll know if Orkut is right or not...

This is one desicion that can either make or break my career... I have two plans in place.. Plan-A and Plan-B... If Plan-A works out, my life would be a different game altogether... Plan-A isn't easy... But its better when compared to Plan-B...

Verdict will be out tomorrow morning.. Until then *Fingers Crossed*

Circle of Trust

At the outset I'd like to declare that the name of the topic was not inspired from the Facebook Application.. I was talking to this lady called Nivedita sometime back, and she told me about this concept called as "Circle of Trust", this was in her words.. The lady I am referring to is a practicing Psychologist..
Circle of Trust in her words is the radius or the proximity of other people and their influences on your life.. These people can be anybody, ranging from your parents, best friends, acquaintances, people whom you met recently even your ex for that matter. What this concept aims to define is the degree to which these people can affect your life... In simpler terms it aims to understand how much of an importance each of these people hold in your life..
She made me do this exercise so that I decide on the key people in my life and which will in turn help me determine their sphere of influence..

My result is as follows:
The people closest to me are:
Sphere 1
a) My Parents: Not because they are "parents" and they've made me what I am today. My parents have been the BEST... They've been more than the mediocre parents of being their child's support systems... I've been babied for 21yrs by them, and I have given them nothing in return... I've been the apple of their eyes and there has not been a single moment when I've felt my parents are bad.. They've supported every move that I've made in life, and I've been given complete independence for my acts and actions... All these years I've always been spoilt for choice... Sometimes I really think I shouldn't have been pampered so much... I am not what you call a complete spoilt-brat but there really is a brat in me... Bottom-line: My parents are my greatest assets and I would not give trade them for anything in my life.

b) My Career: Making it big in life is something I've always wanted.. I've never been the great performer in school or in college, but I've always had that intelligent streak or so people tell me... I strongly beleive in the fact that you can make it big in life only if you decide to and external factors will have absolutely no say in that... My taurean characteristics add on to this trait of mine.. I haven't achieved anything BIG in all these years, but I am by no means a low performer..

c) My Brother: Yes.. My brother... My evil-twin, alter-ego, best-friend, critic, and somebody who knows me inside out... We grew up fighting with each other, but now we end up fighting for each other... We're more of best-friends than the usual bro-sis... Yes we do fight but its a part of life... He is one guy whom I adore the most... Adi rocks..!

d) My Best Friends: It would be unfair on my part to name them over here.. Naming them will make me feel like am belittling their influence on my life.. They've been my greatest strengths... They define what I am today... Especially the ones who've known me since school.. And I owe it to them. Thanks a ton for being by my side all the time... :)

Sphere 2: Here came my teachers, my other so-called from college.
Sphere 3: Here came the people who hardly have any influence on my life... I don’t think this part of it needs to be mentioned..

This was my whole thesis... It made me realize the importance of the people in my life and what I should do to better myself..

Cheers :)


The last one week starting from the 17th has been a weird phase... Its been an extended phase of silence which turned into solitude.. What has happened has happened and there is no point in crying over spilt milk.. I wouldn't say I am happy being alone, but I am not sad either... I have this funny feeling that I am enjoying this phase...

Being alone is not always bad... Its good in fact... All of us are social animals and we need to interact with people during the course of time... There is no man or woman in this wide world who can probably raise his/ her hand in the air and say "Yes! I can be alone for the rest of my life". If you hear someone saying this trust me they're lying...!

You cannot be completely independent or dependent. but the degree of inter-dependence or independence varies from person to person... In the due course of time we learn to deal with this...

I am going this transition right now... Something really unexpected happened 2weeks back and the result of that incident is me being alone...

No! I am not complaining about me being "lonely"! Trust me I've never been happier all my life... It was tough in the beginning, it's very easy typing it out now, but I was a complete wreck for the first few days.... But I learnt to accept it... I am not sad anymore... I am content with my life...
I know that the reins of my life are in my hands and not in the hands of people whom I met yesterday... I am the master of my destiny and depending on other people to make it better would only make things worse for me...In the process of dependency what I would be losing is my individuality and the concept of "self".

What I realized in the l4 days are:
1) Being alone is not the end of the world..
2) Everybody has a purpose, it is upto you to find out the purpose. Being alone gives you a reason to be yourself...
3) Makes you realize the concept of "Self"! You are the center of your universe...
4) there is no constant in your life.. The only constants are those people who've known you all your life; like your parents, siblings and your closest friends. The rest are all variables... The values change, but variables remain variables.
5) You are what you think you are... And the desicions you make will affect you and only you...

Finally its all about "YOU"

Disclaimer: My fundas on philosophy are not meant for public use.. If you intend to use it, use it at your own discretion...

Cheers :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 21yr old addiction!

A casual comment at the dinner table sparked off the idea this topic. There was a tiny mango candy kept near my plate; one guy who was talking to us casually sat opposite me and picked up the candy and was like “Can I have it?” I couldn’t really refuse. After popping the candy and dropping the wrapper on my plate he grinned at me and exclaimed “24yr old addiction you see!” . This was the germ ling… Less than 4hrs back I was at the college grocery store or all purpose shop (it’s a tiny little store though), buying a packet to chips, and 2 Cadbury bars because I wanted change for 500bucks, and I had to pay off the laundry guy..

Pondering on that very statement my story isn’t any different. It’s been a 21yr old addiction. I can never say no to a chocolate.. Like every woman’s weakness is a man, mine is strangely chocolate then men! I’ve been fed with chocolates ever since I was a baby…! The legacy started off with my grandma bribing me with Candys, bars, and what not to make me finish my food… And trust me the bribe really worked.. .. My Ma, used to tell me about this teacher in my school who fed me with orange candy after every period so that I don’t cry in the class..!! (No exaggeration here) But on the flip side it has done its damage as well… This was the case almost everywhere. You mention chocolate I’ll sniff it from a distance!

Chocolates are an addiction now.. I still haven’t figured out how I stayed without chocolates for 40 long days!!!! All through my 3yrs at MOP I’ve been the only one at the canteen counter buying a bar of chocolate every other day, there wasn’t a single day when I dint wipe out a bar of chocolate, it could be anything actually… I even developed a weird liking for milkybar! I and my friend were “regulars” at the canteen asking for “milkybar”… The reason being we got our daily dose of “calcium” from that bar..!!!

I’ve been obsessed with this entity called chocolate all my life… I submitted a public relations campaign project in college called “Le Éclair”, a website for E-commerce for a confectioner, I made sure the website had more chocolate pictures, and very little code. Or sample this I made a whole bunch of tired people walk all around MG Road in Bangalore in search of this place called Corner House to have “Death by Chocolate”! Or a casual comment from a friend like “we can have Chocolate Sundae in this place next Sunday” makes me go hyper..! I like everything which says it has chocolate: not just bars even pastries (Chocolate Fantasy, Choco-Brownie, Black forest, Chocolate truffle you name it I’ll eat it), chocolate milkshake, chocolate anything, that includes Junior Horlicks chocolate flavor..!!

But every time I took at a bar of chocolate, I try to control myself.. I have this voice in my head telling “Sandhya NO NO NO!” But the poor little brain fails to listen.. All it does it give into temptation without delivering itself from evil… But hang on.. To me chocolate isn’t evil.. I am weight conscious! Today when I was munching on the Cadbury bar, I was filled with the guilt pang that am actually swallowing extra calories and adding onto my woes… But hell the choco high was good enough to make me forget that fact.. I get a complex when I see a skinny something munching chocolates.. I console myself “Yeah… One day she’ll have an expanding waistline!” But the irony of this is no matter what happens I end up eating chocolates…!!

I’ve been trying hard, real hard actually to keep my hands off chocolates.. When I read the calorie values at the back of the wrapper, my poor little heart skips a beat… I really wish somebody would invent a zero calorie chocolate or maybe manufacture one which helps you reduce weight… Like say for every 100gms you eat, you burn 250calories… Sounds like fun??? At one point during school I wanted to become a “chocolate tester” yeah something like software testing where in I could sample all the exotic chocolates in the world..!! I gave up on the idea looongg back though…! Trust me it is majorly addictive, and giving up on chocolates is the last thing I’d like to do. I’ll work out like a dog, but I will NEVER give up on my elixir of life…


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bliss Day

A post on silence coming from a chatter-box sounds weird, but chatterboxes also have their off-days and today is mine...!!!

To be very honest I like being alone or even better left all to myself, but this phase doesnt last for too long.

After 4 Saturdays of hanging around Bangalore City, I got a day all for myself...!! Usually every Saturday is a cacophony of activities; which can be grossly translated into waking up at 7, running to the mess and gobbling sticky upma and then changing 2-3 buses to land up in some place or just loiter around the labyrinths of the city, and come back to college with nothing in mind, all you remember is: that it was a good day out and nothing more-nothing less.. Nothing memorable or out of the blue happens!

This Saturday was the exact opposite; that's why its called the "Bliss Day". Today, I was all alone in my room, in fact the whole day and the room was all mine...

Staying alone in a room for solid 12hrs is an experience in itself, and the silence that prevails takes you onto a different level.. This silence is more of a pre-cursor to different thought processes.. You realise the real power of your mind. The mind really travels faster than light; you switch one channel to another and a random clutter of thoughts traverse your mind. You feel like you are in total control of your life, and that you are living on your own terms, with nobody to tell you what you must be doing.. You get to do things at your own pace; do what you like doing the best.. There is no chitter-chatter in the background or people walking up and down the stairs.. The best part of staying alone is you dont feel like you are being observed every moment. When you are with a group of people you are expected to be well behaved, but on the contrary here there is noboby watching you. You can jump on the bed, talk to yourself, even be as mad as you want, there is nobody forming a judgement about you; unless the walls have observing power or maybe the little lizard in you room is watching you..!!! This is what I call BLISS!!

Bottomline: Everybody must have a silent day out atleast once a month. Its more a detoxifying process. You get rid of all the
Sh** that has accumulated in your brain for long. Talking to yourself is a very cathratic process; its always better when you give yourself a blast or advice rather than hearing it from somebody else.. You can even have you-to-you pep talks.. You feel like a 4yr old all over again.. At the end of the day you are all happy-dappy...

Cheers... :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shifting Bases

Transition from one place to another is a task in itself, and staying in a hostel sharing a room with someone you dont even know is a different ball game in itself.
Its been a month since I left home, I've almost forgotten what home is actually like (Not literally though)... The first few days are "the" most painful moments.. You feel like a fish out of water, trying to find your feet in a completely different place... Everytime you think of home; you want to pack your bags again and run back home. . You have to do everything from scratch here, arrange your clothes; tie a clothes-line, hang a curtain; every single thing has to be done by you.Every single moment is filled with a weird feeling that you've landed in the wrong place.... You end up comparing everything around you, from the cooler in your floor to the rest-room you use.
you have strange ppl knocking at your door! You stand in a queue to take bath; you stand in a queue in the mess for breakfast-lunch and dinner..!!! People stare at you in all weird angles. A strange feeling of getting ragged creeps through you.. But as time goes by you actually get used to it.. Slowly steadily you find your feet; your own gang of friends, and then life becomes smooth.... Making friends has never been a problem so far, and I hope it remains the same forever. Forming a gang was even more easier; thanks to Orkut..
Little by little you start coming back to normal with sudden spurts of home sickness...
Eventually you develop a sense of security. (I still love Chennai more than any other place..)
I still get home sick, but there's one thing that keeps me going... Am here to chalk out a career -and nothing matters more than a big fat-pay-cheque.. *Period*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reasons Why I hate Dentists!!

All of us lovee that Million-Dollar-pearly-grin... Like everything else, even this comes with a price!!! Am not Anti-Dentists' its just that everytime I am seated on one that sliding chair in the clinic, it gives me creeps....!!
Visiting doctors has always been a part and pacel of growing up..I still haven't figured out why dentists' make me feel this way!! Why can't they just be like the eye-cotor who dilates your eyes, runs a torch over your eyes, sends you through a battery of tests, and makes you read letters off the board. Or maybe like the Gynec / General Physician who chit-chats with you??My tryst with the dentist started in class-2, he made me sit on that sliding chair and smiled at me, after examining my mouth he asked me; "How many chocolates do you eat?", I grinned at him like an idiot and told him "ten" with my eyes gleaming!! (Poor little me though he'd give me chocolates!)

Yesterday evening I walked into my dentist's clinic for some minor tweaking, after 90 mins of treatment and cheque for 2000/- later this is what I felt like!

Here are the reasons why I hate them..

1) They treat your mouth like its made of elastic... "Open wider ma" is a common statement! little do they realise that you "cannot" push your limits.
2) The veryyy smell of the clinic makes me go yuck..!!!!
3) They treat your mouth like its an open construction ground, they put in some 3 tubes at the same time, a suction tube only adds to your woes...
4) Water sprinkling all over your glasses isn't the nicest feeling on earth.
5) The seqauky electric noises the machines rather tubes make in your mouth make you feel like you are part of a sci-fic flick!
6) The over head light hits you right in the eye..!
7) Dentists DON'T understand the meaning of the word "pain", they'll ask you if its "paining", when they know that you are dyingggg there! (Dude, Paining is wrong English! Correct usage is "does it hurt", What did your teacher teach you in schoool :O !)
8) You walk in for a minor filling, they'll make u come for the next one week for a root canaling process!!
9) They add weird looking substances in their mouth and they suck out every bit of moisture and life out of you..
10) Its out and out a harrowing experience!!!!

Finally! This goes out to my Dentist friend Swathi, lady if you are reading this make a note of allll this... Its not very nice when you are put through such torture..!! And you better be nice to me and to the rest of your patients, when they walk into your clinic 3yrs down the line!! (MIND IT!!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

End of Joblessness!!!

YES!!!.... 3-months of bumming around the place have finallyyyyy come to an end, rather almostt come to an end, in another 3 days I'd be off to a new start!! Its has been three looonggg months, with spurts of activities here and there, college admissions, a surgery in between, a bit of weight loss(Yeahhh!)! Otherwise the hols have been pretty much the same, I plan stuff and I just don't execute them, call it laziness!! With 90% of ur friends already working or busy with exams there's not much you can do actually. So, most of my days were spent doing the usual stuff, eating, sleeping, reading books, increasing your mobile bill, and being online 24*7 was alll i did; basically it was wasting time... There was thispoint when I really wanted to go back to college and start slogging it out all over again!! 3-months were a realllll draggg... When you've been used to the hectic pace of life in college with work piled up all the time, sitting back and doing nothing makes you feel weird, and that's exactly what I felt like, I was eternally bored... The only other form of entertainment was the IPL!! If not for the IPL I would have died of boredom! The vacations were boring, but when you look at the other-side of the coin, it was good in way! ( I know that its contradictory statement), but it's not everyday you get to wake up at 8 in the morning, walk upto the kitchen for coffee, laze around place, and do things at your own pace! The irony of life is that when you have no time to breathe, all of us want those never-ending breaks, but when we are absolutely jobless, we start missing work! Funnyyy world, I say!
Sometimes its really nice when you enjoy the little pleasures of life without really cribbing about being bored..!! Long vacations actually make you feel good, soak up in all the good things that life offers... Enjoy it to the fullest!! My vacations are over, I don't know if I've made the use use of them, but let me tell you one thing.. It was **Bliss** No pressures, no tension, no stress, nobody was breathing own your neck all the time..!!! It happens once in a while.. So, get the maxx out of it and CHILL! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life in M.O.P

The 3yrs I spent in this college have left an indelible mark on me, this is the place which has moulded me brought out the woman in me and I thot I should pay my tribute to the instituion.
You can call it a tribute, or a soliloquey or a satire.
Life At MOP:
Disclaimer: This is not a Guide to survival in MOP, this is just the tip of the ice-berg.
Day 1 in college: You'll meet ur "respected" teachers :D Your so-called class faculty will try making all of you talk on various topics, which is actually veryyyyyyy funnyy... At the fag end of the day, you will meet your "Seniors", Yes! Alllllll of them will try to fit in inside your classroom, they'll try making u sing (Yeahhh!), dance, and hell a lot of other things, which may or may not make any sense depending on ur sensibilites.One week later, you girls wud be pretty accustomed to coming to coll in the sweltering heat!! By this time you wud know who is who and who's who. (Hope you get the pun)By the time you realise what's happening your seniors will start hounding you with auditons for the fresher cults and you'll have ur first internals coming up!! You will be asked to cough up money...
Once your cults are over the REAL life in MOP starts, home-works, assignments, seminars, projects, you name it; we have it! And mind you evrything carries marks..!The college isnt organised, its the epitome of chaosss!! Apart from this, you'll have records to finish, this is done by copying ur frnds program literally and figuratively..! Life is chaotic beyond description! You run around to finish your assignments, burn the midnight oil to finish tht crappy project, spend hoursss online looking for that elusive program which you can pass off as "your" program, (some teachers will buy it), run from pillar-to-post to get papers photocopied, waste JK Copiers for ur projects,, which will not receive more than a mere glance, on programs, outputs and algorithms which receive a tick. Next come the Semester exams! Lol yeah.. Ppl actually try studying for the semesters.We in MOP study like the others do, we start off the night before the examination , stay up alll night, come groggy eyed to the exam, crib bout the paper, swear at the lecturer, try cramming until the examiner screams out "garlsss comeee innnnn for the n-th time"Well, the rest as they say is "history" ! :D
Here are a few definitions which might come in handy :P
Assignment: Literally copied from Wikipedia, all you need to do is format your document and make sure its presentable!
Homework: Strictly to be copied from your neighbour. Copying word by word makes more sense.
Seminars: Open random links on Google, copy them onto a notepad or a word doc, repeat steps as in assignment. Come and yap in class like you know the best. for best results talk at the rate of 100 words a min :P
The best things bout M.O.P are:
1) The cults!
2) You can SMS for hourrssss in the class.(Quite unfortunately, mobiles are "banned" now)
3) You can doze off in any position, the teacher will be least bothered.
4) The CANTEEN..! ...
5) You can use the lab hours to catch up on gossip, just make sure you dont sit in groups.There are more, but cant think of any.. Brain-Fuel-Exhausted.
Tips to Keep your sanity intact.
1) Be a NICE GARAL(literally and figuratively).
2) Make "Frindsheep" with the women in the dept. Appo appo oru colgate smile.
3) Don't underestimate anybody, the looozaah of ur class might beat you hands-down.
4) Be on your toes.
5) Make sure you get goood publicity...
Finally, Life in MOP is a rat-race, and its a maaaddd-maaaddd-maaaaaaaaaddddddddd world out there.. Hang in there, and you'll be thru in no time!

Sneak Peek!

Vannakam, Namaskaram and Namaste to all you people reading this entry.
Due to the insistence, persitence and all lotss of goading from my friends, here I am on the blogosphere.
A li'l bit bout me before I start off with the real process of blogging.!
I have no idea what first blog entries are supposed to be, so this is all I can give you right here right now.
Coming to the Blog-name I dont think it comes as a suprise to anybody who has known me for sometime. I had to think of something which resembled me in one word, and I couldnt think of anything better than calling myself a "Motor-mouth" which I am, literally and figuratively.
Writing has always been a passion; and so here I am with a blog of my own. I wouldnt call this the E-Me, but its a slice of me... :-)

Disclaimer: This part of the world-wide-web may or may not contain sensible stuff. Anything being sensible and insensible is solely dependent on your sensibilites :P!