Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reasons Why I hate Dentists!!

All of us lovee that Million-Dollar-pearly-grin... Like everything else, even this comes with a price!!! Am not Anti-Dentists' its just that everytime I am seated on one that sliding chair in the clinic, it gives me creeps....!!
Visiting doctors has always been a part and pacel of growing up..I still haven't figured out why dentists' make me feel this way!! Why can't they just be like the eye-cotor who dilates your eyes, runs a torch over your eyes, sends you through a battery of tests, and makes you read letters off the board. Or maybe like the Gynec / General Physician who chit-chats with you??My tryst with the dentist started in class-2, he made me sit on that sliding chair and smiled at me, after examining my mouth he asked me; "How many chocolates do you eat?", I grinned at him like an idiot and told him "ten" with my eyes gleaming!! (Poor little me though he'd give me chocolates!)

Yesterday evening I walked into my dentist's clinic for some minor tweaking, after 90 mins of treatment and cheque for 2000/- later this is what I felt like!

Here are the reasons why I hate them..

1) They treat your mouth like its made of elastic... "Open wider ma" is a common statement! little do they realise that you "cannot" push your limits.
2) The veryyy smell of the clinic makes me go yuck..!!!!
3) They treat your mouth like its an open construction ground, they put in some 3 tubes at the same time, a suction tube only adds to your woes...
4) Water sprinkling all over your glasses isn't the nicest feeling on earth.
5) The seqauky electric noises the machines rather tubes make in your mouth make you feel like you are part of a sci-fic flick!
6) The over head light hits you right in the eye..!
7) Dentists DON'T understand the meaning of the word "pain", they'll ask you if its "paining", when they know that you are dyingggg there! (Dude, Paining is wrong English! Correct usage is "does it hurt", What did your teacher teach you in schoool :O !)
8) You walk in for a minor filling, they'll make u come for the next one week for a root canaling process!!
9) They add weird looking substances in their mouth and they suck out every bit of moisture and life out of you..
10) Its out and out a harrowing experience!!!!

Finally! This goes out to my Dentist friend Swathi, lady if you are reading this make a note of allll this... Its not very nice when you are put through such torture..!! And you better be nice to me and to the rest of your patients, when they walk into your clinic 3yrs down the line!! (MIND IT!!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

End of Joblessness!!!

YES!!!.... 3-months of bumming around the place have finallyyyyy come to an end, rather almostt come to an end, in another 3 days I'd be off to a new start!! Its has been three looonggg months, with spurts of activities here and there, college admissions, a surgery in between, a bit of weight loss(Yeahhh!)! Otherwise the hols have been pretty much the same, I plan stuff and I just don't execute them, call it laziness!! With 90% of ur friends already working or busy with exams there's not much you can do actually. So, most of my days were spent doing the usual stuff, eating, sleeping, reading books, increasing your mobile bill, and being online 24*7 was alll i did; basically it was wasting time... There was thispoint when I really wanted to go back to college and start slogging it out all over again!! 3-months were a realllll draggg... When you've been used to the hectic pace of life in college with work piled up all the time, sitting back and doing nothing makes you feel weird, and that's exactly what I felt like, I was eternally bored... The only other form of entertainment was the IPL!! If not for the IPL I would have died of boredom! The vacations were boring, but when you look at the other-side of the coin, it was good in way! ( I know that its contradictory statement), but it's not everyday you get to wake up at 8 in the morning, walk upto the kitchen for coffee, laze around place, and do things at your own pace! The irony of life is that when you have no time to breathe, all of us want those never-ending breaks, but when we are absolutely jobless, we start missing work! Funnyyy world, I say!
Sometimes its really nice when you enjoy the little pleasures of life without really cribbing about being bored..!! Long vacations actually make you feel good, soak up in all the good things that life offers... Enjoy it to the fullest!! My vacations are over, I don't know if I've made the use use of them, but let me tell you one thing.. It was **Bliss** No pressures, no tension, no stress, nobody was breathing own your neck all the time..!!! It happens once in a while.. So, get the maxx out of it and CHILL! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life in M.O.P

The 3yrs I spent in this college have left an indelible mark on me, this is the place which has moulded me brought out the woman in me and I thot I should pay my tribute to the instituion.
You can call it a tribute, or a soliloquey or a satire.
Life At MOP:
Disclaimer: This is not a Guide to survival in MOP, this is just the tip of the ice-berg.
Day 1 in college: You'll meet ur "respected" teachers :D Your so-called class faculty will try making all of you talk on various topics, which is actually veryyyyyyy funnyy... At the fag end of the day, you will meet your "Seniors", Yes! Alllllll of them will try to fit in inside your classroom, they'll try making u sing (Yeahhh!), dance, and hell a lot of other things, which may or may not make any sense depending on ur sensibilites.One week later, you girls wud be pretty accustomed to coming to coll in the sweltering heat!! By this time you wud know who is who and who's who. (Hope you get the pun)By the time you realise what's happening your seniors will start hounding you with auditons for the fresher cults and you'll have ur first internals coming up!! You will be asked to cough up money...
Once your cults are over the REAL life in MOP starts, home-works, assignments, seminars, projects, you name it; we have it! And mind you evrything carries marks..!The college isnt organised, its the epitome of chaosss!! Apart from this, you'll have records to finish, this is done by copying ur frnds program literally and figuratively..! Life is chaotic beyond description! You run around to finish your assignments, burn the midnight oil to finish tht crappy project, spend hoursss online looking for that elusive program which you can pass off as "your" program, (some teachers will buy it), run from pillar-to-post to get papers photocopied, waste JK Copiers for ur projects,, which will not receive more than a mere glance, on programs, outputs and algorithms which receive a tick. Next come the Semester exams! Lol yeah.. Ppl actually try studying for the semesters.We in MOP study like the others do, we start off the night before the examination , stay up alll night, come groggy eyed to the exam, crib bout the paper, swear at the lecturer, try cramming until the examiner screams out "garlsss comeee innnnn for the n-th time"Well, the rest as they say is "history" ! :D
Here are a few definitions which might come in handy :P
Assignment: Literally copied from Wikipedia, all you need to do is format your document and make sure its presentable!
Homework: Strictly to be copied from your neighbour. Copying word by word makes more sense.
Seminars: Open random links on Google, copy them onto a notepad or a word doc, repeat steps as in assignment. Come and yap in class like you know the best. for best results talk at the rate of 100 words a min :P
The best things bout M.O.P are:
1) The cults!
2) You can SMS for hourrssss in the class.(Quite unfortunately, mobiles are "banned" now)
3) You can doze off in any position, the teacher will be least bothered.
4) The CANTEEN..! ...
5) You can use the lab hours to catch up on gossip, just make sure you dont sit in groups.There are more, but cant think of any.. Brain-Fuel-Exhausted.
Tips to Keep your sanity intact.
1) Be a NICE GARAL(literally and figuratively).
2) Make "Frindsheep" with the women in the dept. Appo appo oru colgate smile.
3) Don't underestimate anybody, the looozaah of ur class might beat you hands-down.
4) Be on your toes.
5) Make sure you get goood publicity...
Finally, Life in MOP is a rat-race, and its a maaaddd-maaaddd-maaaaaaaaaddddddddd world out there.. Hang in there, and you'll be thru in no time!

Sneak Peek!

Vannakam, Namaskaram and Namaste to all you people reading this entry.
Due to the insistence, persitence and all lotss of goading from my friends, here I am on the blogosphere.
A li'l bit bout me before I start off with the real process of blogging.!
I have no idea what first blog entries are supposed to be, so this is all I can give you right here right now.
Coming to the Blog-name I dont think it comes as a suprise to anybody who has known me for sometime. I had to think of something which resembled me in one word, and I couldnt think of anything better than calling myself a "Motor-mouth" which I am, literally and figuratively.
Writing has always been a passion; and so here I am with a blog of my own. I wouldnt call this the E-Me, but its a slice of me... :-)

Disclaimer: This part of the world-wide-web may or may not contain sensible stuff. Anything being sensible and insensible is solely dependent on your sensibilites :P!