Wednesday, June 25, 2008

End of Joblessness!!!

YES!!!.... 3-months of bumming around the place have finallyyyyy come to an end, rather almostt come to an end, in another 3 days I'd be off to a new start!! Its has been three looonggg months, with spurts of activities here and there, college admissions, a surgery in between, a bit of weight loss(Yeahhh!)! Otherwise the hols have been pretty much the same, I plan stuff and I just don't execute them, call it laziness!! With 90% of ur friends already working or busy with exams there's not much you can do actually. So, most of my days were spent doing the usual stuff, eating, sleeping, reading books, increasing your mobile bill, and being online 24*7 was alll i did; basically it was wasting time... There was thispoint when I really wanted to go back to college and start slogging it out all over again!! 3-months were a realllll draggg... When you've been used to the hectic pace of life in college with work piled up all the time, sitting back and doing nothing makes you feel weird, and that's exactly what I felt like, I was eternally bored... The only other form of entertainment was the IPL!! If not for the IPL I would have died of boredom! The vacations were boring, but when you look at the other-side of the coin, it was good in way! ( I know that its contradictory statement), but it's not everyday you get to wake up at 8 in the morning, walk upto the kitchen for coffee, laze around place, and do things at your own pace! The irony of life is that when you have no time to breathe, all of us want those never-ending breaks, but when we are absolutely jobless, we start missing work! Funnyyy world, I say!
Sometimes its really nice when you enjoy the little pleasures of life without really cribbing about being bored..!! Long vacations actually make you feel good, soak up in all the good things that life offers... Enjoy it to the fullest!! My vacations are over, I don't know if I've made the use use of them, but let me tell you one thing.. It was **Bliss** No pressures, no tension, no stress, nobody was breathing own your neck all the time..!!! It happens once in a while.. So, get the maxx out of it and CHILL! :)

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