Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reasons Why I hate Dentists!!

All of us lovee that Million-Dollar-pearly-grin... Like everything else, even this comes with a price!!! Am not Anti-Dentists' its just that everytime I am seated on one that sliding chair in the clinic, it gives me creeps....!!
Visiting doctors has always been a part and pacel of growing up..I still haven't figured out why dentists' make me feel this way!! Why can't they just be like the eye-cotor who dilates your eyes, runs a torch over your eyes, sends you through a battery of tests, and makes you read letters off the board. Or maybe like the Gynec / General Physician who chit-chats with you??My tryst with the dentist started in class-2, he made me sit on that sliding chair and smiled at me, after examining my mouth he asked me; "How many chocolates do you eat?", I grinned at him like an idiot and told him "ten" with my eyes gleaming!! (Poor little me though he'd give me chocolates!)

Yesterday evening I walked into my dentist's clinic for some minor tweaking, after 90 mins of treatment and cheque for 2000/- later this is what I felt like!

Here are the reasons why I hate them..

1) They treat your mouth like its made of elastic... "Open wider ma" is a common statement! little do they realise that you "cannot" push your limits.
2) The veryyy smell of the clinic makes me go yuck..!!!!
3) They treat your mouth like its an open construction ground, they put in some 3 tubes at the same time, a suction tube only adds to your woes...
4) Water sprinkling all over your glasses isn't the nicest feeling on earth.
5) The seqauky electric noises the machines rather tubes make in your mouth make you feel like you are part of a sci-fic flick!
6) The over head light hits you right in the eye..!
7) Dentists DON'T understand the meaning of the word "pain", they'll ask you if its "paining", when they know that you are dyingggg there! (Dude, Paining is wrong English! Correct usage is "does it hurt", What did your teacher teach you in schoool :O !)
8) You walk in for a minor filling, they'll make u come for the next one week for a root canaling process!!
9) They add weird looking substances in their mouth and they suck out every bit of moisture and life out of you..
10) Its out and out a harrowing experience!!!!

Finally! This goes out to my Dentist friend Swathi, lady if you are reading this make a note of allll this... Its not very nice when you are put through such torture..!! And you better be nice to me and to the rest of your patients, when they walk into your clinic 3yrs down the line!! (MIND IT!!)

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