Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Vannakam, Namaskaram and Namaste to all you people reading this entry.
Due to the insistence, persitence and all lotss of goading from my friends, here I am on the blogosphere.
A li'l bit bout me before I start off with the real process of blogging.!
I have no idea what first blog entries are supposed to be, so this is all I can give you right here right now.
Coming to the Blog-name I dont think it comes as a suprise to anybody who has known me for sometime. I had to think of something which resembled me in one word, and I couldnt think of anything better than calling myself a "Motor-mouth" which I am, literally and figuratively.
Writing has always been a passion; and so here I am with a blog of my own. I wouldnt call this the E-Me, but its a slice of me... :-)

Disclaimer: This part of the world-wide-web may or may not contain sensible stuff. Anything being sensible and insensible is solely dependent on your sensibilites :P!


Vedha said...

welcome to the blog world!!!!

sandy....the motor-mouth.. and it's a motor that can never get repaired!

Motormouth said...

Thanks a lot di... Yeah.. The motor will never get repaired :)

Darshan said...

looks like u just "kick started" your motor with that first blog ..

ha ha ha ha

good start though .. i wonder if u can get to 0-60 in 5 seconds ..

Gayatri said...

wow woman. thats a swell first post! =) shall read on further!