Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bliss Day

A post on silence coming from a chatter-box sounds weird, but chatterboxes also have their off-days and today is mine...!!!

To be very honest I like being alone or even better left all to myself, but this phase doesnt last for too long.

After 4 Saturdays of hanging around Bangalore City, I got a day all for myself...!! Usually every Saturday is a cacophony of activities; which can be grossly translated into waking up at 7, running to the mess and gobbling sticky upma and then changing 2-3 buses to land up in some place or just loiter around the labyrinths of the city, and come back to college with nothing in mind, all you remember is: that it was a good day out and nothing more-nothing less.. Nothing memorable or out of the blue happens!

This Saturday was the exact opposite; that's why its called the "Bliss Day". Today, I was all alone in my room, in fact the whole day and the room was all mine...

Staying alone in a room for solid 12hrs is an experience in itself, and the silence that prevails takes you onto a different level.. This silence is more of a pre-cursor to different thought processes.. You realise the real power of your mind. The mind really travels faster than light; you switch one channel to another and a random clutter of thoughts traverse your mind. You feel like you are in total control of your life, and that you are living on your own terms, with nobody to tell you what you must be doing.. You get to do things at your own pace; do what you like doing the best.. There is no chitter-chatter in the background or people walking up and down the stairs.. The best part of staying alone is you dont feel like you are being observed every moment. When you are with a group of people you are expected to be well behaved, but on the contrary here there is noboby watching you. You can jump on the bed, talk to yourself, even be as mad as you want, there is nobody forming a judgement about you; unless the walls have observing power or maybe the little lizard in you room is watching you..!!! This is what I call BLISS!!

Bottomline: Everybody must have a silent day out atleast once a month. Its more a detoxifying process. You get rid of all the
Sh** that has accumulated in your brain for long. Talking to yourself is a very cathratic process; its always better when you give yourself a blast or advice rather than hearing it from somebody else.. You can even have you-to-you pep talks.. You feel like a 4yr old all over again.. At the end of the day you are all happy-dappy...

Cheers... :)

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