Sunday, August 31, 2008

Circle of Trust

At the outset I'd like to declare that the name of the topic was not inspired from the Facebook Application.. I was talking to this lady called Nivedita sometime back, and she told me about this concept called as "Circle of Trust", this was in her words.. The lady I am referring to is a practicing Psychologist..
Circle of Trust in her words is the radius or the proximity of other people and their influences on your life.. These people can be anybody, ranging from your parents, best friends, acquaintances, people whom you met recently even your ex for that matter. What this concept aims to define is the degree to which these people can affect your life... In simpler terms it aims to understand how much of an importance each of these people hold in your life..
She made me do this exercise so that I decide on the key people in my life and which will in turn help me determine their sphere of influence..

My result is as follows:
The people closest to me are:
Sphere 1
a) My Parents: Not because they are "parents" and they've made me what I am today. My parents have been the BEST... They've been more than the mediocre parents of being their child's support systems... I've been babied for 21yrs by them, and I have given them nothing in return... I've been the apple of their eyes and there has not been a single moment when I've felt my parents are bad.. They've supported every move that I've made in life, and I've been given complete independence for my acts and actions... All these years I've always been spoilt for choice... Sometimes I really think I shouldn't have been pampered so much... I am not what you call a complete spoilt-brat but there really is a brat in me... Bottom-line: My parents are my greatest assets and I would not give trade them for anything in my life.

b) My Career: Making it big in life is something I've always wanted.. I've never been the great performer in school or in college, but I've always had that intelligent streak or so people tell me... I strongly beleive in the fact that you can make it big in life only if you decide to and external factors will have absolutely no say in that... My taurean characteristics add on to this trait of mine.. I haven't achieved anything BIG in all these years, but I am by no means a low performer..

c) My Brother: Yes.. My brother... My evil-twin, alter-ego, best-friend, critic, and somebody who knows me inside out... We grew up fighting with each other, but now we end up fighting for each other... We're more of best-friends than the usual bro-sis... Yes we do fight but its a part of life... He is one guy whom I adore the most... Adi rocks..!

d) My Best Friends: It would be unfair on my part to name them over here.. Naming them will make me feel like am belittling their influence on my life.. They've been my greatest strengths... They define what I am today... Especially the ones who've known me since school.. And I owe it to them. Thanks a ton for being by my side all the time... :)

Sphere 2: Here came my teachers, my other so-called from college.
Sphere 3: Here came the people who hardly have any influence on my life... I don’t think this part of it needs to be mentioned..

This was my whole thesis... It made me realize the importance of the people in my life and what I should do to better myself..

Cheers :)

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