Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shifting Bases

Transition from one place to another is a task in itself, and staying in a hostel sharing a room with someone you dont even know is a different ball game in itself.
Its been a month since I left home, I've almost forgotten what home is actually like (Not literally though)... The first few days are "the" most painful moments.. You feel like a fish out of water, trying to find your feet in a completely different place... Everytime you think of home; you want to pack your bags again and run back home. . You have to do everything from scratch here, arrange your clothes; tie a clothes-line, hang a curtain; every single thing has to be done by you.Every single moment is filled with a weird feeling that you've landed in the wrong place.... You end up comparing everything around you, from the cooler in your floor to the rest-room you use.
you have strange ppl knocking at your door! You stand in a queue to take bath; you stand in a queue in the mess for breakfast-lunch and dinner..!!! People stare at you in all weird angles. A strange feeling of getting ragged creeps through you.. But as time goes by you actually get used to it.. Slowly steadily you find your feet; your own gang of friends, and then life becomes smooth.... Making friends has never been a problem so far, and I hope it remains the same forever. Forming a gang was even more easier; thanks to Orkut..
Little by little you start coming back to normal with sudden spurts of home sickness...
Eventually you develop a sense of security. (I still love Chennai more than any other place..)
I still get home sick, but there's one thing that keeps me going... Am here to chalk out a career -and nothing matters more than a big fat-pay-cheque.. *Period*

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