Thursday, September 18, 2008


Date: 12th September 2008
Time: 11.00Am
Place: M.O.P.Vaishnav College for Women.
Purpose: Collecting my certificates.

Rewind: Exactly 60mins back I was at the bus-stop waiting for the all familiar bus to come.. This is one route which I know like the back of my hand. I know the place inside out. You blindfold me, I'll reach the place! So, on the all familiar route there were a trail of thoughts. I was going to the place which I fondly refer to as "jail" To me it was always M.O.P.Vaishnav Jail for Girls! The place somehow resembled a matchbox more than a college. Imagine 2400 girls being stuffed into one single building or a long building which is 6 floors high! You could actually take space management techniques from the people in my college. There was a famous picture which was a pictoral representation, a student standing behind the bars, and at the bottom of it there is a line which says "I am in MOP Jail!!" I could completely relate to it then.. There was another famous joke as well "Message on the highway: Drive carefully, dead-end ahead. Don't kill the students, leave it to the management!". I really wanted to laugh out loud thinking about all this...
After 45 mins I was at the gate, I walked in like a royale, the security called out "ID card enga?  Me: "Naa Pass-out sir" :D. The purpose of my visit was to collect my certificates, It was a ten-minute procedure. I still have no idea why it took me solid 1hr to get out of there.. Maybe thats the power the place holds.. I was supposed to go straight to the office room produce my ID and get my certi and get out of the place. But what I did was completely unexpected. I walked up straight to the lab.. Went in there said a Hi to all the teachers who were there.. It felt nice actually.. There was a practical exam going on, and the examiner called out to a girl "output vanduda ma?" The girl gave out a blank look.. 3yrs back I did the same bloody thing... There hasn't been a single practical exam where I've got the output on time leaving out a few exceptional cases..!!
After my salutations and my showing off session was over, I went down to the office to collect mt stuff. I should have left the place right then. But no visit to college is ever complete without visiting the canteen. It was my temple, my second-home and my comfort zone..!! I was shocked when the people at the counter actually "remembered" me!! I ordered my food, collected in and sat down on a corner table to eat.. Looking around at all the hustle-and bustle around the place, I wanted to be there again.. The chitter-chatter, the discussions we've had in the canteen... The gossip sessions.. Unfinished assignemnts, the chocolates we've wiped out. Nobody recognised me, but I could see a little of me in everybody around me..!! Everything happening around me was amusing and I was enjoying it... Littlle did I know that I will miss this very place when I walk out of the portals 3yrs later.. And yeah I call myself a Computer Applications student anyway!
MOP I miss you...!!! I never thought I'd say this.... And for all you people who hate your colleges, hating it is fun, but when you walk into the portals a few months or years later, the moments which made you laugh over there will come out gushing... Finally I owe what I am today to this institution. It has brought the best in me.. Thank you MOP!


Vedha said...

You too? :)

Archana said...

Even i thank my institution!!! even if things went wrong.... that i am well placed and getting a gr8 name is coz of the college.. i too felt the same wen i went to the canteen