Friday, September 26, 2008

Lesson from a Sparrow

A little Sparrow was observing something from the parapet wall of the terrace, I had no idea what it was looking at.. The moth on the floor was too insignificant to be noted. In sudden burst of flutter the sparrow came down at the moth. The moth realised what was happening, and tried to fly away. The sparrow wasn't ready to give up on it.. It looked like a battle of wits.

The sparrow was the predator and the moth was the prey. Both of them were extremely insignificant, but they were competitors in their own right. What was happening was really interesting, in fact I would call it gripping.

It went on, on these lines. The sparrow's only aim was to get hold of the moth, and the moth's only aim was to get away from the sparrow. Every time the sparrow came closer to the moth, the moth tried flying away from it. But little sparrow was in no mood to give up without a fight, and the moth like a true soldier kept fighting till the very end. When the sparrow made a clever move, the moth hid away from it. It looked like a game of hide and seek.

The sparrow wasn't letting go of any chance, and the moth kept flying away from it. The moth was an intent observer of every move, and it gave away no chance.. This hide and seek went on for solid ten-minutes. At the end of it, the little sparrow won.!

The whole thing sounds very trivial I know. When you apply your mind into what was actually happening, you wouldn't call it trivial. What can be observed from it is that, both of them were extremely intelligent, each trying to out-do the other. They were playing their game with a strategy, the only aim was to get on top of the situation and get an upper-hand. In this case the moth wanted to save itself from the sparrow and the sparrow wanted its daily bread.

The lesson I learnt from this little sparrow is, life is a constant battle. If you want to stay afloat in life, you have to fight it out in this big bad world. In life nothing comes easy. There is a struggle attached to everything. Success doesn't come in a day. Success is a constant battle of intelligence, strategies and perseverance. To survive we need to be on our toes, act swiftly and intelligently.

Every move you make has to be backed by a strategic plan. Just imagine what would have happened if the sparrow had given up when the moth flew away the first time. The whole purpose would have been defeated. The sparrow was determined to get hold of the moth. There wasn't a single move that made me think, "Ah! There goes the moth".

The sparrow was no eagle, or a crow for that matter. It was a tiny little bird. It’s only focus was to catch the moth, and in this process it gave no room for complacency. In reality, we are the sparrows and success is the moth. Success eludes us every time we think we've come close to achieving it. Just when you say "gotcha" it flies away from you.. When we achieve a little bit, complacency takes over. Little do we realise that this complacency may cost us dearly.

Success in life is like the battle between the Sparrow and the moth. It doesn’t matter who wins at the end. All that matters is who fought harder.

Cheers :)


Darshan said...

very true!! Charles Darwin was not a fool to have said "Survival of the fittest" ..

but u see ... every human has the basic intelligence to understand or even infer such things on his/her own .. but the real catch is where u apply it at all times .. irrespective of u being the predator .. or the prey !! ..

ithuaepdi ..hahaha

Vedha said...

Stop doing MBA. Seriously!