Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celeb status or Intrusion of privacy?

Sample this: I came back home a week back, and the phone calls haven't stopped coming.. I made a very low key return back home. Only a handful of my friends knew that I was actually coming back. Nobody else knew it.. My mom's friends were aware that I was planning to come back home for good. The reactions I got weren't entirely positive.. A few of them were very veryyy critical about me coming back. The minute I stepped in, my neighbor walked in.. She saw packed bags on the floor which can be grossly translated into 1-big carton, 2 air bags, 1 suitcase. That lady was so cheeky she was like "Have you come on a vacation?"!!! Audacity I say... Yeah so where was I celebrity status.. Ever since I walked in a week back, I've been amusing people... Anybody and everybody wants to talk to me all of a sudden! People walk up home and are like "Oh you are back!" "Oh you got through XYZ college, veryy good decision kanna! Every time I stepped out of home I had random buggers walk up to me and start off like "why did you come back?”,” you dint like the food in the coll", "health problem?" "Was there something wrong with the college" "Did you get through XYZ college through mgmt quota!" To make things even more amusing they discuss me.. Sideways glance at me, and hushed conversations! So on and so forth... I see no reason why I should tell these people about my personal life? DAMN! I've been ripped off my privacy... Where ever I go the network follows..!! Gimme a break people... Hang in there ladies! Yes I am back home for good.! My life is my own and I don't wash my linen in public. It’s a harrowing experience... Now, I know what these poor little celebrities feel like when the paparazzi follow them everywhere.. Get a life is what I want to say!!!
**Peace Out**


Vedha said...

Shit does happen then.

Karthik said...

We are a country of armchair critics and armchair advisors. Just ignore them and chug along.