Monday, September 22, 2008

When you...

1)You haven't slept for more than 4hrs during the night in the last week.
2)Your eyes are burning, you feel dead tired.. You want to sleep like a log but the Accounting assignment isn't complete yet..
3)You have this gut feeling that there might be an Organizational Behaviour surprise test tomo because the lady has asked you to read up and come..
4)Your ECG looks more like the Sensex graph..
5)Your heart skips a beat when you hear people talk about market-fluctuations, financial services, cash-flow and fund-flow, economies of scale, market-equilibrium.
6)You are still trying to figure out what GDP, NDP, Fiscal policy, sensex, stock-markets and the likes are all about...
)7)You shreik in joy when your balance sheet tallies or when your Operation Research problem gives out the right value...
8)You spend hours into the night wondering what good statistics is going to do your career as a corporate professsional..
9)You haven't figured out why you need communication skills!!!
10)You crib about assignments, unfinished "home-works" day in and day out.. Your brother chuckles at you when you say I have home-work to complete.
11)Your friends are shocked when they hear you say, "dude, I have work!" Some folks may even say "Yeah! It serves you right!"
12)Your Under-Graduate course now feels like an extended version of your summer vacation.
13)You haven't read one decent novel in the last one month. Instead you've been trying to read, analyse and review Harvard Business Review and The Economist.! Previously you read Chetan Bhagat's One Night @ a call centre, read, analysed and reviewed Shyam's love life!
14)Business-Line becomes your daily newspaper, you have been told by "intelligent" folks that you must also read The Economic Times.!
15)Folks at your place are stupified when they see you skim through your books..
16)Economics is more of Greek and Latin than English. Esp if you come from a science background like me.
17) has become your homepage, not by choice but by compulsion...
18)You spend half your time reading articles on business in general.
19)Your google homepage boasts of high-funda articles from Market-watch, Business-world, and the economic times.
20)Discussions around you are all about Lehman Brothers closing down, Merrill-Lynch sell-out, and the bloodbath at BSE...
21)Your greatest fear is that at the end of two years, you'll either lose all your hair and become bald, and your power inreases to an all time high that you'll go blind someday..
22)You haven't watched a decent flick in ages..
23)You check your mails in the middle of an OB class..
24)Parallel reading is made compulsory, you have been asked to read, a parallel book on business, one business journal and a self-help book!
The self-help part is what I need right here; right now..!
25) You feel like taking a sabbatical and going off to the Himalayas. Or you are seriously contemplating on joining the Art of Living, and teaching them Sudarshan kriya!
26)You are wondering if this is your state after a month what will happen to you two years down the line!
27)Last year this time you were "busy" preparing for a plethora of B-school entrance exams..
28)You were busy dreaming about Life @ a B-school.. You got carried away by the cute-looking guys on the front-pages of B-school websites.
29)Your favorite line was "B-school join karenge, ladke hoonge, masti karenge..!" Now you've fucking forgotten what "masti" is.. :(
30)Finally, you thank your stars that you are not in an IIM!!!

Welcome to life @ a B-School... :-)

Thank you for reading about our sad-ass lives.. I have half a mind of talking people out of B-school dreams.. But whats the fun in that... The sadist in me says "Naan petra tumbam vaiyagumum pera vendum" Meaning: I shouldn't be the only one going through the torture.

PS: This post is dedicated to my Best-friend Satya, who is in the same boat as I am..!!


satya said...

sandyyyyyyy! i love uuuuu!

wuaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! im giving all d babies competition in wailing..!

for my next bday gift me a box of tissues to blow my nose on
ps: favour will b returned

and i love u again! :)

Darshan said...

i must say .. u ve nailed down two things ..

even a mediocre b school is not an easy joke!!

u are really good at expressing things which u so desperately long to achieve and then once u get there ... u feel u hav workd so hard only for this....

hats off to u!!

Motormouth said...

Satyaaaaa.. I think tissues are a costly option, we should go in for bed sheets from Punjab Handloom instead... It is reusable and helps in cost cutting :D

Vedha said...

Whew... It's unbelievable.

I love your blog!

Motormouth said...

@ Darshan, the 3rd best in the state and the city becomes a mediocre B-school..! Thankiesss..

munchkin said...

to add more fuel to the fire :D
1.i reading a lot of books these days! the last one was kite runner. U must read when you get free time.:D
2.i watched saroja last weekend. :D
3.i follow the news too...ya even of the wall street journal issue.
4. and ya i will never undergo such a thing in my life. :D
5. and i actually skipped all the mba stuff u typed in ur blog!!!

but it was a delight to read it all :D

all the best with the mba life!!!
good god, pls bless her with more as she is gonna lose them all. :D

Gayatri said...

oh my! where is my friend sandy? =P

insanely funny post, i loved every single word.

hang in there woman. MBA = Butt loads of money. =)

Karthik said...

I was reminded of those crazy days in B school. But the thing is you will laugh all over it when you pass out and wish it lasted longer :)