Saturday, October 4, 2008

Angels do exist....

What happened last evening has reinforced my good-trust in people. When i fell off my bike yesterday, for a second I could not comprehend what was happening around me. My mind went blank for a couple of seconds, I had this weird swirling feeling in my head, my leg felt like jelly and I was helpless in the middle of a road. Sounds very filmy but its true. I did not cry or scream, the pain had made me numb.

At this point one Thatha walked up to the spot, picked my bike and parked it on the corner of the road. He offered me a ride back home on his scooter, and was ready to take me to the hospital for treatment. He spoke to my mom and informed her about what happened. I was moved by what he did for me. I was a stranger to him, I was just another victim of a road accident. He could have left the spot immediately, but he did not do that. What took me by surprise was his kind, gentle and friendly demeanor.

This man was a man of virtue, who wanted nothing in return for the service rendered. On our way back he asked me about what I do, where I study and about my parents. I was reassured that I was fine and nothing has happened to me, I think that kept me from crying. He dropped me back to my visibly tensed and nervous Mom, he looked at her and said "your daughter is a brave girl" my mom could only laugh to herself.

When the world is filled with selfishness, jealously, hatred, intolerance and acrimony, here was a man who symbolised selflessness, honesty and integrity. I really admire him for what he did. He was old, but not fragile, he was a man who had probably weathered many storms. His age showed wisdom and charecter. When my Mother offered to drop him off at the spot, he refused saying he stayed close by and that he took his evening walk that way every evening. That showed independence.

When I was humiliated, insulted, by a group of strangers a couplle of months back, when I was dumped by so-called best friends, when my good trust in people was lost. Someone like this thata woke up me to the fact good samaritans and angels do exist. They don’t walk up to us everyday, but they make their presence felt this way.

Thinking about it I think he was the Guardian Angel sent by God to save me. I could have well been left there, but he decided to help me out. Mr. K. Krishnamurthy wherever you are, Thank you so much for kind-heartedness. Thank you is too small a word to express what I feel. My heart goes out to him.

Wounds of the past will heal with time, and this too will. But what keeps us going are these memories, some good; some bad. People walk in and out our lives and only some have that lasting impact. This will stay with me forever.

Angels do exist, but they walk into our lives in the form of human beings.

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Vedha said...

Thank you, Thatha and aunty and whoever whoever for helping my friend....

"kashta padra manushanuku udavra manasu iruke.. adhaan kadavul" (anbe sivam)