Saturday, October 4, 2008

Road Rage

Date: 03.10.08
Time: 17.05
Place: A busy road in Chennai City.

Reported by, Yours Truly:
If this was a newspaper report, it would have been something like this. "21yr old Woman, knocked off her two-wheeler by a four-wheeler. She sustained minor injuries on her leg, and no FIR was filed. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for first aid."

If this was a TV reporter, One reallyyy high pitched voice, vehicles speeding in the background, and the lady or the man standing in the middle of the road, lets say where the event took place and saying the following. "On a busy Friday evening a 21 yr old girl Ms. Yours truly was hit a by a speeding car on a busy road. The girl fell off the bike with the bike turned to the right, the victim's left leg was right under the bike. The car driver on seeing the victim on the road, sped off the road, before the cops could arrive. This is another case of a road-rage!! The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital for first aid. She sustained injuries on her right leg."

If I was reporting this, it would be like this "One stupid fucked up son-of-a-bitch car driver hit me on the road when I was trying to move to the left side of the road with my indicator on! I fell off the bike like a Tamil film hero falling off his bike. I tried getting onto my feet, and before that I was surrounded by a group of ladies and uncles trying to get me off my feet. I promptly switched off my bike's ignition. One really nice Thata brought my bike to the corner of the road. One lady put my arms around her shoulder, helped me walk up to the pavement, and some other lady gave me a bottle of water to drink. The same Thata rode my bike until my Mom's office. And I got home after that!"

What started off as a boring Friday morning ended on a double sad note. Earlier during the day I was a little upset over the fact that my balance sheet did not tally in the exam and the other two problems were also wrong. But what made me double sad was, my torn jeans.. My favorite pair of jeans tore.. :'(. I don't intend to throw it off, I will keep it as a keepsake in memory of my first road accident, which has left me with a swollen and bruised knee and torn jeans. Or I'll take Adi's advice and wear it later to make a fashion statement!

This goes out to all my speed loving friends.

  • Speed thrills but kills as well.!
  • Fast and furious is only meant for the dudes in the Pulsar ad. Don't ever try it on our roads, you may not live to tell the tale.
  • Never speed on your bike when you are taking a turn, I was going at 30Kmph so I ended up with a bruised and swollen knee.
  • Wear your helmet. There are no replacement surgeries for your head. And not all of us get a replacement like Lord Ganesha. Yeah it makes your hair stink, causes hair-fall, ruines your hairstyle. But its worth it. THIS saved me from a head injury.
  • Never hesitate to help someone in need, You may need them someday.

Cheers :)


Darshan said...

itha paatha odanayae i remember one dialogue of vadivelu .."build up panromo ..peela vidromo athu mukhyam illa .. naama ethu pannaalum intha ulagam nammala odanae uthu paakanum .. " hahahahaha

munchkin said...

vlitake care di doof!!
true turning le never speed!!

one more thing the way u had presented the diff point of view simply fabulous!! :)

i liked it! :)

Vedha said...

adi pannada.. vizhundhu vaarnadha evlo azhaga solli iruka !!

Gayatri said...

take care woman.

what a loser, didnt even stop by to apologize or help you. hope he burns in hell!

kaushik said...

OMG!! female... u accidentally revealed ur oreeginal age to the society!! :o :p