Sunday, November 23, 2008

Varanam Aiyiram

We the audiences of Tamil films have seen movies on amma-sentiment, akka sentiment, thangai pasam.. So, Appa pasam was something new to us. The movie had created such a hype that it drove, perenially lazy people like me to the theaters.

At the outset, it's a great effort by Mr. Gautam "vasudev" Menon, to make a movie on his "ideal" dad. This is a movie meant for the family, Mom-Daddy-Sis-Bro, so that all 4 can sit and cry together. The 2nd session was at home, because my "mummy" wanted to watch it.

This movie is pasa-malar with a twist.. There it was thangai, here it is daddy!
Ok! Agreed dude, you love your dad. So, you could have well written a Biography of your daddy instead of making us sit through a 3hr ordeal of you crying daddy daddy and more daddy throughout the movie. Or could have sung "Appa enrdu azhaikadaka uyir illaye" on top of your voice.. Even better, you could have directed a mega-serial called "Daddy" and given Kolangal some competition.. But you chose to go the celluloid way..

It's not easy when you are trying to, bring the finer aspects of your dad's life onto the screen, portraying how much you love, admire and adore him. The impact the man has had on your life. Parents have sacrificed a lot to make us what we are, and hats-off to them for that. It takes a lot of patience and perseverence, no denying that but there is a flaw...

He has taken the pains, tried to bring to life a utopian family... When grapevine is full of stories of broken families and conflicts, here is a movie which talks about an urbane-nuclear-family, where happiness is in abundance.. No conflict, no arguments, dad is not even bothered about his son having arrears, happily sends him to America saying "bring her back home". How many families are this picture-perfect?.. This picture is too perfect to be believable.. Missing components were: a "Oh! Mere papa the great" and a "Kabhi khushi Kabhie Gham" types song and dance sequence..

Adi's Friend: "Dei, his dad sends him to US appidiye va da?" Me: "It's his story da!" Adi: "Ama da, avaa appa indha maari than avana tharudalai alaya vitta."

There is no family without issues. Me and my daddy argue over everything. My daddy never tells my bro, bring your girls home. I haven't seen a guy who strums his guitar when he sees a girl. No daddy You call it creative freedom, we call it unrealistic stuff.

The dialogues quaintly reminded me of my lecturer in under-grad, who used "okay" in the same fashion।
Sample this:
UML is Unified Modeling Language Ok?
UML has activity diagrams ok?
With this you can do Visual Modelling ok?
You can define process functions with this ok?
Painful uh??.. I thought she was the worst thing alive!

Mr.GVM gave her some serious competition on this ground..
Now read this:
Daddy.. Neenga than ennaku ellame daddy..
Neenga than en hero Daddy..
Ungala ennala marakave mudiaydhu Daddy...
Daddy... Daddyy... Daddddyyyy!!!

The movie is a must watch, if not for that picture perfect family, atleast for the portrayal of the characters. Sameera Reddy is the best that happened to the movie after Surya... She over did nothing.. I simply loved her dressing sense.. Very simple, very cute and very sensible acting.. Somebody please tell me what "kuthu" Ramya, sorry Divya Spandana was doing in the movie? Bad lip-synching, the person who did her dubbing should be taught to speak Tamil properly without chewing the words.. Simran ROCKS!.. She looks old, but she's graceful.. Thank you for showing us USofA without the Statue of Liberty.

An ode to all the Appa's, aka Daddys in the world. Epitome of a father-son relationship. Watch it with your Daddy. Instead of killing us with daddy, in every sentence, you could have given a daddy monologue at the end of it, atleast then I could have jumped out of the theatre
A laudable effort on the whole minus the daddys!

Varanam Aiyiram - Porumai Vendum.. :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Children's Day!

Here’s wishing you the child in you, a very happy children’s day.

Every parent’s claim to fame is their child’s achievements. They piggy back on their success. The children; form the brigade of new-age brand ambassadors. Parents take great pains in organizing their child’s life; they are the marketing maestros in the making. They plan everything to the last detail, and strive for perfection, because the child is the product and they are the marketers.

The new-age parents of today are in search of that ideal child, who will make them proud, stand out in a crowd, and be crowned the best in town. Their ultimate goal in parenting seems to be the crowning glory. Call it parenting pressure. They are under greater pressure to perform than the Indian Cricket team.

At any given family function you can see groups of ladies resembling the great Indian huddle, and a child standing at the centre doing a stand-up show. All these ladies throw random requests at these children and they sing, dance, recite rhymes, shlokams and what not. Every lady worth her salt makes sure her child’s talent is “showcased”, “Kanna maami andha paatu paadi kaatu…” and the child meekly shakes its head and starts singing, and one request after the other follows. So on and so forth. If you have 2-3 players: I mean ladies in the group the competition only intensifies.

These folks are so good at advertising and marketing that, Mr. Philip Kotler can pick up a few marketing tricks from these people and incorporate them in his book. If you are a management student, and are pretty interested in building a brand, you can emulate them. The idea of bringing up the ideal child starts when the child is barely a couple of years old. Parents read up books on good-parenting, how to make your child the best. They want that perfect child, and leave no room for complacency. They have their blue-prints ready and all they need to do is implement it.

Take for e.g. Bhuvi; my cousin sister, who is 8yrs old, and is pretty much the size of a mini-Sumo-Wrester. She has a life than busier that of mine. paatu-class, dance-class, maths -tution, shlokam classes during weekends. Summer vacations are filled with painting classes, and God-knows-what classes. Yes! Bhuvi lives a full life. My chitti is quite serious about building Brand Bhuvi. She comes back from office and helps her finish her homework and also gives her extra coaching. She wants Bhuvi to be a bundle of success at the end of the day, and she goes to every possible limit to fulfill this desire of hers. What she fails to realize is, she is trying to mould her little daughter’s life according to her own whims and fancies and in the process is giving absolutely no room for the kid to grow.

I am not trying to say, you should have no dreams and aspirations for your children. You can dream, form your own ideas on what you want them to be. At the same time you need to let them dream as well. By goading them day in and day out about what you want them to be; don’t you think you are adding too much pressure onto their lives? Are you building castles in the air, and fooling yourself with these unrealistic expectations from life? What if they come crashing down on your face? Will you be able to take failure in the same spirit?

I am not too sure if there will be something called Brand Bhuvi a few years down the line. I would be the happiest big-sister if she walks into a prestigious insti or becomes famous.

Let them dabble with stuff and see if they find something that interests them. Show them gateways which will let them explore, don’t just thrust your dreams on them. Just because you like something doesn’t mean your child will like it too.. If you like red, ask your child if she likes it too.. Give her a chance to voice her opinion. Teach her to walk on her own, but don’t become her walking stick. It’s ok if she goes off-balance, she’ll learn to walk ultimately.
If your child doesn’t live up to it, accept it; don’t blame her for a fault of hers. A disagreement is not the end of the world, it opens a window to sneak into your little girl’s life and see what she is.

Question yourself; is your child failure-ready? Being in a cocoon and being super-protective, will only cripple her. Tomorrow when failure socks her in her face, she may not be able to get over it. Every child, who attends a music class; need not become a singing sensation, IIT Coaching doesn’t lead to IIT-Madras. Let them be what they are, Nurture them. Don’t choke them with more than what they can chew. Let them take little steps into life. Let them be; what they want to be.

Like Taare Zameen Par put it; every child is special, accept it. Lead them; don’t expect them to follow you. Let them be what they are.

Happy Children’s Day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Random thoughts.

I am just thinking aloud. This is not going to make any sense to you.

Why does my Mom find my OB and Mercantile Law text books so interesting? It’s very strange when she picks up those pillow sized books and starts reading them. I mean, I don’t even ‘touch’ those books.

Liberation is sending 75-SMS-es in 2hrs, in the middle on an ’interesting’ class.

Why can’t I sleep for 12hrs a day? (Yeah, just 12hrs a day)

Am I plain over enthusiastic or absolutely jobless?! Why do I do all the donkey work in a team? Sometimes, I really wish I could be a passenger in a team, sleep through the work and take credit for somebody else’s job.

Sudden brainwaves are a part and parcel of Legal Aspects classes. The germ ling for my Write-up-4 was sown there.

Google thinks my favorite website is, every time I open a mail, I get a link on the top of the inbox which reads “, get married to good looking well settled girls from Chennai” Ok Google, I understand your feelings, but don’t you think I should be looking for men instead?

NIIT people think I would be interested in attending a seminar on “IT & Economy” They send me a mail, a sms and a reminder sms asking me to collect my pass from the nearest NIIT centre. They even update me about the change in venue and timings. My question: Do you think I am remotely interested in this?

NO! I don’t want to be a part of I am single; I am jobless, yes hopeless as well. But what I need right not is not a boyfriend, but an android which can finish up all my work.

I think I need time-management lessons in addition to the usual subjects. I either waste time, or I spend too much time working, when I could have finished all my work on time, if I worked systematically.

Since when did I become this lazy? I plan my day, and stick it up on the board and forget about it.

I think I should start taking 2-capsules of memory plus everyday from today, so that I can remember the faces of all my mom’s relatives, and save myself from embarrassment the next time somebody asks me “Do you remember me?”

I don’t know if I’ll get a job 2yrs down the line, but Max New York Life Insurance people want to help me in financial planning.

The after-effect of Diwali is always cold-fever-throat infection. Why does it strike me only when am swamped with work?

Vadhiyar Mama's should not show-off their single bags, its not Surya's six-pack and its not worth the trouble. Please use the anga-vastram.

I borrowed 2 books from the library had them for two weeks, and did not read a single word from either of the books.

Why stick flashy ferrari stickers on your old maruti-800, when you know nothing is going to change the way it looks?

Am sure this made no sense whatsoever. I warned you in the beginning dint I?