Friday, November 7, 2008

Random thoughts.

I am just thinking aloud. This is not going to make any sense to you.

Why does my Mom find my OB and Mercantile Law text books so interesting? It’s very strange when she picks up those pillow sized books and starts reading them. I mean, I don’t even ‘touch’ those books.

Liberation is sending 75-SMS-es in 2hrs, in the middle on an ’interesting’ class.

Why can’t I sleep for 12hrs a day? (Yeah, just 12hrs a day)

Am I plain over enthusiastic or absolutely jobless?! Why do I do all the donkey work in a team? Sometimes, I really wish I could be a passenger in a team, sleep through the work and take credit for somebody else’s job.

Sudden brainwaves are a part and parcel of Legal Aspects classes. The germ ling for my Write-up-4 was sown there.

Google thinks my favorite website is, every time I open a mail, I get a link on the top of the inbox which reads “, get married to good looking well settled girls from Chennai” Ok Google, I understand your feelings, but don’t you think I should be looking for men instead?

NIIT people think I would be interested in attending a seminar on “IT & Economy” They send me a mail, a sms and a reminder sms asking me to collect my pass from the nearest NIIT centre. They even update me about the change in venue and timings. My question: Do you think I am remotely interested in this?

NO! I don’t want to be a part of I am single; I am jobless, yes hopeless as well. But what I need right not is not a boyfriend, but an android which can finish up all my work.

I think I need time-management lessons in addition to the usual subjects. I either waste time, or I spend too much time working, when I could have finished all my work on time, if I worked systematically.

Since when did I become this lazy? I plan my day, and stick it up on the board and forget about it.

I think I should start taking 2-capsules of memory plus everyday from today, so that I can remember the faces of all my mom’s relatives, and save myself from embarrassment the next time somebody asks me “Do you remember me?”

I don’t know if I’ll get a job 2yrs down the line, but Max New York Life Insurance people want to help me in financial planning.

The after-effect of Diwali is always cold-fever-throat infection. Why does it strike me only when am swamped with work?

Vadhiyar Mama's should not show-off their single bags, its not Surya's six-pack and its not worth the trouble. Please use the anga-vastram.

I borrowed 2 books from the library had them for two weeks, and did not read a single word from either of the books.

Why stick flashy ferrari stickers on your old maruti-800, when you know nothing is going to change the way it looks?

Am sure this made no sense whatsoever. I warned you in the beginning dint I?


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santoshi said...

I am glad that i did not see your warning. I like your style of writting. good post.

Aishwarya said...

hey.... u r really super cool.... i foun it when i read ur warning.... i risked goin ahead and now i jus feel nice readin it.... al u said perfecrtly happens!!!!!!