Monday, December 29, 2008


I heard my Mom say this to somebody over the phone “Yeah, Sandy’s on a vacation!” My jaws dropped.. Vacations? What!? If you call a 10-day off, cut short by 3 days, vacations; then I have some questions for you. My dictionary defines vacation as a holiday. Yes, I was on a holiday, but this was of a different kind. A vacation to me is something, ideally spent in the backwaters of Kerala, or soaking in the beaches of Goa, ushering the New Year. A cheaper version of the same spent in Mahabalipuram and Muthukadu. When my director declared winter vacations, I was jumping with joy!

YaaaaaY! Holidays at last! I started dreaming about long hours of uninterrupted sleep; lazy mornings, waking up to some super hot filter-kaapi, reading the Hindu cover-to-cover, equally lazy afternoons. Book in hand, steaming hot food, afternoon siesta, of watching movies, a walk in the beach in the evening. Visit friends, chill out and have fun in short. My dream was shattered by a voice which said, “You have been given holidays, and to make you spend them usefully, we have some holiday homework for you”. Yeah, we were given holiday home-work.

In all my years of schooling and college, I haven’t done anything in the name of homework. Leave alone holiday homework. To tell you the truth my mom did more than half my stuff, from writing Hindi compositions to finishing up English essays. All I did was finish my scrap-book. A scrapbook was something where we had to stick pictures on a certain topic and submit them. I got A+ in all my topics.

But this was atrocious. I shook my head in disbelief, to add insult to injury; they cut short our so-called holidays by three days, to attend a seminar on how to read a balance sheet. They sent us a case study, and we’re supposed to work on the questions given at the end and come prepared for the workshop. The next day we have to make a presentation on the Reverse Engineering of the Ratio Analysis of three cement companies. Economics homework on how the latest foreign trade policy would affect India. We’re supposed to analyze it and come to conclusions. To make things worse, we have model exams coming up.

How can you people be so heartless, one you mock a 7-day off calling it a vacation, next you pile us up with homework, and make us give presentations on arbit topics. Then you decide to fill my official inbox with business articles and expect me to work on them 24*7.
When everybody around me is spending their holidays in bliss, one poor thing spends her time working on pieces of paper containing weird numbers, trying to decipher where they came from.

Instead of giving it a beautiful name called vacation, you could have simply told us, we’re letting you off for a week to finish up the following stuff. Why give poor things like me wrong impressions? Why God; why me.

PS: I thought there was nothing wrong in killing a beautiful song, when people decided to kill my joy by giving me homework.
Cheers :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

End of Semester

YaaaaaY! Four months of college: first semester is 'officially' over. Tracking down the changes from: September'08- December'08.
Then: September-08; Now: Decemeber-08.
Then: Wake up at 5.30, when the alarm goes off for the first time. Brush, bathe, stand in front of the cupboard for solid 10mins deciding on what to wear. Stare at the mirror for another 10mins, adjusting the kajal. Basically get dressed. Pack lunch ad breakfast. Read newspaper (Chennai Times or Hindu-Metroplus). Walk to the bus-stop with newspaper in hand. Reach the stop, 15mins before the bus arrives.
Now: Wake up at 6.15,(not realising when the alarm went off, and the human alarm clock read, mom: screams for the n-th time) run into the bathroom with toothbrush in one hand towel in the other. I've practically mastered the Mr.Bean Act. Pick the dress on top of the dress-rack, stick the contact lenses on. Throw lunch and breakfast into the bag, run down the stairs, half-run-half-jog to the bus-stop, with a big-black something riding on my back. Reach the stopping at 6.59, pray that the bus should arrive after me.

Then: Get into the bus; look around for the window seat, settle down with headphones plugged in and a book in place. Stick my head out of the window: gape at OMR and ECR, like I've never seen them before. Or read the newspaper and act all snobbish.
Now: Run into the bus; look at the nearest seat available, gasp for breath, flop on the only seat available, even if its near the driver's seat. Open the material for the day. Close eyes and doze off.

Then: Collect the newspaper, look at the last page for entertainment news. It took me 4-months to realise that Business Line does not carry entertainment news. Eat breakfast; dig into others boxes as well. Listen to the class; take down notes 'diligently' (I try to Ok?). Answer in class. Act smart.
Now: Grab the newspaper, toss it under the desk, and open the text-book. Read-read and more-read, cram as much as I can in 15mins. In some worst cases, ask Praseela, Inniki test irruka?!Gulp oats. Pray that the test should get cancelled, or that the submission date for the assignment or article should be extended. Try listening to the class, keep my head from falling onto the desk. Pinch myself now and then to bring me back from sleep. (Me sleeping in class can be a post in itself).

Attendance: This is something, am very ashamed of. My attendance percentage for the semester reads: 90% and this is disgusting! For somebody who hates college, a 90% is like a slap on my face..! My attendance in MOP never went beyond, 79.5%-to-79.9%, and rarely beyond that 80% mark. I don't know. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with me!

Then: Come back home at 5.00. Wobble around the place. Gossip with Mom. Read BL, mark-articles, file them. Study (at least try to). Help mom in cooking. Finish work. Have dinner aram-se. Sleep at 11.00.
Now: Come back at 5.00. Throw the BL onto the paper-rack or in some cases on the floor. Scream at everybody at home. When mom asks "dinner?" I vigorously nod my head. Crib about professors, homework, tests, and assignments. Open books, crash on them and wake up to realise you have work pending!

Higher order species in college say, "this is just the tip of the iceberg" with a chuckle in their voice.
.... The vicious cycle continues....
And.. Fountainhead, stands unread from page 100.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

16 Random Things About Me

Tagged goes the topic.
Here are my 16 random things.

1) Paathshala has been my ringtone for over a year.
2) I screwed up my economics paper today.
3) I have the most common name.
4) I pray every morning.
5) I had a crush on this guy in my school, who looked just like Harry Potter.
6) I am superstitious.
7) I plan to christen my laptop, "Harry Potter" thanks to the number of scratches on it.
8) I can't stand people who can't make a decent conversation in English. I think I'll forget English by the time I finish my course.
9) I haven't cleaned my room in months. I wouldn't mind showing you a pic, but you might get scared.
10) I find it amusing when 17yr old girls in my bus, talk about the guys they "love", or they've asked out in the last one month. Yes! I eavesdrop when the conversation gets interesting. ;)
11) I specialise in mokka comedy. You have to laugh when I crack or joke, or when I've claim to have cracked one :P
12) I don't talk by default, I talk on demand. I can keep my mouth-shut for as long as I want.
13) Appreances are deceptive and I stand as a testimony to it.
14) I plan all my activities to the last detail, me not executing them is a different story.
15) I cannot pose for photographs. I either hold my head too high, or tilt it to one side.
16) I am a die-hard romantic.

PS: I typed this out after my Economics test..
Cheers :)