Thursday, December 4, 2008

16 Random Things About Me

Tagged goes the topic.
Here are my 16 random things.

1) Paathshala has been my ringtone for over a year.
2) I screwed up my economics paper today.
3) I have the most common name.
4) I pray every morning.
5) I had a crush on this guy in my school, who looked just like Harry Potter.
6) I am superstitious.
7) I plan to christen my laptop, "Harry Potter" thanks to the number of scratches on it.
8) I can't stand people who can't make a decent conversation in English. I think I'll forget English by the time I finish my course.
9) I haven't cleaned my room in months. I wouldn't mind showing you a pic, but you might get scared.
10) I find it amusing when 17yr old girls in my bus, talk about the guys they "love", or they've asked out in the last one month. Yes! I eavesdrop when the conversation gets interesting. ;)
11) I specialise in mokka comedy. You have to laugh when I crack or joke, or when I've claim to have cracked one :P
12) I don't talk by default, I talk on demand. I can keep my mouth-shut for as long as I want.
13) Appreances are deceptive and I stand as a testimony to it.
14) I plan all my activities to the last detail, me not executing them is a different story.
15) I cannot pose for photographs. I either hold my head too high, or tilt it to one side.
16) I am a die-hard romantic.

PS: I typed this out after my Economics test..
Cheers :)


Vedha said...

Clap clap clap!!

17 year girls talking about love is actually ok. My paati got married when she was 14!!

Swaroopa said...

lol !! no issues gurl.. sometimes u can learns things from others bad experiences. so lend yer ear... and am lil doubt ful abt the 16th point :P lemme check out :)gud fr u that u wrote yer eco test n then da blog. not bolg in da test.. i was wondering if u wer sleepin durin da test.. u actly managed not to.. keep it up..

Sowmiya said...

I understood one thing... If u write an economics test, truth like eavesdropping, die-hard romantic comes to lime lite eh :)