Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eggjaminasuns.. The Anna Univ Way.

Eggjams.. Aka Exams: one word that spreads, fear, hatred, disgust, an unexplained sense of hopelessness. I've lost track of the no. of exams or tests given in this period of 4 months. I've simply lost count of them.. Internals, quizzes, 1-mark objective test, even models. So you might think I've gotten used to the process and am a part of the never-ending grind. This is where you've got it all wrong.  
Eggjams.. The Anna Univ Way.
Anna University exams are nothing but these. They stash a mini-booklet in your hands, contains 44 sides and the real challenge for any student taking up these exams is to fill up the whole of 44 sides and declare to the rest of the community "Have pen; will write phenomena", you might know very little about the whole concept, in spite of this, you decide to spin the yarn and write pages.
The marking scheme, is another thing that really irritates me, Mr.Anna Univ Question Paper setter uncle, we're post graduate students, what is the whole point in dumping us with question and answer modules worth 16 marks?.. Don't you think we need to "apply" all this in the industry at some point in our careers (if we have any that is). I see no reason why we should mug answers, and puke them in the paper, if mugging up of concepts is the very idea behind conducting exams, don't conduct them at all. it makes things all the more easier for us. Nobody really enjoys mugging up answer after answer, point after point in a harried frenzy and filling up pages.
None of us know what to write, and how to write it, allotting 16 marks for a god-damned question is just too much, give us a split up instead, that way we'll learn concepts and write them in smaller chunks of paragraphs which makes reading and understanding easier. We don't derive sadistic pleasure from crapping for 6-sides straight with bullet points, assortment of blue and black ink; drawing up boxes. Writing essays is a thing of a past. When Nondescript B-schools across the country are raising their bar in order to provide quality education, why are we still stuck with the UG mode of mugging up? 
I think these people still haven't grown out Tamil Nadu state-boards examination pattern. Grow up folks! Give us something worth writing about. Give us something that will challenge our intellects and a mode of expressing what we've learnt. testing our memory makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever. 
There's absolutely nothing wrong with your subject content though. All we ask for is a little mercy from your side. You needn't teach the subjects, guide us through the process of education. We're adults and know how to handle ourselves. If you give us more of application oriented stuff, we'll learn something eventually. 
When you the people give so much importance to engineering, MBA which is consider a lot more valuable needs to be given a little more considerations. If you people are ready to raise the bar and take in better quality students, I think the over-all value will increase. 
Nobody likes buying local author books, for important subjects and doing a typical one night stand before the exam. Any post graduate study course requires more respect than what it receives now.
To attempt an Anna University End-Semester-Examination.
Materials Required: 
Hall-ticket, Identity card, 44-page booklet, blue and black pen, pencils, spare pencils, eraser, scale. 
->Your mission of filling answer sheet begins at 10.00AM and you need to write until 1.00PM in order to create that hype. I too can write syndrome.
->You need not know anything in the paper, knowing a few lines about the concept, and a couple of key-words will do the trick
->The real challenge lies in filling up the papers.
->If you can write 6-sides straight for an answer you can be rest assured that you’ve cleared it.
-> Treat your answer sheet like a blog post. Let your creativity flow in the form of paragraphs, points, graphs and figures.
->Copying is impossible so trust your rote memory.
Conclusion: Never stop until you have given the best to all your answers. Time-management is the concept with “management” in it. For the rest of your answers; Creativity rules.
Tips for clearing Anna University Eggjams:
 ->Start ten-days before the exam. Serious prep begins only in the study holiday allotted before the exam. 
->Buy the Anna University End-Semester Solved question paper from the local book-store.
->Mark Questions in the text book (pref local author). Go Desi! Instead go TAMIL!  For more information, you can look up for Charulatha Publications. They're in fact better than TMH or PHI publications.
->Start mugging. Learn point by point, paragraph by paragraph. Colour your text-book usng various colours of highlighters.
-> Do a bit of combined study. It helps in venting off steam. You learn something in the midst of all the crapping and yapping.
->Mug, mug and more mug, Never stop until you're sure you've mugged enough to bluff.
Now, that you know how to study. I’ll better go and study.
Happy Writing :P


Vedha said...

Experience talking!

Sowmiya said...

Perfect Post.... Thats y i hate mba in anna university though i chose due to other committments....... ***********************************anna university and its mba....

sanjana said...

Hi sis. i m going to do mba under anna university. sad about the mode of syllabus and correction. so which local author publications you say would help us. Lakshmi or Charulatha. especially for accounts. pls help :)