Thursday, February 5, 2009

Neat Freak Vs. Neat Freak.

On a fine Saturday morning, my brother and I decided to merge rooms. We were talking about, how his other friends had “kids” room, and parents' room and our house did not have one. Thus the germling of the merger was born.
My bro and I are at loggerheads 99.99% of the time. Be it for the TV remote, who reads the newspaper first, Why did you take my pencil, why should I do your bio diagrams, there is always a tiff. I want to use the computer now to why did you did change the song. The end result of all this is always a war like zone. Neither of us talk to each other for sometime, but at the end of the day we'll need to get back to each other. We sign a really cute peace treaty and say "ok, from now on we'll not fight ok?" and this will last for exactly 60mins before the next argument starts.
It's not all fights all the time, we're each others confidants, worst enemies and bestest of friends. we've share everything from his current crush to mine. The stupid chemistry teacher and my screwed up stats ma'm. There's a lot in common, the music, the books we read (he uses my unused AIEEE books and I use his unused classwork notebooks), now we decided to share the room. now you know why this is a BIG thing really. We are what you'd call an oxymoron, we can't stand each other sometimes and we cant do without either. we grew up fighting with each other and now, fighting for each other. Am his un-named ATM and he's my piggy bank. It's been a roller-coaster ride for 16 long years. 
So, we decided to move his things into what was previously called "my-room". The imposing, "room; like it or leave it", is still stuck on the door. So, sharing my guarded privacy with him was something which was unthinkable previously. Some sudden brainwave struck our brains, and we sat down and discussed the possibilities of the "merger". My folks were dead against it. When you have two brats in the same room, managing trouble becomes tougher. After a long haul of arguments and convincing sessions, my dad finally agreed. But it was on us to move the things around in the room. 
Pre-merger: My room looked like a war savaged zone. there was no way you could enter, without tripping on a few books or gliding on sheets of paper. My clothes were dumped on one end of the bed. My books stood like a tall building on a chair. At any given point, you could find, a half-read novel lying on the pillow, my college books lying untouched beside it. food is an add on and blaring music from the computer. My mom affectionately called it, a "pig-sty".
This is how we went about the process:
Step-1: Adi decided to bring his "people" along with him. By people I mean his posters. He's got this strange fetish of ripping off pictures from Sportstar every week and sticking them across the doors. He decided to bring them into his new room. I had to do the job of pulling them off and re-sticking them in my room.
Step2: This was the toughest. Moving things about the room. I had to push the bed to the other side of the room, the computer table to where the bed was, and move in his study table. I could have put these pictures on NDTV's Scope for Improvement show.
Step3: Was arranging the items. His table looked the neatest and my table aka the bed was its usual self.
How things have changed: I now wake up to Dayle Steyn and Kevin Peterson. The bathroom door has Kimi Raikonen and other arbit folks adorning the other door. A stray football and a couple of cork balls lie in the middle of the room; their original place is the study table.  Our room looks pretty clean now. Much much cleaner than what it was before. It's clean thanks to my bro. It has also become a no-paper zone. Every evening when I come back from college, am instructed to put my BL on the rack and not on the floor. No stray clothes either.
Major disadvantage is, my privacy seems to be lost. All his perfumes and gels occupy a place on my side table. Every now and then, am threatened to "clean-up" the room. 
Advantages: I get to listen to some real time gossip. Everytime I overhear him on the phone, I seriously think there exists a generation-gap between us. I have talking company! Yes, I bug him with my incessant torture now. Has built a really strong fevibond. Discussions sessions can be easily conducted by simply shutting the door. I cant think of too many advantages :P.
The best thing and the worst thing about the room merging concept is. My room is no more called the “pig-sty”, it has lost its original charm and identity. Good thing! Its super clean and super nice to look at :D 

PS: Don't mind the structure of the post. My Anna-univ hangover hasn't worn off yet.


Vedha said...

Wow! I'm def dropping in ASAP to look at the after effects of the merger!

And, tell ur brother- Kevin Pieterson is such a loser. Ask him to have 9-wins-in-a-row MSD on the wall!!

munchkin said...

:-) he he!!! :) sibling fights are the best ever drama ever! :)

Supraja said...

:D.. i share lot of similar feelings and memories..

Anonymous said...

truce between u both?!!! BREAKING NEWS...

sow k