Monday, March 2, 2009


Dilli 6, a movie which should ideally strike a chord with every Indian, but it fails to do so. The movie tracks down the changes in mindset of an American Born Desi, who comes back to his roots because his Grandmom wants to spend her last days in the place where she grew up. A really cute concept I would say.

Reminds me of my yearly vacation trip to Bombay. It's an overwhelming feeling, when everybody seems to recognise you, asks you how you doing, you become the apple of their eyes for solid one month. Soak in the good things and all the attention that comes your way. I loved every bit of the limelight. 

Delhi-6 is something on similar lines, only that the boy is a bit more grown up; he's overawed by the culture shock, questions the beliefs of people, and comes across situations that he's never faced in life. That's about it. There are no more cute moments in the story. The first few minutes are the best from the movie. The rest of it is just a drag. 

Roshan is your typical American-Born-Confused-Desi, who cannot speak American accented English. Dude, you should have attended some call-center accent training program. Those people pass off their American accent with better ease and elan. I kind of liked Bittu's character, seemed quite similar to anybody's. Especially in places where she wants to follow her dreams. Fly away from the nest. Be herself. It's more filmy than real here.

There's  Kala Bandar, who has every right to claim that he is the hero of the movie. How this Kala Bandar binds the people of Chandni Chowk and make them realise how ignorant they've been can be called the crux of the story. There's a regular love story running parallel. Bittu-hates-Roshan-then-falls-in-love-with-him. The usual "main tere bina jee nahi sakta" crap. Duh!! Lovemaking scene sans the people, only legs and a remote control which indicates the work in progress. 

These are some moments in the movie which are really captivating. Hindu-Musliim unity which is first highlighted in the movie, then they fight over the Kala bandar, they unite and accept each other. How policitians use this as an easy weapon and manipulate emotions. Kids who want to become "men". Untouchability is still prevalent in our soceity.  The lighting and cinematography are just out of the world. The movie is a briliant visual treat. Capturing the old world charm where life still goes on at a snail's pace. But somewhere in the process of recreating the magic, the soul of the movie is lost.

What could have otherwise been a real soul-stirring movie, becomes just another movie.

The end of it is a very nice fairy tale ending "Happys Endings!"
Fighting brothers unite. Hindus and Muslims become one again!
Roshan goes to Heaven meets his Grandpa and comes back alive. 
I shut my laptop and went back to sleep!

Moral of the story: there is a kala bandar in all of us, we should learn to fight him out. When we win against the Kala Bandar, we are happy again. 

I really wish somebody makes a movie like this one Madras + the aroma of steaming hot filter kaapi and the scenes which really make up the place.
The best part of the whole movie is Masakali! The little pigoen dances better than Sonam Kapoor. 


Vedha said...

Original moral of the story:

Sandhya watched a pirated version of the movie on HER LAPTOP! POLICCCCCCCCEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Supraja said...

cool review.. but havn watched the movie yet.. so not able to relate to much of it.. but i had a diff framework of the movie in head.. and your review has kindled my interest to watch it desparately

sowmyak said...

bakwaaas no 1! thank u, u saved me!