Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Womens Day

Happy Womens Day!

Here's to the women who've been a part of my life.

Disclaimer: My Amma does not form a part of this list because, she is an indispensible part of my life, and that goes with out saying.

Benchmates since class-4. Hasn't changed much, except for a few value-additions here and there (including size). This tiny girl, is my first "official" friend. We fight, argue, sometimes even hate each other. But there is something, that brings us back together. Am so glad that it exists. My mummy-jaan, instant cheer-pill, agony aunt. She's irreplaceable. So much fun to hang around with. Brings an instant bout of happiness, wherever she goes. My God sent guardian angel. A long and wonderful journey. She is Sowmya!

Exam at 8, it's 7.45 and you are running late. She is the ONLY person who can drive you from Adyar to Nugambakkam in 10mins flat. She is Sowmya Kumari. Punctuality does not exist in her dictionary. Be it a movie, or an exam hall, if you spot her on time I'll pay a million bucks. Her home is my home and her bike, my second home. Suffers from sleep-o-mania. Founder of the The PJ Hall of Fame. Sample this: "Sandy, you have the awaaz, I have the sur and taal. We'll make a brilliant singing sensation!" Fellow math hater- right from quadratic equations in class 8 to Quantitative Aptitude, we hate anything with numbers. It's difficult to get her angry, and if you do, welcome to her wrath! My support system.

Tiny Microscopic Organism, you have seen her buzzing around the campus, the trademark voice and unmistakable grin. Cat-walk storms out of a room when she's angry. Our brain functions the same way. Has a strange fetish for computer languages, programming whiz-kid. 3yrs in MOP would have been unimaginable without this girl's constant JIT techniques. Has a calculating brain which keeps ticking all the time. Fricking perfectionist. Loves the mirror, will comb her hair a 100 times in the class. Will baby talk you to death. She is the Supreme-Ego, She is Satya.

She was the enthu-pattani of my class. Social networking queen. A new site comes up and there will be an invite for the very next day. No activity list is ever complete without her anagram. Her full name is longer than her. Jumps at anything which requires creativity. Room nos, 14, 12 and 16 are filled with this girl's constant yapping and never ending laughter. Wannabe Lady Ankit Fadia. She is Alu Paratha Aka Alvia.

Speaks three languages at one go. You cannot differentiate between either. Fellow chatterbox and non-stop nonsense. Wonder if she ever manages to keep her quiet. Sadness is never a part of the package. Wonderful friend. Planner of all the gang-meetings. She can pull you out of shit with her gyaan which goes beyond the three worlds. Super duper fun to have around. Does mind reading when you least expect her to. Masti-Bhari Pari-$uN$hInE is the name. People in this part of the world, know her as Sindhu.

Fellow accused. We're 100% sure that we'll never get married thanks to our extremely choosy attitude. She goes by the line, never judge a book by the cover. I am so glad to have looked beyond the cover. Entertainment factory. very practical, super talented. Swears by never say die. It's that spirit that keeps her going. Thinks on similar lines. Does everything with an undying passion and dedication. There's so much to learn from this little girl. Queen of Multitasking. She is Vedha.

The above mentioned women, are not superwomen. There are similarities, and glaring differences. So many people have come and gone, but these girls have stayed on. I can be who I am. No pretensions, no attitude, I needn't look my best and put my best foot forward with them. They accept me the way I am, no implied conditions.
To the the rest of the world, they're just people.
To me they make up my tiny little world.


Alvia said...

Thankooo Thankooo Thankoooo.....

I'm seriously honoured...i no such big words doesn't fit on mE...Yet i mean it...:)

Thanxz apart, Well 4 all dat special place we've hold in Ur life, it wouldnt have been possible if not 4 the Insanely Beautiful hr8 of urs dat Let us nd Made us stay..!

Love You Loadz...Huggoz..Be happy & Crazy as alwayz :)

Alvia aka alu paratha :)

Satya said...

WOW!! im dumbstruck!! and honoured!! it was so so nice of u to do this. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF :)

Love You and Thanks...for really out of words..

hugs and kicks up d dash,

Satya said...

still sniffing

Sowmya said...

Sandhya thanks di love you! Muah!

Vedha said...

ey.. which Vedha are you talking about??? Because except for the not-getting-married part, nothing else makes me think of me! Undying passion and dedication? Sandy! I am laughing!

and how dare you call me 'little girl' GRRR.

And you forgot to mention the cliche for me - "Last but not the least"

*Still laughing* (and Satya gets irritated cuz she is sniffing)

Lowe you Vannanthurai Rowdy!!

Satya said...

heyy..Vedha baby nice pic

ps: my apologies to sandy for using her blog as communication channel :D

Supraja said...

awww.. that was a damn sweet post!! :)

Vedha said...

Satya!! Thankies :-)

Sowmiya said...

What about ur mom? She is not staying with you? For so many years she has been with u only na??

Sandhya said...

@ Sowmya, Disclaimer added.

sowmyak said...

oye..i liked quad-rats yaar!! sachi!!

sowmyak said...

thanks yaar!! yeh article mere par udhar raha....

prithip kumar said...

Hey Friend, I dont know who you are but my sweet friend sindhu gave ur bolg address to check the post abt her:p what you said about her is perfect and even i often laugh abt the way she uses tri-language. And offcourse she is a real chatterbox and seldom give chance for others to speak :p

---- Prithip Kumar

kannan said...

I thought it would be be boring to have only girls as friends.. ( being a girl, that is!)