Saturday, March 28, 2009

Job Sites

What do, naukri, monster, times job, and shine have in common? All of them are job sites. All of them assure, high paying jobs. Tag lines say, your job search ends here. Their services include, making your resume visible to potential employers, Give you job messenger services which provide you with the "apt" job. They even offer to build a world-class resume which will attract the companies on top of the ladder. a mailing list of prospective companies you can apply to. Mails like "Sandhya, are you in the right job?"; are not very uncommon. I am a registered a member in the sites. if all their antics are meant to be true, I'd have a job by now.

At any given visit to their websites, you will be stunned to see so many different companies, but the unfortunate truth is nobody wants to hire people. The fun part is - I get half a dozen mails from companies, which are absolutely unknown, unseen and unheard of. They practically inundate your inbox. Most of it looks like spam. All of them give me amazing job opportunities. The best of all come in the form of front-office executives, and sales jobs. A lot of random job offers from company which are not hiring. Satyam hiring freshers is one mail that I receive every now and then.

Their advertising techniques are worth making note of. I am not completely against these job sites. I have received some genuine calls from Infosys, Wipro and TCS. But most of them are so stupid that you don't even feel like opening their mails. They are more dubious than reliable. Yet they lure 1000s of job aspirants to post their resume, promising the moon.

On an average, I get some 4-5 calls from these people every week. Usually I cut them off when they sound stupid. But I don't hang up on every call, you never know who wants to recruit. Most of these calls are welcome breaks, on a monotonous day, with their brilliant desi-call center accents, making job offers you simply cant resist.

Recently I got a call from some consultancy in Bangalore. The lady was quite engaging. She was looking for MBA's, for marketing some electronic goods. Now it was getting interesting. I listened to all her bullshit. ( I was expecting, an LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, or BPL). finally she dropped her bomb, "Madam, we are looking for people to do sales in an electronic goods showroom." It was a moment of sheer disbelief! Dint know that this lady wanted me to do over the counter sales. Had she mentioned the selling part earlier on, she would have heard a beep sound on the other side.

Wonder how these people come up with such amazing offers. Next in the line I guess is selling soaps in departmental stores, I see myself doing a "saundarya sabun nirma jig", in a bathtub filled with rose petals, if my figure permits. How bout condoms? I can add a mention in my resume stating "created awareness in safety measures". I have plans of dropping off my resume at one of the FG stores in Chennai. There I will do selling of hair clips and rubber bands. Make people test perfumes, then make them smell coffee beans and put them through the ritual again.

I agree that selling is a part of marketing. Selling is fun when you can convince your customer. But am the last person who can convince anybody to buy my stuff. I can give you ideas, but sales is really not my cup of tea. I don't want to be a sales-girl.. Please..

Job offers anybody?


Vedha said...

Ayyo da.. ONLY today.. like a few hrs back.. after a lot of contemplating.. i posted my resume in !! im removing it in like a minute!

Supraja said...

all of us seem to be havin "gaand" days!!

kannan said...

Not much idea abt job sites.. never saw them!