Monday, April 13, 2009

Face-off with Facebook!

After Orkut, Facebook seems to have become the next best thing on the Social-Networking Arena. (I can see you yawn already). Social networking sites haven't been my best friends. Every day a new site crops up, and it floods my inbox with half a dozen requests. I don’t politely reject them, I simply click on GMail's "report spam" option.

Am not a networking averse, I was an addict probably when the whole thing was brand new. Orkut gave you a new insight into what you had never seen before. I was happy signed into. Since the whole thing was new, it created a buzz, people fought over the testimonials written, the more the merrier concept. The scrapbook was open to the whole world, so were the albums.

Things changed. Security issues cropped up, the albums, scrapbooks, and testimonials were all locked. That was a good sign for people like me, who are born scary-cats. Every time I put a new picture in my album, my sister used to send me a threat disguised as an SMS, "you better take that picture off now!” I had no intentions of opening up to the public. There's not much of a choice when you are 19 yr old, you simply abide by requests and threats alike. I stuck to putting up weird pictures in albums; my most celebrated nasty looking bedroom was in my album at one point.

Slowly but steadily, the addiction soon began to wear off... My scrapbook count did not matter, nor did the no of friends or testimonials. The only advantage with these networking sites is, you can keep in touch with people. Once in a while send them a scrap, and ask about their whereabouts. When you are really bored, you can check out the communities, laugh at the profiles, and sign out. I really wonder if you still need them when you have their email Ids and mobile numbers. Sending an SMS is as easy as scrapping them.

When I was in the de-addicted process, there came another monster called facebook came in my way to de-throne me from my I-Will-Not-Join-Another-Networking-Site-Stand.
I can put up with Orkut, in fact I have a mild liking towards it, I changed email id's but I still kept my Orkut profile for senti's sake. I could feel no such thing with Facebook. I wasn't game for another networking site.

Sometime back, a friend asked me "are you on FB?” I was like what!?!" OH, you mean Facebook? So, to accept the request on demand, I logged in.
There is something I really hate about the networking site. One it hangs too often, two; there is seems to be an eternal information overload. So much information that you don’t need. XYZ took the, which shitty planet you were born in quiz. Somebody has challenged you to a mob wars. When will you die, what kind of a kisser are you? (A sloppy one, I know!) three; it's all in the open. If you wake up in the wrong side of the bed, you are asked to mention it. Its not what I am interested in. Orkut on the other hand, has this bonding or so I feel. That was the first networking site I joined. Facebook to me is like the Gen-Y with the generation gap; loud and brash.

After I logged in, I wanted to inflict some torture on the other Non-facebook souls, in my contact list. To my surprise I found people whom I wanted to lose touch with, through the "friend finder". Yeah, lots of people find me from this medium. I did the same. Added all of them and signed out with a satisfied grin!

God forbid! I mean, its such a pain. I don't need to be socially viable. I like some amount of privacy. There's a small space which says "tell the world, what you are doing!" No, I don't want to. I am a bit of a recluse and will be so no matter how many more networking sites want to have me as a member. There are ads all over the place inviting you to join in the fun. Everybody is into some activity or the other. I know friends who log into facebook and don't log out for hours together. I see / feel no such addiction.

They say fb is safer than Orkut, you can upload photos, watch videos and do all the shit you did on Orkut. When it becomes a safer haven, the whole party joins in. Everybody wants to be seen / heard. Whats the whole fuss about it?! Does it even matter to me if you have constipation or you broke up? Unless you are really close to me, I really don't care. I refuse to join in the networking bandwagon. Am happier this way. Blissfully unaware all the chaos around me. I choose to stay away from networking sites.

Peace Out!


kannan said...

Exactly my feelings.. there is no privacy at all!
Hence i hardly use them now a days..
(you lose more friends than u gain.. !)
Facebook i remember joining it.. but never used it.. so is for hi fi, linkedin and what not..
I like simple yahoo messenger or gmail chat..
Only prob sometime my wife catches me.. but some how i manage!

sowmyaK said...

facebook can be fun if u ignore the annoyin some of the quizzes can be really silly n funny! thts the whole idea....have fun!!
but i also agree its fussy!!

fourthsensesamayal said...

Hey dear. I have nominated you for an award. Check my blog and take it from there.. :)

Anonymous said...

good point, with the increasing number of weird applications that are probably fancy as a group but may seem odd when it comes to a matter of personal network space.

nice write up!

Vedha said...

I so know..i refused to join orkut till i came into college...and everybody started asking "u r NOT in orkut!??!" sigh. i had to join in then. call it peer pressure!

But i joined facebook for a different reason... i found a lot of my penpals online. As such, orkut is primarily popular in our country, and u get all sorts of locals here, but facebook is more an international community, so yea.. i found my friend Chihiro from Japan, Pelin from Turkey and Yasmin from Egypt...all of them old penpals who i lost touch with. And i so love facebook for that!