Sunday, April 5, 2009

Graduate Glory

In june 2007, after a pathetic Internship-II presentation, an obviously taken aback HOD, thanks to the"fuck-off!" look on my face, told me "Lets see how you get with your degree!"

Here's how...

Having grown on a staple of Hindi and Tamil flicks, where Graduation Days were associated with long black robes, a funny looking cap, lots of people around the campus. The throwing of certificates in the air and a declaration "I have arrived!” Well, I did none of the above mentioned. Mine was supposed to be a grand family affair, reduced to just the two of us a week before the d-day.

On the D-day my mom tried inflicting her cost-cutting measures on me. That dint seem to work out, thanks to the Saree draping ceremony which took longer than usual, and the punctuality levels we maintain. The reporting time was 8, (MOP time=9.00). We left home at 8.15, all the while I was doing a jugglery of holding my bag, keeping my hair in place and making sure the saree was not flying in all directions!

When you belong to MOP, there are some things you need to be contended with. Organization and planning topping the list. The venue is chosen, the invitations are sent out. Their job ends there. I still wonder how this college has celebrated 14 grad-days in all. The venue was over crowded, bad people management. The counters were all over the place, no volunteers around to guide you through the process. After getting squeezed and smashed through the milling crowd. I managed to find where my dept counter was located.

A line of familiar faces greet me. When you meet people whom you've been avoiding, the easiest way out is by "Fake-Smiling". This is how it works, a) You smile at them showing all your 32 teeth, b) Hug them. c)Make really loud excited noises.. "Oh my God!! You are looking sooo nice" would suffice. While doing this, don't forget eye contact. Then you can pass through the crowd, do the same to your professors at the counter. "Oh Ma'm you've lost weight!"

After collecting my paraphernalia and doing my rounds of pooh-poohs, I bumped into the face, I had been trying to avoid all through the process. Yellow saree, matching yellow teeth, yellow jewellery, I came face to face with UV.. There was no way I could escape the UV rays. So I had to oblige, and say "Hellooooo Ma'm.. Am soo happy to see you! You are looking nice" (Don't give me that look.. I really did it!) Keep grinning until you make your way out.

After all this, I found my way into the main audi. This is where confusion No.2 starts. MOP is really good at planning and seating arrangement as mentioned earlier. Now it's time to reiterate on that. They marked seats for us. The only problem was the labelling at the end of each row was done in such a way that even if you wore the best contact lenses in town you couldn't read them.

People were scrambling for seats. I did another round of pooh-poohs. I even took the numbers of few of my classmates whom I think might come handy in the future.

After all the pleasantary exchanging process, the time was 10.00. MOP like any other self respecting college in the country made us wait for an hour after the scheduled time. The program supposed to start at 9, started at 10 sharp. These guys are in tune with the happenings around them. There was cost cutting here as well. The admin of the venue decided not to switch on the air conditioners until the paltan along with the band baja arrived.

After a stifling half a dozen yawns, the program finally started. The paltan was firmly placed on the stage. The Princi introduced the Chief Guest. Then Chief Guest spoke. All this while I was trying to keep my eyes from dropping. Then started calling us in the order of our depts. Boring stuff.. I was trying real hard to keep my eyes open. Slowly the crowd started moving on the stage.

There's another thing, you outght to know about this pigeon hole of a college. The place is nothing less than a fashionista zone. Taking into consideration that most of the population is northie, you can be rest assured that you'll be up to date on the latest fashion trends, What's in and what’s out will be clearly demarcated. No wonder, there were lines of bikes outside the campus every evening..

This year's grad day could have never been any less. Everybody was dressed in their best. Pulsating pinks, Puprple fashion, deep necks and what not. I am bad at the fashion part. So I'll skip it..

Finally, after a long wait, they invited the School of IT to be presented with their degrees, and our was the 3rd in the list. Inching forward my name came at last.. The very feeling of standing under the arch-lights, while the whole audi looking at me ( or so I presumed), is a feeling that surpasses everything! I was all set to be the drama queen. According to the plan rehearsed at home a million times, I looked straight into the camera holding my degree. Grinned. The next thing I did was completely unplanned for. A skip, a hop a tiny little jump and I was off the stage, with the certificate in my hand!

On my way back to my seat, I got bear hugged by Jayanthi, on the aisle! Such a Glorious moment to be hugged in the middle of the audi, with people on both sides! :P. I forgot my row, so I walked all through my rows of my dept, shook hands with everybody.. I may not see most of these people after this. I am not too sure if I'll miss any of them. But this very moment with stay on with me and go down the pages of my history!

Aathaa! Naa pass aiyten! **YaaaaaY!**

Now, I can proudly say, "Daddy, I am Sandhya.A, BCA, MBA (Bar) Daddy!!"


kannan said...

guess its better now at SSN..

alvi said...

ha ha i never know graudation day had such an effect on u ;)

all i could remember is the photo-posing ceremony...nd d hell no.of hi's raised around :P

Supraja said...

i like the last punch!! :P

sowmyaK said...

yaaaaaaay!! :):)

PS: sorry for the lousy comment!!

Vedha said...

Daddy! :P Sesky!

And yea.. UV rays!! Sandy!! U r the beshtu!