Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Dogs In My life!

Before we begin the post, Say Hi to my newest friend :D

This post is dedicated to him and his brothers. 

There are a bunch of 6 really cute looking puppies in my block. These pups are the cynosure of all eyes.  Anybody who passes the library spends a couple of minutes admiring these cutie-pies. I am not an animal lover. As a matter of fact, am animal-phobic. Used to be the same, until this happened.
On Tuesday production sir was solid 90 mins late. I had time to kill, after picking up a finance book; I decided to play around with the pups. Was a bit scared in the beginning. I had never been close to animals.  These pups make you feel really comfortable mind you. Thus it all started. I and a friend were around for 30mins playing with them, calling them names, petting them, then we realised we had to get back to class. 
After that I have been going to the library enclave, during the breaks, lunch hour and every time I get out of the class. When anybody asks me- "Where are you going?", I say "I'm going to the dogs!" :P Such is the lowes!

These cuddly canines are too cute to be missed. Am still scared to lift one of them, am pretty sure it will happen very soon :P

So this is what happened. Whilst playing with them, I was so much in love that I even named a pup after a guy. Even went to the extent of naming them like the scientist in Cadbury's Gems Ad names planets after himself. Subru-1 subru-2! :D

It's been almost a week now. The pups have become a part of my college life. Every morning I go to their tiny little abode and pet them! They drink anything from water to my college's cutting chai. Particularly relish Good-Day biscuits according to a friend. 

From Monday, yours truly will be carrying Milk-Bikis for milk shakti.. :P I still address the pup by the same name. Only problem is all of them respond to the same call. I don't make my call really loud, lest somebody realize the truth that yours truly is mad. Actually lots of people know that I have named this puppy. The one after it is named will never know of this incident!

This is the story of the dogs in my life. 

If anybody wants to name these little pups, please send in your entries. Only guy names please. These pups will grow up to be dogs and not the other way round. I don't want them to grow up with an identity crisis. Am sure you understand! :D

I had an idea of drawing up similarities between these pups and guys. But the idea is still in its drafting stages. Until I post it, you can drool over my little pups, even think of sexy names for them.

Here are the pictures!
                                                                     Tea Break.


Water Break :D Lol!


fourthsensesamayal said...

They are damn cute and ur article too.. :) will think of names and let u know soon :)

Soms said...

See i've been telling you all along now you'll see animals, especially dogs in a whole new light haha no screaming ok :P

Supraja said...

ha ha ha.. damn cute.. give them local villager kinda names.. wil sound cool.. stuff like muniyandi or munusamy or pachapandi...

Amal Bose said...

cute.. :)

Vedha said...

dho dho naai kutti
thulli vaa vaa naai kutti
panni kutti oda naai kutti
paasamulla naai kutti
kuraithal kadikaadhu
kadithaal kuraikadhu
paal rusk thingum
idhu dhaan ssn singam!!

munchkin said...

meri choice - sabapati!! :D
knowing u, even before i could read the blog i figured there would be some cheesy names for the pups!! :D

I wish we had such puppies in our college, I would have visited college daily at least for to watch them play. :)

gitanjali.j said...

Sandy! Checked your blog after like..ages! And they are NOT all boy-pups!! I think they are 3 girl-pups and 3 boy-pups :P I ll teach you how to make out the difference on the 12th. Chuck production exam last minute cramming. These are vital things you NEED to know :P :D *rofl*