Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summing up.

One year of Blogging. Here's a post to commemorate it. Like the cliche goes, I am at a loss of words. Literally. I've been staring at this blank create page for 15mins now.
Yeah, so where was I? Its been a decent run so far. I haven't received too many brickbats so far, except for one post with spelling mistakes. Am sure you've forgiven me for that. :P

A huge round of thanks to you people for reading, all that I churn out. For keeping the nasty comments to yourself and posting only nice stuff. Being patient and running through 500 words odd articles. A commendable achievement, when most of us cant stand more than 2 pages of our course materials. 
Special thanks to Soms, Neesu(esp her patience), Suddie, Sunshine,vedha, Supri,  Satya, Gitu, Pri, Nithi, Alvi, Sowmie and Aishu for being regulars. Also, you random folks who drop in now and then to make that world map look nice :P thank you folks! 

Now, that am done with thanking you people. Let me impart some real nice gyaan. This comes free!

Yesterday we had this lecture, on finance electives and how each one of the electives would help us in moulding our careers. The Prof is the best finance teacher, I've seen all my life. Somebody who hasn't put me to sleep in both his lectures.
Don't worry, I won't bore you with that. If you are a finance geek, you'll know the prospects. At the end of it, he gave us this piece of gyaan which is the best I've heard in a long time.

It goes like this, to be successful in life you need the following Sampaths(wealth's).
The interpretations are all mine. I personally feel, all of us should know this. Not just for career's sake, for for the journey of life in itself.

1) Kshama- Forgiveness. Forgive and forget. If you hold a grudge for too long, you'll never be able to perform well in any of your activities. Letting go is really important in life. Look at each day as a new one and make sure it is spent usefully.

2) Titiksha- Tolerance. This is something most of us lack. Be patience towards others. Let them be, accept them for what they are. Everybody comes with manufacturing defects. Dump your quality checks and look at them for what they have. Don't harp on the lacking
3) Tyaga- Sacrifice. If you desire something in life, you have to let go of a few things that come in your path of glory. Take them off your system for good, and you'll be through.

4) Viveka- Prudence. Be careful in what you say, think and feel. Don't be overly judgemental or opinionated. Plan your life, have a planned document. Try to follow it judiciously. Remember that there are 3 faces to any controversy. Yours, others and the right one.

5) Vairagya- Determination. The headstrong attitude is very very crucial for success. Just by saying "I want to do it". You cannot do it. You need perseverance of the highest order. An unshakable belief in yourself and nobody else. Stick to your guns like there is no tomorrow. Lend a deaf year to the nay-sayers.

6) Mumukshutva- Urge. There is no point in your existence if you don't have the urge for anything. There should be a driving force in your life. An ideal or a goal you should live for. Something should push you out of your bed every morning. You should have a purpose in life. Make sure you fulfill this purpose before you breathe your last. 

The sources of wealth:
1) Hard work: There is no substitute to this. Seriously! Plan-Organise-Execute. When you know where you want to be, you'll know how to get there. Simply add hard work to your recipe. Its tough, but worth the trouble.

2) Discipline: Channelise your energies in the right direction. Set a goal and follow it doggedly. To get there, you need to condition yourself to certain hard truths of life. Give up on a few things, shun a few people. There is no other way to get there but this way.

3) Respect for humans: Equals or not, they have to be respected. If you think you can get to the top of the ladder, by trampling over people. You are mistaken.
This one is mine.

4)Belief in God: At the end of the day, there is a super power that controls us. Most folks will agree. Going by moral science lessons, 2 eyes always see you and 2 ears always hear you. Whatever you do, will be rewarded or punished accordingly. Karma is a way of life.

Enough of gyaan!  

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Wow Sandhya this is some good stuff you got here! Looking forward to reading all that you have to say in the future. Cheers man good work!

Vedha said...

keep giving me gyaan like this and i'll stop reading your blog!

and by the way, i like to listen to my own music when im online :( not Roja song in Hindi...

Vedha said...

one more time u msg me wen u dont want to approve my comment.. i'm comng to besant nagar and hitting u! :P

Sowmi said...

I envy at you actually... Because I didn't get a chance to hear such lectures..and I know Kumar Sir is rocking after all he is MY FAVOURITE PROFESSOR :D

vsk said...

Thank you for those nice words about my lecture, Sandhya. You've picked it all up, which makes me delighted - nothing can be more satisfying to a speaker.
Incidentally your bog on English made me sit up: where did you get this very strong affinity ot bonding for grammar? I thought they had practically stopped teaching grammar in schools, but there seem to be some exceptions like Sandhya. One is reminded of Groucho Marx's saying "I've never allowed college to interfere with my education".
Keep it up.

Nithya said...

Actually I liked the post.. :) good one sandy.. and the new look is nice too.. :)Keep it going..

still_water said...

happy anniversay.. i havent been able to churn out as many words though :P