Sunday, June 21, 2009

Appy Budday Satya :D

Here's to the walking-talking-energy-machine of BCA 05-08 :D
Chotu-Aka-Shonu-Aka-Drama Queen-Aka-Satya :P
Today is Chotu's birthday..
If you spent your grad days in MOP's BCA dept, chances of you missing out on this girl are very very less, in fact it's Zilch.
To know more about her read through this :

I've appdiye copied the testi of her's from Dorkut:

Am sorry for the lack of creativity. You see, I have an exam tomorrow and I better study :)

Here we go:
Milkybar gimme the power!! This walking-talking energy machine can easily pass off as one of those kids in that ad until u take a closer look at her! She is little, yes literally and figuratively! There has been sooooooooo much written bout his little woman that I see myself running out of words as I type this out! Self-proclaimed egoist(you know it better), madness personified, and non-stop nonsense, chocoholic, die-hard foodie & romantic (We'll come to this later), support system, agony aunt, queen of gossip, lots more! Appearances can be deceptive and she lives by that example ! Coffee, conversations and chocolates make up her life, there was another C called CAT in between, but thankfully it doesn't exist anymore (or does it??). Together we've come up with corny opening lines for projects, gyaan on how to deal with situations, and how can we miss out on the gossipping sessions we've had? She can be nominated for the "Torture Ki Bacchi" Award (Courtesy: Shilpa), and even that wouldn't do justice to her!
Jokes apart, you can bank on her any day, any day time, (provided she is not lazing around then)! The laziest creature that ever existed on planet earth after the Dinosaurs is her! You have to be superhuman to actually make her do something, but the laziness factor is more of a passing cloud then a real fact , because at the end of the day, or the semester she is the one who invariably tops the class! bloody hell I still haven't found out! Extremely hard working and sincere, her record speaks for it! She is one of those absolute sweethearts you'll ever find!! I can go on... But all good things have to end [o_O], I cannot lie endlessly..!
To sum it up in one "little" sentence
"Satya tera naam hai aur masti karna tera kaam hai!"

Saty baby; this is your cake.. Sad that I can't come over and give you the cake. For the moment enjoy with your pacifier :D

Many more appy returns of the day chotu :) May this new year bring in a lot of joy happiness and also the best job offer! Hope you land up in a super sexy International Bank and become an Investment Banker :P Once you do, remember the deal we signed: Half your salary is mine, and we will float the company "Women On Top Inc." :P


Have an amazing year ahead

Sandy :)


Satya said...

Ssndy!! Phew.!!
speechless. speechless.

thank u thank u so so much :)
cant thank u enuf..dis is so nice of u..!! love ya babe!!

and yeah v'll float d baby for sure :D
Cheers!! :)

Supraja said...

super cool!! reserve up a place for me in the "Women On Top Inc." cause i doubt anyone else wil offer me a job :P