Friday, June 19, 2009

B-Is'cool' Mania

The topic has been worded this way, with a very specific topic in mind. I saw this link in the Iyers community in Orkut. I was so enthusiastic bout the topic, that I even replied back. Article deals with an investigation of sorts into the credibility of IIPM.

IIPM has gone full out on it's advertising gimmick. Full page Ads stating that they are better than the best B-schools in the country. In short, they say "they rule; everybody else sucks".
The article is a eye opener, with the comments being the best part; you get to see so many people some people talking for and against the institute .

If you look at it from a student's perspective, IIPM is just another institute. Having been through the process of selecting b-iscools last year, I know what the whole thing feels like. I was actually stupid enough to land up in one of these dingy buildings, coughed quite a lot of money. Finally when it dawned on me, I came out running. I'll tell you my story a little later.

There are hundreds of institutes out there; unrecognised by the UGC, they do not abide by the rules laid out by the education system. They function as quasi B-Schools across the country, with an only unswerving aim to make money.

Money making for these people has never been so much fun. Last year, I received straight GD-PI calls from institutes which were just one-building structures. No facilities, no proper faculties, no decent hostels. They invest a lot of money into making these glitzy pamphlets about themselves, pick a few people here and there, make them sit in movie-set like classrooms and click pictures from various angles. To make it look even more authentic they make those folks were "suit-tie-et al" to give them that professional look. My dad made sure that I make a trip to these "potential" places before taking my final leap. I did make a very stupid decision though.

There are lots of gullible people in this country who get carried away by this. They go by what they see and blindly trust their instincts, only to land up in a soup. Not many people are this stupid. So many people walk into these money minting machines on purpose. They either have money to blow up, or want another post-grad degree, or want to spend the next two years of their lives having the best possible fun in the world.

Naming these colleges is also pretty easy. These guys seem to have a choice of words like: business, academy, management, school, Indian, international, entrepreneurship, anything hi-funda you can think of. They do an extensive permutation combination of these words and come up with something very insipid. If you take another careful look at their names am sure you can draw up on some similarities.
They look for budding cities where the Government doesn't ask too many questions and poke its nose into your business as long as you pay them their dues.

Being built on illegal land, no formal rules apply to them. No name boards around to suggest their existence. All they give out is pamphlets, call letters. They charge such hefty fees that nobody seems to question their stand. At the end of the day, these degrees are not valid. Its as good as a toilet paper. Sometimes, I doubt if the security guard at a big corporation would wipe his backside with your degree. Honestly, it carries no weight whatsoever.
The best part of this is, when you ask the people who actually study in the college everybody will give you a very honest answer that the college rocks! Not many tell you that the college is actually on the rocks

Here is my story: Last year this time, I joined a Bschool of the standards I mentioned above. I did a mini research about the college. Asked around people in the city if the college was really worth the cash I was blowing up. Lots of people gave me too many positive things to think about the college. So, I decided to blow up my dad's hard earned money+ an education loan in my name. I spent my 21st birthday in that very campus, talking to people about their experiences. Everybody decided to paint a rose picture sans the actual shit. I went back home a happy girl.
I joined the college in late June, had fun until the middle of August. Then tragedy struck. Along with the tragedy, there was news about the illegitimacy of the colleges and all its claims. I was a very very scared girl. In an impulse I called, my dear SSN SoMCA office. Told them that; I would like to reclaim the admission offered to me. Waited for 2 weeks until my application got cleared. Once I got my green signal, I packed my bags and came back home in the next Brindavan Express.

Now I'll tell you about the iscool. Like I mentioned before I was super excited at the outset. Dreams of leaving home, living life on my own terms and the first taste of freedom blinded me. Slowly, I started smelling shit. The college wasn't upto the standards, the pay packets they'd promised was another bag of shit. The faculty was at it worst! Even kindergarten teachers in a local Tamil-Medium school would impart better knowledge. All their promises were nothing but big fat white lies. The seniors started mentioning horror stories of people getting rejected, after they take you into confidence. It was an out and out frustrating experience.

Am really glad that I came back home for good. If I was there and the tragedy had not struck, I would still have that "hep" gang, would have hung out every weekend and made heads turn. In the process would have an invalid degree. But that was not how it was meant to be. Am really really thankful to my stars and God for pulling me out of the shit and bringing me back to my senses just in time. Thank you God! :)

As an experienced candidate in this matter, I take it as my responsibility to enlighten fellow gullible folks.
Discuss-Dissect-Decide. (Whatte tag :P)
Discuss with every possible person around you, ask them so many questions that they cannot refuse answering you. Learn to read in between the lines. What they say is not always what they mean.
Use your common (rare) sense or whichever prevails over you to decide on what is right. If you want to, simply have fun, go ahead and jump into the shit. If your career means the world to you, and if you value your dad's money. Think a million times before you decide to join these buggers.
Look for AICTE approval, UGCundertaking and certificates issued by the Government which certifies the authenticity of the place.

It is your future, so handle it with super care. Losing two years of your life isn't the best thing ever.

To all you helpful alumni- next time an unassuming Young girl/boy asks you about prospects. Don't decide to screw up their lives by misleading and misguiding them. If you think it is your route to retribution then you are badly mistaken. Show them a speck of light, you needn't spill out your entire beans, but a one or two will do the trick. If they are intelligent they'll pick the hints, else they'll fall into the same pit as you.

All said and done, its really in your hands.

On a very serious note; I really wish somebody conducts a sting operation on all these Bschools. That would enlighten a lot of folks.

PS: This is my opinion. I haven't flicked it from anywhere :D
All disputes in person!


Darshan said...

good post !! another one drawing from real life experience !!

you can go on and write a book someday !!

Sandhya - The journey of the modern day Career woman !! :P

knight said...

"Patch-up an empty garage..train some monkeys to look busy and guess what you have a B-school"
nice angle

Satya said...

First person account. scary.
bless u babe. touchwood nothin much got screwed.

ps: sry for d late fb :)

kannanthegreat said...

Except for the IIMs and XLRI are all the same.. hovering around bottom.. So if you really want to do MBA try for these .. Don't waste ur Dad's money(if its hard earned!)...

kannanthegreat said...

I agre with u totally.. perhaps will go one step further.. If u want to do MBA , do it from IIMs or XLRI.
All other certificates are not worth the paper on which it is typed...

Vedha said...

what ees UCG? i thought eet was UGC - University Grants commission!

Sandhya said...

@darshan- Thanks :P Writing as a career.. LOL!
@Knight- Yeah sure! Bring in the cash, I'll do the teaching.. :P I can even call myself the director of the Garage-B-School.
@Satya- I know girli! :) Feels awfully good to be out of the shit.
@Kannan Sir- Thank you sir-ji for your valuable comments.
@Vedha- Sorry lady, that was UGC-, typo.

sMiLeViL said...

that thing about naming the colleges was so true and funny.. ( i even saw an ad of a univ name Lovely professional university or sumthin like that :D)

and the 3 D's you've used... Discuss,Dissect, Decide has got me thinking !!
An eye opener indeed !!

Venky said...

Really a cracker of a post, i liked it very much. This is a guide for people who are interested in doing MBA