Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Staying at home for 8hrs without electricity? I had to go through that the whole day. The power went off without warning at exactly 9 in the morning. It's not the nicest way to begin a day trust me. The clothes were still in the machine, my presentation was in its infant stages, I had to prepare for it, 3/4ths of my mobile battery had drained off, my lappy had was flickering between life and death. I also had an exam to prepare for. Worst of all, I was still in my night clothes. I was bloody pissed off.

After attacking my breakfast with vengeance I decided to kill time usefully. Started off with reading the newspaper- TOI and Hindu. I read every damn thing from Irfan Pathan's girlfriend news- to some Bernard Madoff being sentenced to 150yrs of prison term. I even read the Young World. I used to love it at one point of time. Back then, Saturdays were the most awaited.

Reading through YW, I saw this article on a small tribal village in Manipur seeing the first rays of electricity. These people are very very backward and have no access to the outside world. Electricity from the Solar energy is something very new to them. This article got me thinking on the things we've taken for granted in our lives. From power supply-to-clean drinking water, drainage systems, Internet connections, mobile networks. You name it; we have it.

I the course of time, we've become their slaves. Literally and figuratively. From the alarm that rings in the morning to the AC you switch on before you go to bed, we've become technology's best friends and greatest slaves. I honestly cannot think of a moment without these comforts. Today morning when the power went off I was languishing in the sweltering heat. I was just hoping that the power flickers back alive. When it did; I did a jiggy!
Sitting by the door, the only source of air was through the open doors. My paati was telling me tales bout Summers when she was as old as me. Mind you there was no power supply back then, India wasn't even independent. But they had trees, a lot of them everywhere. Now you look around; everybody in Chennai wants to cut down the beautiful avenue trees. There really is no mercy. Lesser trees means lesser breeze, lesser shelter and even lesser rains. Looking at the state of affairs our future generation would never have any trees :( !

In the process of becoming technology's slaves; we've lost out on Nature's friendship. Sounds cheesy, but its true. If there were more trees around my apartment, there would have been more breeze. Most of us are not even aware of the natural environment around us. We're caught in this techno web which makes it impossible to look beyond. We don't really care about nature. We pollute the environment, ride our bikes in full swing, waste power, waste precious drops of water. Slowly but steadily we're killing ourselves.

On a very serious note; I was just wondering if each one of us could take out a couple of hours a week to stay close to nature. Switch off the AC, the mobiles and yeah the laptop. Take a quiet walk by the beach, smell the salty air, watch the waves crash, and immerse yourself in the joys of life. What's the whole point in clinging onto the gadgets? They make things easier, but make us lazier. Get off your seats- take a deep breathe in, take a walk, indulge in yourself.

Live it up!

Here is the painting of Kutti Krishnan. I finished this in 4hrs when there was no power at home. It is my first ever painting :)


Nithya said...

Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt???? Sorry for this big question sandy.. I went through your article and the last line gave me the shock.. seriously you did that painting is it???????

If at all tats a 100% agmark truth that you said, I love you.. tats a great work and very nice job..:)

Aana if that is a big lie, will come riding my bike to your house right away to kick you.. :)

Sandhya said...

:D Quite unfortunately yes nithi! Its a glass painting; it had a basic outline. Wanted to try out something really different, next in the line is candle making di :P!

Supraja said...

BRILLIANT!! n 4hrs!! thats it!! u don need us for your business models in that case!!

Nithya said...

hey great job.. so keep it going lady.. lots in store I guess.. will wait to appreciate them too.

Sandhya said...

@ Supri- Danks! This is not my career option though :) You and Nithi are my business ideas!
@ Nithi thanks again. You are me inspiration. :)

Manee said...

Awww.. Unakula ivlo theramaya..

Vedha said...

right... we need to really take some time off and say hi to nature.

u know what i think about the krishnan already.. i replied to ur email :)