Friday, July 31, 2009


On the 19th of July, a bright Saturday morning, only the first two LED’s on my modem were blinking. It wasn’t an unusual sight. At once, it was understood that, I would have no internet for the rest of the weekend. I was quite used to seeing it that way. A regular occurrence, so, nobody was really concerned. A friend was coming over, I had lots to do.

The first thing I did, on Monday morning was to call the call-center to lodge a complaint. I’m sure those folks were pretty used to having my account no, on their complaint rolls every month. I’m your patient, persistent, persevering, regular customer who will not let go until my issue is sorted out. Nobody took my complaint. Again, it wasn’t an unusual concept. I decided to try my luck later.

I repeated the same process over the week. Every day, I received the same response. Over the years, these ‘not unusual concepts’, had become ingrained into my memory that, it made me feel nothing was terribly wrong. They had numbed me down. I did everything; the goddamned recorded message asked me to do. Pressed, every button, waited forever.

The executives were ‘very busy’ for some strange reason. I couldn’t figure out why. I had never been, so unlucky in my calling endeavors. Even if the call center dudes were super busy, I used to get through the calls after a while. I used to start with sweet talking, then ordering and finally threatening to pull off my connection. It used to work. When it dint this time, my reputation was at stake.

At the end of one week, I was an exasperated, frustrated, on the verge of blowing up- customer. Yet, I waited patiently hoping the modem would flicker back alive. Unplugged it, re-screwed the cable, pressed the on and off button. Nothing would bring it back. My connection was dead but frustratingly alive. I would’ve killed to put it back to working. Before I decided to shove it down the 2nd floor, I called them one last time. It worked!!

I was all ready to pounce on him, rip him apart. A volcano was waiting to explode. Accusations were all rehearsed. Sadly, it all fell flat. The executive slowly broke the bad news to me. Their Chennai operations were being closed down. There was some rift with the ruling party, hence, they were moving out. I was at a loss of words. All I could manage was an “oh!” It was all over.

It was time to bid goodbye, to an association of 6yrs. Time to move on to another service provider. This connection, no matter how bad it was, is still special to me. We subscribed to this when, broadband was still a novelty. I’ve practically grown up with this. Screechy dial-up gave way to noiseless broadband.

As I plugged out the modem, rolled in the wires, dusted, and wrapped the gadget in plastic. There was a tiny lump in my throat. Was feeling, a bit too senti. More like pulling someone off life support. But it had to go.

R.I.P, my baby! Hope you get a lot more new customers in your other locations. As a loyal customer, here’s one request, kindly mete out, better customer service. Remember, if not you; there are many other dudes hanging around, waiting for a piece of the pie in market-share. Good Luck!


A new tag from Sowmiya. I should'v taken it long back. Anyway, here we go.

Four places I've lived:
->Chennai (I'm still here)
->Bangalore(Spent say 8yrs)
->Mumbai ( I've spent all my summer vacations there)
I have no fourth option!

Four TV Shows I love to watch:
Ah! Can't think of any.. Not much of a TV lover!

Four places I've been on Vacation:
-> Ooty
-> Mumbai
-> Hyderabad

Four of My favorite Food Items:
Now, you've got me!! Not supposed to ask such a question to a die hard foodie!
-> Paani Puri! I love it :)
-> Fried stuffs! (Bajji, pakode) Anything that's deep fried.
-> Kothu Parotta :D
->Simple aathu sapadu - Comfort Food -Pappu mumman with lots of ghee, fried potato, vengaya sambar!
-> Super thin, crispy dosai + Molaga podi + Vngaya sambar
-> Sweets in general.. Loveeee payasam / Kheer.
-> Chocolates RULE!!
-> Chole Bature and all chaat items.
-> Adai + vllam + butter
-> Tacchi Mummam + Avakkai Oorga / potato chips + Vendakai curry
if there's nothing to eat, then it's got to be - Maggie :D off late- Museli :D

Four websites I visit daily:
-> Gmail
-> Afaqs
-> Business Line
-> Blogger

Four things I hope to do Before I die
-> Live life to the fullest!
-> Make my folks proud of me.
-> Bringing about a difference, atleast to a couple of people.
-> Start my ow restaurant (Hopefully)
-> Give back to the soceity, what it has given unto you.
-> Travel
-> Buy a penthouse

Four Books I wish I were reading for the first time:
-> Anne of Green gables
-> Kane and Abel
-> Love story! (forever)
-> The Godfather

Four Movies I can watch over and over again

-> Mouna Ragam
-> Alaipayuthe
-> Nayagan
-> Mozhi
-> Kakka Kakka
-> Jab We Met
-> Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
-> Monsoon Wedding
-> Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
-> Forrest Gump
-> Just like Heaven
-> You've got Mail

Four people whom you think will respond to this tag
-> Vedha
-> Supri
-> Gitu
-> Sindhu
-> Soms
Cheers :)


I Am Back!!

I'm back on my comp after 2 weeks. First my internet conked out, then my motherboard died. Quite a tragic month.

I'm done with my project and the report. Holidays are almost over.. Another 4 more days, I'll be back in the grind. Final year, I guess this will be my last academic year in a long time to come.

Lets wait and watch!
So, here I am back doing what i enjoy doing..


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I did I did I did!! :D

Okay! I understand that the topic dint give away much, even if it did, it was corny. But what the hell- it is my blog :P

I have a good news in hand- Anna University Round 2 results were declared last night. Guess what? I cleared them all. What's the big deal you may ask- it is because; I had a strong feeling that the financial management paper was doomed for good. Told everybody how bad the paper was, how much I wanted to rip that FM textbook, shred it into, tiny little pieces and burn them. LOL!
The results were Shock Version 2.0!

The website took forever to open, when my page opened; the first thing that struck my eyes were- the 8P's :D *YaaaaY* Hurdle No.1 was cleared. Hurdle No.2 and No.3 were pretty easy, with finance being the shocker! A mini somersault on the bed; *Aathaa Naa Pass Aiyten* to my Aatha, a small dandanaka dance. I was done :D

I'm so glad that round 2 is now over. Much needed relief and morale booster. Scores aren't great, but it's 11% more than last time. Sweat, finger ache and ink have paid off.

Ever since I joined, haven't really been too convinced, if Anna Univ was where; I belonged. I stuck out like a sore thumb. People were already in their comfort zones, it took me a really long time to break the ice and settle down. The results have come in as a respite from all the self-depreciatoin I was subjecting myself to.

Before round-2, I was an under-pressure player- I had to prove myself- not to the general public to yours truly's conscience. I don't remember the last time, I worked this hard. There was this sudden 'jalti-aag' to beat the odds and the system. The Return on Investment, is pretty convincing.

There is an upward movement in my usual plateau graph, I'm all smiling and grinning. It feels good to have come a long way from being the 'I-really-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-here' to "I think I can do well' feeling. A remarkable change by my standards.
I'm super happy for myself and indebted to everybody who has had that flicker of faith in me. Hope I haven't disappointed them.

On a lighter note- never knew, story writing was so much fun. Yours truly is inspired and motivated to draw more boxes, graphs and blind the examiner with a kaleidoscope of black and blue ink in round-3! Financial Management Ripping off ceremony has been put off until December'09. I kinda like the subject now, so don't think it will happen.

It's still hazy out there- but nevertheless, feels awfully good .
Now I'm half 1/2 YemBeeYaa! Until last night, I was Quarter 1/4 ! ;)

Where is party?! Ah! Enga Vootla Party :D

PS: The picture was not 'ripped' from any website, my bro is the photographer :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oye Googly :D

Oye Googly !

Quite some time back, if you wanted information, you did a yahoo search, there was and now there is ONLY Google! It is a pre cursor for anything. A project, an assignment, balance sheets of companies, random articles, arbit info- in short anything under the sun. I’m such a big fan of Google that; it gets a special mention in every report of mine! I’m sure most of us would be lost without Google. I owe all my projects and reports to the search engine :P

A while back I installed a stats counter, out of sheer curiosity. Mine is no celebrity blog, nor do I have a great following. Just wanted to see who drops by apart from people whom I already know. I check my counter, say once in a week, and it throws up funny results. It’s amusing to see, what people actually search for, funnier- to see that they land up in my blog; funniest- I’m not too sure if they found what they needed :D LOL!

A small bunch of the key word search has been given below.

I’m in no mood to put them all in an excel sheet, showing you the results :D It’s plain boring.. So here we go!

Anna univ, Charulatha Publications, Solutions to Anna Univ Question papers :D LOL! Anna University results :D LOL!! How can you even think, you’ll find the results here?? I really wish I had access to their databases; I’ll mark myself the highest in all subjects.

Is MBA in Anna Univ good enough.. I wish I knew.. :P If you want an honest opinion; get in touch. I’ll tell you insider stuff. Not here.

How are papers corrected In Anna Univ - Yar kanda.. What they mark is not always how much you deserve :D

“Is it enough if we study the previous year question paper to get pass mark in anna university examsIdha terinja, naa yen da ippidi irruken!! :D

Semiya Upma seems to be the most popular search words. My mom was pretty convinced that I will not progress anywhere beyond making two minute noodles. Semiya Upma seems to have turned the equation in my favour! These folks who search for it have made it even more popular.

Kolams for Poonal- Lady/gentleman.. I can’t draw a kolam for the life of mine. All I can manage, in a crisis situation is a star kolam :D That’s my specialty

How to make perfect Kozhakattais- This is something I’m capable of doing.. Been making Kozhakattais since, I was 16. Sneaking out poornam is another specialty :D

Lovely Professional University;- stupid name. I really dunno how I’m supposed to react to this! – What were you looking for ??

How to draw aishwarya kolamteriliye pa!!

Semiya Upma Video - I have pictures; but no videos! :P

Careers360.iipm – I have the link :D I even ripped the B-schools from my perspective, very cathartic you see.

Marking scheme in anna university- Muhahahahaha!! From what people tell me.. Filling in pages works just fine.. Not too sure of the results..

Keeping ones sanity on facebook- I’ll tell you very soon.

Insanity comes naturally- to me it does :D lol..

How to write anna university exams well? Dei , overa ille :D

Best of all- Saree draping Videos! :D LOL.. maybe you were a pervert, or were plain bored. I'm sure this did not satisfy your video interest!

I'm not too sure, if these people who came looking for information , found what they wanted!

Keep Googling and visiting. Your results amuse me to no end.

I couldn't think of a better blog post. Brain Fuel Exhausted State! :) Hope you liked it..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sandy Goes to Aapice!

Yes! You read that right. I have been going to aapice aka office for the few last days. I've become their full time torture from today. Yesterday was my official Day-1. I have been to an office before. ( I did a so-called project with an IT firm some two Novembers back). But this is my real-time working stint. It is called Summer Internship, or summers to the hi-funda people, internsheep to me! No, am not rearing sheep :P I travel 2hrs a day; to and fro, in an awfully crowded bus. Travelling in Chennai's very own buses can be a post in itself.

Getting ready to aapice is a nice feeling. It has been a long time since I got dressed. I don’t dress up like a Christmas tree, am pretty ok I’d say. Add that extra dash of kajal, neatly highlighted gloss, hair properly tied. In short, it’s the opposite of what I do in college. All in an attempt, to avoid that: straight-out-of-bed-look.

Day-1 at any place is always interesting and intriguing. When you walk gingerly into the office after passing through a security guard who takes in all your details, walking past huge buildings, waiting for the lift, saying that little prayer before you walk in- is an experience anybody would cherish. Once you walk in, it’s a different ball game all together. Everybody looks at you, craning their heads from their respective cubes; some really inquisitive ones will even come to cube where you are seated, to have a 'better' look at you!

Yeah! They make you feel like some film star only :P! The quintessential apple juice was missing, but I got some real nice Nescafe Coffee in return! The questions can be anything from- Which college are you from, Are you a new recruit?. Some people even asked me 'where' my college was, because they hadn't heard of it. Everybody wanted to know about my work or the lack of it. What I will do to their office- Will I wreck havoc or help them work better. Some will eye you suspiciously, some will give you curious glances, some are very friendly-they come and say Hi! :D

I know, that it sounds all happy-dappy. Now, ladies and gentlemen; I have the shocking news. All these folks in my aapice are above the age and waist size of 40. So don't get really jealous. If you want classified information; well, you can always get in touch :D lol! Another shocker- My chitti works in the same company. It's a boon and a bane. Boon- I can get things done pretty easily. I can meet the right people. I get free lunch! Bane-people might be a little hesitant to come over and be open. If there is a cutie guy I can’t go over and talk either. Let’s see what happens!

Coming to work; there seems to be loads of it waiting for me. I'll be their regular visitor until the first week of Aug. They on their part have decided to get work done from me. I would have explained my project to some 6 odd people who have absolutely nothing to do with my work. I'm not going to type out my abstract over here. For the first one week, I've been asked to pore over files and extract information. My laptop has been banned. I get a nice little seat in the corner of the office, got to help my chitti in her work. Act like I don't know her at all. :) Strict instructions have been meted out to me. lol. Lots of work you see! I don't intend to make my blogspace, a quasi sleeping pill. :D

I’ve been working quite seriously. Let’s say; am acting quite well. I take down notes in a brand new notebook. I haven’t felt a greater pressure to create a good impression. Sitting in the corner of the office and looking around at everybody is fun in a way. But I have to be careful, at the same time. No taking calls, no unwanted messaging. Be the Ms. Goody. Taking into account that most people are close to their mid life crisis, I think, I better be prim and proper. Hope this good girl image continues till the end.

It's nice to go to a place, where you presume your work will be appreciated. The first few days are always the best. I seem to be a queer novelty to everybody around.

Finally; signing into gtalk, getting into the available mode; and when somebody pings, I ping back saying ‘hey am at work, I’ll ttyl’- Ah! What pleasure! :P