Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I did I did I did!! :D

Okay! I understand that the topic dint give away much, even if it did, it was corny. But what the hell- it is my blog :P

I have a good news in hand- Anna University Round 2 results were declared last night. Guess what? I cleared them all. What's the big deal you may ask- it is because; I had a strong feeling that the financial management paper was doomed for good. Told everybody how bad the paper was, how much I wanted to rip that FM textbook, shred it into, tiny little pieces and burn them. LOL!
The results were Shock Version 2.0!

The website took forever to open, when my page opened; the first thing that struck my eyes were- the 8P's :D *YaaaaY* Hurdle No.1 was cleared. Hurdle No.2 and No.3 were pretty easy, with finance being the shocker! A mini somersault on the bed; *Aathaa Naa Pass Aiyten* to my Aatha, a small dandanaka dance. I was done :D

I'm so glad that round 2 is now over. Much needed relief and morale booster. Scores aren't great, but it's 11% more than last time. Sweat, finger ache and ink have paid off.

Ever since I joined, haven't really been too convinced, if Anna Univ was where; I belonged. I stuck out like a sore thumb. People were already in their comfort zones, it took me a really long time to break the ice and settle down. The results have come in as a respite from all the self-depreciatoin I was subjecting myself to.

Before round-2, I was an under-pressure player- I had to prove myself- not to the general public to yours truly's conscience. I don't remember the last time, I worked this hard. There was this sudden 'jalti-aag' to beat the odds and the system. The Return on Investment, is pretty convincing.

There is an upward movement in my usual plateau graph, I'm all smiling and grinning. It feels good to have come a long way from being the 'I-really-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-here' to "I think I can do well' feeling. A remarkable change by my standards.
I'm super happy for myself and indebted to everybody who has had that flicker of faith in me. Hope I haven't disappointed them.

On a lighter note- never knew, story writing was so much fun. Yours truly is inspired and motivated to draw more boxes, graphs and blind the examiner with a kaleidoscope of black and blue ink in round-3! Financial Management Ripping off ceremony has been put off until December'09. I kinda like the subject now, so don't think it will happen.

It's still hazy out there- but nevertheless, feels awfully good .
Now I'm half 1/2 YemBeeYaa! Until last night, I was Quarter 1/4 ! ;)

Where is party?! Ah! Enga Vootla Party :D

PS: The picture was not 'ripped' from any website, my bro is the photographer :D


Nithya said...

Kangarasu :) kalakitel :)

Supraja said...

COOOOOL!! Congrats!!

Sowmi said...

congochaka... I mean Congrats!!!

and no way if you are planning to rip IM PANDEY, I'll strangle you to death! muhahahaha...

gonna come to your home for the party :D

roopa said...

abababa.. A FAMILY PACK OF EXAM HUMOUR :) :) super !! u knw wat..u've got dat flair :) sometimes wen eva i read ur blog, i feel inspired to rite something, not as gud as u tho !! :P gal u rock, luv ya !

Sandhya said...

@ Nithi & Supri - Danks pa :P
@ Sowmi- Yeah, right.. :P We'll see how you strangle me to death :D maybe we can use that book as a party popper ;)
@ Roo-- Aww! thanks bum.. You know what, anybody can write :D You speak well, so writing should be a piece of cake :) Keep Visiting!

Sunshine said...

Congrats Lady..!
meri baari abhi tak nahi aayi.. still **fingers crossed!**
btw, ehem! You promised me a treat ;)
dont forget!

Manee said...

You dint thank me paati :P

Sandhya said...

@ Sunshine- Treat, sure be, just ask my office folks to pay me
@ Mani - Poda! :P Me no thanks you.. You called me paati no:P

Vedha said...

You did You did You did :D

Praseela Nair said...

Many congrats for clearing di..Good post..