Monday, July 13, 2009

Oye Googly :D

Oye Googly !

Quite some time back, if you wanted information, you did a yahoo search, there was and now there is ONLY Google! It is a pre cursor for anything. A project, an assignment, balance sheets of companies, random articles, arbit info- in short anything under the sun. I’m such a big fan of Google that; it gets a special mention in every report of mine! I’m sure most of us would be lost without Google. I owe all my projects and reports to the search engine :P

A while back I installed a stats counter, out of sheer curiosity. Mine is no celebrity blog, nor do I have a great following. Just wanted to see who drops by apart from people whom I already know. I check my counter, say once in a week, and it throws up funny results. It’s amusing to see, what people actually search for, funnier- to see that they land up in my blog; funniest- I’m not too sure if they found what they needed :D LOL!

A small bunch of the key word search has been given below.

I’m in no mood to put them all in an excel sheet, showing you the results :D It’s plain boring.. So here we go!

Anna univ, Charulatha Publications, Solutions to Anna Univ Question papers :D LOL! Anna University results :D LOL!! How can you even think, you’ll find the results here?? I really wish I had access to their databases; I’ll mark myself the highest in all subjects.

Is MBA in Anna Univ good enough.. I wish I knew.. :P If you want an honest opinion; get in touch. I’ll tell you insider stuff. Not here.

How are papers corrected In Anna Univ - Yar kanda.. What they mark is not always how much you deserve :D

“Is it enough if we study the previous year question paper to get pass mark in anna university examsIdha terinja, naa yen da ippidi irruken!! :D

Semiya Upma seems to be the most popular search words. My mom was pretty convinced that I will not progress anywhere beyond making two minute noodles. Semiya Upma seems to have turned the equation in my favour! These folks who search for it have made it even more popular.

Kolams for Poonal- Lady/gentleman.. I can’t draw a kolam for the life of mine. All I can manage, in a crisis situation is a star kolam :D That’s my specialty

How to make perfect Kozhakattais- This is something I’m capable of doing.. Been making Kozhakattais since, I was 16. Sneaking out poornam is another specialty :D

Lovely Professional University;- stupid name. I really dunno how I’m supposed to react to this! – What were you looking for ??

How to draw aishwarya kolamteriliye pa!!

Semiya Upma Video - I have pictures; but no videos! :P

Careers360.iipm – I have the link :D I even ripped the B-schools from my perspective, very cathartic you see.

Marking scheme in anna university- Muhahahahaha!! From what people tell me.. Filling in pages works just fine.. Not too sure of the results..

Keeping ones sanity on facebook- I’ll tell you very soon.

Insanity comes naturally- to me it does :D lol..

How to write anna university exams well? Dei , overa ille :D

Best of all- Saree draping Videos! :D LOL.. maybe you were a pervert, or were plain bored. I'm sure this did not satisfy your video interest!

I'm not too sure, if these people who came looking for information , found what they wanted!

Keep Googling and visiting. Your results amuse me to no end.

I couldn't think of a better blog post. Brain Fuel Exhausted State! :) Hope you liked it..


Sowmi said...

ROFTL!!! sama funny post this one is.... best post of yours lol!

Stomach is hurting and tears rolling down after reading this...

star kolam, semiya upma video.. top of it all saree draping video lol!!! Sandy... enjoy enjoy

Nithya said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

really funny.. nice post on the whole. :)

Supraja said...

LOL... u hav a lot of time lady!!

Vedha said...

vaaipe illa di... how misleading can things get! I also need to try this sometime! But my blog isn't open to public search

Sandhya said...

@ Sowmi- Danks.. Do an analysis of the counter sometime, It will throw up funny results :P
@ Nithi- LOL.. I know.. Wonder what these people came looking for.
@ Supri - Yes! lots of it.. I've been at home for a week now.. Spending time fruitfully you see ;)
@ Vedha- Vaipu irruku.. Try panni paru :P Semma scene ah irrukum. Sitemeter has this thing called Search words.! Brilliant stuff I say!

Sunshine said...

Shuper post..:P
proves you're a vetti dog..:P LOL!!

Anonymous said...

lolz :)