Friday, July 3, 2009

Sandy Goes to Aapice!

Yes! You read that right. I have been going to aapice aka office for the few last days. I've become their full time torture from today. Yesterday was my official Day-1. I have been to an office before. ( I did a so-called project with an IT firm some two Novembers back). But this is my real-time working stint. It is called Summer Internship, or summers to the hi-funda people, internsheep to me! No, am not rearing sheep :P I travel 2hrs a day; to and fro, in an awfully crowded bus. Travelling in Chennai's very own buses can be a post in itself.

Getting ready to aapice is a nice feeling. It has been a long time since I got dressed. I don’t dress up like a Christmas tree, am pretty ok I’d say. Add that extra dash of kajal, neatly highlighted gloss, hair properly tied. In short, it’s the opposite of what I do in college. All in an attempt, to avoid that: straight-out-of-bed-look.

Day-1 at any place is always interesting and intriguing. When you walk gingerly into the office after passing through a security guard who takes in all your details, walking past huge buildings, waiting for the lift, saying that little prayer before you walk in- is an experience anybody would cherish. Once you walk in, it’s a different ball game all together. Everybody looks at you, craning their heads from their respective cubes; some really inquisitive ones will even come to cube where you are seated, to have a 'better' look at you!

Yeah! They make you feel like some film star only :P! The quintessential apple juice was missing, but I got some real nice Nescafe Coffee in return! The questions can be anything from- Which college are you from, Are you a new recruit?. Some people even asked me 'where' my college was, because they hadn't heard of it. Everybody wanted to know about my work or the lack of it. What I will do to their office- Will I wreck havoc or help them work better. Some will eye you suspiciously, some will give you curious glances, some are very friendly-they come and say Hi! :D

I know, that it sounds all happy-dappy. Now, ladies and gentlemen; I have the shocking news. All these folks in my aapice are above the age and waist size of 40. So don't get really jealous. If you want classified information; well, you can always get in touch :D lol! Another shocker- My chitti works in the same company. It's a boon and a bane. Boon- I can get things done pretty easily. I can meet the right people. I get free lunch! Bane-people might be a little hesitant to come over and be open. If there is a cutie guy I can’t go over and talk either. Let’s see what happens!

Coming to work; there seems to be loads of it waiting for me. I'll be their regular visitor until the first week of Aug. They on their part have decided to get work done from me. I would have explained my project to some 6 odd people who have absolutely nothing to do with my work. I'm not going to type out my abstract over here. For the first one week, I've been asked to pore over files and extract information. My laptop has been banned. I get a nice little seat in the corner of the office, got to help my chitti in her work. Act like I don't know her at all. :) Strict instructions have been meted out to me. lol. Lots of work you see! I don't intend to make my blogspace, a quasi sleeping pill. :D

I’ve been working quite seriously. Let’s say; am acting quite well. I take down notes in a brand new notebook. I haven’t felt a greater pressure to create a good impression. Sitting in the corner of the office and looking around at everybody is fun in a way. But I have to be careful, at the same time. No taking calls, no unwanted messaging. Be the Ms. Goody. Taking into account that most people are close to their mid life crisis, I think, I better be prim and proper. Hope this good girl image continues till the end.

It's nice to go to a place, where you presume your work will be appreciated. The first few days are always the best. I seem to be a queer novelty to everybody around.

Finally; signing into gtalk, getting into the available mode; and when somebody pings, I ping back saying ‘hey am at work, I’ll ttyl’- Ah! What pleasure! :P


Sowmi said...

Lady!! You can sign into GTalk, put busy icon with status msg "Am at work!!!" that will be sooper scene than being in available mode and say ppl u are at work :)

Nithya said...

Ha ha ha ha good one and wish I could join you too..

And sowmi on top, the available mode is all for a purpose, its to make ppl ping her and then she will say personally say that 'I am busy'. That gives more than a pleasure/scene you see.. :)

Good luck madam.:)

Sunshine said...

If there is a cutie guy I can’t go over and talk either.

Madam,I think IF is not required here..:P

I know there is a cutie guy and you're trying to talk to him..:D
and here you find your chitti as a biggest bane..:D


Vedha said...

r.i.s.h... wasnt that the name? sigh. having chitti in aapice is more of a bane!

Sandhya said...

@ Sowmi- Like Nithi says - it carries more weight when I tell people am busy :D Ego booster Ver 2.0
@ Nithi- Correct :P Idha idha.. idha than na edirtpathen
@ Sindhu- YEAH, right!
@ Waytha- You too brutus :P Adi paavigala :D

Praseela Nair said...

Miss Goodie!! Is it true that u dress well to ur aapice..I missed it. Continue to maintain the goodie goodie image :-)ROTFL