Friday, July 31, 2009


A new tag from Sowmiya. I should'v taken it long back. Anyway, here we go.

Four places I've lived:
->Chennai (I'm still here)
->Bangalore(Spent say 8yrs)
->Mumbai ( I've spent all my summer vacations there)
I have no fourth option!

Four TV Shows I love to watch:
Ah! Can't think of any.. Not much of a TV lover!

Four places I've been on Vacation:
-> Ooty
-> Mumbai
-> Hyderabad

Four of My favorite Food Items:
Now, you've got me!! Not supposed to ask such a question to a die hard foodie!
-> Paani Puri! I love it :)
-> Fried stuffs! (Bajji, pakode) Anything that's deep fried.
-> Kothu Parotta :D
->Simple aathu sapadu - Comfort Food -Pappu mumman with lots of ghee, fried potato, vengaya sambar!
-> Super thin, crispy dosai + Molaga podi + Vngaya sambar
-> Sweets in general.. Loveeee payasam / Kheer.
-> Chocolates RULE!!
-> Chole Bature and all chaat items.
-> Adai + vllam + butter
-> Tacchi Mummam + Avakkai Oorga / potato chips + Vendakai curry
if there's nothing to eat, then it's got to be - Maggie :D off late- Museli :D

Four websites I visit daily:
-> Gmail
-> Afaqs
-> Business Line
-> Blogger

Four things I hope to do Before I die
-> Live life to the fullest!
-> Make my folks proud of me.
-> Bringing about a difference, atleast to a couple of people.
-> Start my ow restaurant (Hopefully)
-> Give back to the soceity, what it has given unto you.
-> Travel
-> Buy a penthouse

Four Books I wish I were reading for the first time:
-> Anne of Green gables
-> Kane and Abel
-> Love story! (forever)
-> The Godfather

Four Movies I can watch over and over again

-> Mouna Ragam
-> Alaipayuthe
-> Nayagan
-> Mozhi
-> Kakka Kakka
-> Jab We Met
-> Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
-> Monsoon Wedding
-> Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
-> Forrest Gump
-> Just like Heaven
-> You've got Mail

Four people whom you think will respond to this tag
-> Vedha
-> Supri
-> Gitu
-> Sindhu
-> Soms
Cheers :)



kannanthegreat said...

Don't use internet .. u will be free of all stress and have a normal healthy life..:)

Vedha said...

Yesh I will, definitely. But I will properly post 4 Tamil and Hindi movies instead of five :P

Sunshine said...


The Fav food list is only long :P