Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Case Study of Love Aaj Kal

Going by the title, I thought it was a movie about “love these days”. Jai and Meera are aaj-kal ke couples. They are very modern, outgoing, fun loving junta. They have career goals as well! Saif wants to join Golden Gate Inc. and Deepika wants to restore old buildings in India. When they decide it’s time to move on – they break up. There is no rona dhona, they smile, decide to keep in touch, say bye-bye; even host a break-up party. Awesome! Point to be noted here is – Long distance relationships don’t work.

What happens there on is the story. Enter, Veer Singh, the coffee shop owner. When Meera decides to leave London to do fresco in India, VS convinces Jai, that he has to go to the airport to see her off. Fair enough. They split, but keep in touch. As time passes by, they start going out with better people.

Here, comes in the twist in the kahani! What you thought would be a happy-go-lucky love story, completely changes gears. A parallel love story of VS and Jai begins. Jai picks up cues from the older man’s story. Although he calls it stupidity, he still continues to go in the flow. Like all other love stories, the lovers have that nagging feeling, even after they part ways. They don’t express it openly.

The older man follows his lady love with diligence and perseverance. Goes all the way to Calcutta, just to have a glimpse of her, she in turn gives him black tea. It’s his pratigya! He is a firm believer, in old-fashioned love adage- ‘pyar bas ek baar hi hota hai’. He tries to drill sense into Saif’s –I’m-a-Casanova’ brain. Said follows his instructions, and lands in Delhi to ‘surprise’ her, just as it happens in the parallel version. When they meet, they’re still very comfortable with each other. Lie to their respective beau’s and hang around!

In the meantime, Deepika gets married. Saif feels awful. Inspite of which he lets her move on with the good life that beckons her, vice versa. Only after getting married, does she realize that she still has feelings for Saif. By then, Saif joins his dream company, lives his life to the fullest, yet feels a void in his otherwise full heart. Other women fail to entice him. That’s when a jolt strikes his ‘I’m-A-Casanova’ brain, that he can be happy only with her and nobody else! (Ah! I know). He flies back to meet his ‘janeman’.

Parallel story, VS, goes out for his lady love. He elopes with her, on the day of her marriage, (of course with her mother’s aashirwad). Deepika is happily restoring buildings. The modern day couple(J&M) meet- decide they will never split and live happily ever after! All Hindi movies and love stories in general have to have a happy ending! They meet at the very Haveli where, VS and his Lady Love met for the first time. There cannot be a happier ending..

Only, surprise element is, VS and his Lady Love move to London, and continued living happily ever after. Now, we know that J&M will do the same!

Moral of the story: All love stories are the same. Happys Endings Forever! Nobody likes tragedy and yeah, Pyaar bas ek bar hi hota hai!


Sowmi said...

I have ta catchup with this movie :)

munchkin said...

but the thing is how was it?? :) did u like it? :)

Anonymous said...

Bollywood or any Indian movies ending are same.

Sunshine said...

You wrote the whole isstory dodo..
Waise bhi I don't think that this movie will make huge profits and you are writing the entire scene by scene story.. Not fair!:P

But Sandy, The last line had something you know, "pyar ek baar hi hota hai" was there any pun intended..? ;)
I Empathize your state!:P

Sandhya said...

@Sowmi- Watch it, but leave your brains at home!
@Pri- Decent flick di. Don't walk in with great expectations. Very similar to Jab We Met.
@Orkut Fun- LOL! Yet, we watch bollywood movies.
@Sindhu- Yeah di. Am saving people from spending too much cash :D

Vedha said...

When you write such OBVIOUSLY spoiler posts, MENTION it is a spoiler you beach!

Chriz said...

sad movies always make me cry.. was humming this song

Supraja said...

well... brilliant one with a true last line to it.. but strongly oppose the statement which said long distance relationships don't work.

Arv said...

I agree with Chriz... though I dont believe he does that :P

@Chriz, nee eppa azhuvenu enakku theriyum machi :)

Venky said...

I will let you know my thoughts once i watch this movie.

Sandhya said...

@Vedha- It's not a spoiler! It's my take on the movie.
@Chriz & Arv- Happys endings is the norm. You needn't cry :P
@Supri- Watch it di. You'll love eet!!
@venky- Your reviews are most welcome!

sMiLeViL;) said...

Although i agree with the predictable bit in hindi movies but this movie is fun and doesn't drag like most romantic films do. one time watch i'd say!