Monday, August 10, 2009


A decade back, if you had an internet connection, people would go like “You have a connection? Oh! Really?! Nice yaar”

Now, if you dint, like in my case disconnected, the same bunch go like “Oh, yours is not working? Sad re! Change it soon”

My internet or the lack of it trigged a lot of comments. My neighbor, best friends, anybody and everybody seemed to be worried about my non-working internet. I dint feel anything for the first couple of days. It struck me on Monday that I needed a connection, because my boss wanted the rough draft. It was 24hrs of sheer restlessness. By next day, I had found things to keep me occupied.

I login to my account say twice a day at the max. Don’t prefer staying on for long stretches. Being available doesn’t interest me. I hate the concept of logging in, first thing in the morning before you even grace the toothbrush, to staying up until the owls go to bed. I see no rhyme or reason to be wired all the time. Random quizzes on facebook, twitter updates, blog updates, don’t really keep me engaged. I like reading a good article once in a while, but never gets to the level of obsessing over it.

I like being wireless! Give me a book or a movie. Add to it a Marie biscuit packet, comfy pillow and a mattress. You’ve had me! Good food is always a part of it. You wouldn’t see me get up from that place, unless I’m pulled out on demand. My mom enjoys calling out for me. I’ve always been a huge fan of books, off late movies. I give into indulgence of the net, only when there’s a very interesting conversation going on, or if there’s work which has to be submitted the next morning. Otherwise, no matter what happens, I’m off by 10.30.

Internet, I have observed has a quaint resemblance to drug addiction. What starts as a fun activity, slowly sucks you into its web, leaving no room for reality. By the time you realize its effects, you are well drowned in there. Social Butterflies will argue that, it energizes them. People get so engrossed in the virtual world of text, colour and graphics, that GUI format has more respect than its verbal counterpart.

I’m not preaching for complete abstinence, but avoid over-indulgence. Do a reality check. (Don’t look for a reality check quiz on facebook please) A realistic assessment of how you spend your time. If you eat-breathe-sleep; internet, your doomsday isn’t far away. I wish, you people, understand that there’s more to life than Gtalk, YM, Blogger, facebook and Twitter. It’s high time you took control of the reins. Catch a flick, read a book, ‘talk’ to ‘real’ people. Develop a new hobby, but get off the system!

I’ve gotten into the habit of passing on free-wheeling advice. Wannabe consultant in the making you see. Staying on the web for too long isn’t going to make you Spiderman. Set a timer; keep a watch on how much time you spend lurking around. Entrust the responsibility to somebody who cares about you. It takes time; it’s difficult, you’ll feel very off colour in the beginning, trust me, it does a lot of good to you! Also goes a long way in ensuring your sanity.

In no time you’ll become like the Old lady in To Kill a Mocking Bird, who was cured off her morphine addiction. Try it!


Venky said...

I really felt like speaking to me, i do that g talk stuff and blogging a little too seriously i am so engrossed to my PC and TV, i have so much love for these two lettered abbreviations. I feel it will fade with time when it get monotonous.

Nithya said...

Absolutely right.. I felt like sandy slapping me.. got to get off it soon.. mom has started her pooja over me for the same reason too. :)

Anonymous said...

i think i am addicted to internet! :) really. I rarely get time to go for hangout with my friends. I will getup early morning and by 10 i will sit down with my sweet lappy :) starts with checking mail, twitting, replying scraps and ends up late night. I don't even have time to read articles. I am always busy online with my forum.

Aishwarya said...

Hey Hi, I am an internet freak to. But what u have said applies to people who waste time !! That is.. People who feel guilty to use the internet.. U can sit 24 hrs on the internet in two ways
- when knowing how to use it
-How to use it not...
I ll tel u how to be wired 24 hrs and gain and do maximum from it !!!
Don write with a single perspective !!!

Kaddu said...

So true! We never even know when we have become addicted to it! I have been wondering about this myself lately... I am among those who tend to their mails before their teeth in the morning! And i have been wondering for quite some time now "WHY?" I have actually missed the pre internet-at-home days, when I used to get up at 4.45, did yoga n brisk walk till 6, have tea with my family at 6.15 and shower n be ready by 7!

I think remaining glued to the internet is just a sign of not having an adequate REAL social life. Not having real flesh-and-blood friends with whom you can play badminton, volleyball, go for walks, do stuff together. Nevertheless, it remains an unhealthy addiction. I'd prefer flying kites with kids any day, in exchange for playing internet games! Only trouble is I don't even see any kids around flying kites anymore! :(

Arv said...

Points well made... :)

These days, if I spend more than an hour on the net from home, I get my alarm bells ringing :)

Vedha said...

Made complete sense. Apparently, a study says that people who have like hundreds of "friends" on social networking websites have no real friends actually.

I didn't want to join any social networking website, and I didn't till I started college and my seniors asked me to join Orkut :-) Facebook is another story...because it helps me stay connected with my penpals who are otherwise not very accessible.

@Aishwarya: Sandy is talking about people who waste time on the internet. (But definition of 'waste of time' differs from person to person') And, I absolutely don't think even Bill Gates can use 24 hours of internet time "usefully"

@Nithi: When you have the entire day at your disposal, it is okay to be addicted to the internet. If you have work to do, and you're not doing it because u r hooked to the internet--- then, you have a problem.

Anonymous said...

I realised this one morning when I was trying to peer at the screen to check my mail at SEVEN a.m. I wasn't wearing my specs, heck, I hadn't even woken up properly!!! *shudders*