Friday, August 21, 2009

Individual Social Responsibilty

Caution: A very preachy post ahead. If you are in no mood, to discuss serious affairs, please give it a miss.

We celebrated our 63rd Independence Day last week. A lot of discussions were on, Politics, The Nation, Economy, Poverty, the fragile Social Threads that bind the country, etc. What, I observed was, a lot of them missed out on this very important and crucial factor. This very factor can rewrite history. Most of us are bestowed with it, yet there are so many people who only dream about it. Look at us - Multiple degrees beside our names, well paying cushy jobs, education in / from good institutes. We look at these and we are satisfied folks.

But do we all know that there is a sizeable chunk of the population which survives on thumb-impressions as a personal identity?

Yes! It is “Education”.

This 9 lettered word, holds paramount importance in a country like ours. A lot of people are crying hoarse about it, NGO’s of various sizes dissect it, huge corporations indulge in it. But, not many people stress enough on it. It is assumed that it is enough if you dish you stats about the pathetic state of affairs. Personally, I feel that, this very important issue isn’t given its due. Corporate Social Responsibility is what everybody talks about. Can a group of corporations achieve what a nation hasn’t been able to achieve in 63yrs of independence?

By corporations, I don’t mean the top brass; I’m talking about the ‘people’. Not many realize that the responsibility lies with us, we the people. No matter how many corporations, NGO’s and Private Groups come along. Nothing will change, unless we as individuals decide to take up the real challenge. Firstly, we must understand how important education is. We’ve been blessed, so why not pass on the benefit to a handful of other people.

I’m a part of an NGO, which works for this purpose. Walk into any orphanage, you’ll be shocked to find kids, who go to schools but cannot read or write properly. I don’t mean to call them dull. What they lack is that motivation factor. They see no reason why they should probably study. The teachers in their respective schools don’t even care. Out of every 10 children, 2 are really interested in making it big. The rest of them can also make it, provided we motivate them, enlighten them about the benefits. Teach them, goad them, and be persistent. They don’t listen to us right away, they’ll question you; so, have the right answers ready. Be convincing, tell them how important it is for them to move ahead in life. Inspire them.

There is a lot you can do. Start with your maid’s kids. You are not doing them a favor by giving them your old books. Make sure they read them. A genuine attempt in understanding their needs goes a long way, in bestowing them with a decent future. Join an NGO with similar interests. Just joining the bandwagon isn’t a fashion statement. Bring in a difference to at least a couple of children. There is a lot we can do at an individual level. Little drops make a mighty ocean. It is our “Individual Social Responsibility”.

Go ahead, and teach a couple of kids atleast. I'm sure you will be remembered for more than your degrees worth. A well paying job in an MNC is worth a million bucks! An answer from a kid whom you taught English grammar to is 'Priceless'!

Jai Ho!


Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with you. Everyone says that India's economy is booming but i don't think so, if then how come most of the Indian are uneducated. This issue has be taken seriously to compete with other educated and developed countries. I have seen children under age working for their two times meal. We people first need to change then only other follows.

Roopa said...

hey, u r right! ppl think it doesn't matter when one individual comes forward to do something, often failing to admit drops of water make the mighty ocean! lets join hands to make our mother india proud!!

rakesh said...

Your post is indeed nice and commendable intellectually ..!! But just think there are millions of Indians like u and me who share similar thoughts. Yet we find ourself in the same soup the time.!! An individual can make a difference yes..but no one is ready to make their hands dirty to clean the mess. One more thing..In a society there would be poor, disabled and needy, along with reach and famous..!!! Wt to do its a society where the fittest only survives.

These philanthropic attitude must come from ones heart. Very few have that heart to leave everything for the betterment of the society. Education is one thing and having great moral values is another..!! Let the children play hav fun.. lets find out a beckham a tendulkar a fedrer. Lets give em bharathis poetry. Not just mere education..!!

If u wanna make a difference put ur heart and soul into it, start a society wts stopping you.?? Pay your taxes..!! Obey traffic rules, dont give bribes, dont commit crimes, respect everyone dont differenciate ppl on caste creed and gender, and once in a while do something good for the society.. Thats more than enough for A individual social responsibility.!!

Just be good do good invariably u would contribute to the betterment of society nothing extraordinary is needed..!!!

VeNkY said...

nice thought put forward in a nice way.

Vedha said...

I agree.