Friday, August 7, 2009

Salad Se Sweet Tak

The topic sounds like a Karan Johar Movie! There was no other way I could word it. My days at office are over. I'm mildly senti, not overboard.
Never thought I'll enjoy working as much. 15days of hardwork, plus lots of fun in the aapice.
The coffee vending machine and the lunch hall were my favorite haunts.
It was an out and out, throughly enjoyable experience. No exaggerations here. I was one of those few lucky folks, who got away with it.

Most of the student interns from my class were in their respective companies, slogging it out. I, on the other hand, walked in and out of aapice, as and when I wanted. There was no fixed reporting or leaving time. It was more like home you see. My Boss, made an irrestible offer of working from home as well.

I had access to unlimited free lunch, a system all for myself, unlimited internet, unlimited coffee, and yeah, Hot Chocolate and Elaichi tea included. Every morning, I reported to my desk with a nice cup of Nescafe Coffee! Hot chocolate after lunch, Tea sometimes. Lunch was probably, the best thing in the whole company! Lunch time was feast time. Starts with Salad, juice, roti/ dosa, rice, two varities of subzi, appalam, curd rice, fruits, pickle and a sweet! The food, was awfully healthy, yummy, and really appetizing. If you are a foodie, you'll demand that your cube be right inside the lunch-hall :D

Work-wise: I had lots of papers on my desk! File after file, huge documents with random comments, excel sheets with different coloured cells, lots of numbers, client details. It was hectic, while I worked. It wasn't that pressure cooker situation. I was totally into working, and was enjoying all the attention bestowed upon me! Good part was, the concept of dumping others work on me wasn't there. So, when I worked, I really did.

My job at the company, was to develop a computerised system, and integrate the departments operations. Nothing technical, but simple understanding and putting things in order. Integrating the system, so that work gets done faster. Finally, making sure, the model is compatible with SAP. Work isn't complete yet. Only the blueprint is ready. Rest is in the pipleline.

I simply can't stop raving about the company. I've never felt happier when my work was being appreciated. There was this sudden surge of energy in me. Was never bored or dull for a minute. End product- The Boss, was extremely happy with the outcome. A 'very good', from the horse's mouth, goes a long way in keeping people like me motivated!

Monday, was my last day at work. I was supposed to get my letter from the HR guy, dint happen. It will be couriered to me, apparently. I left the building feeling a little sad. I'll miss my desk, the coffee vending machine, and lunch hall goes without saying!
I can't wait for January to come :D


Nithya said...

That is a lovely experience.. :) My internship was my golden days too.. :)

Sowmi said...

u missing something/someone else aslo la??? lolz... enjoyed this post :D

Orkut Fun said...

sounds funny! lol, i had to scratch my head during my internship. You are so lucky.

Venky said...

u seem to speak lot about foods which makes feel like some restaurant review show hehehe. jokes apart nice post

Sindhuja said...

You Missed one very Important thing to mention here.. Can I? ;) with your permission..? btw, you ever worked there? You went there only for the lunch and sighting! :P :D

Vedha said...

yea.. Rishab or whatever his name was... :-) you forgot to mention him!

And talking abt food in office... i completely agree..thats one of the best things abt work!!

Sandhya said...

@Nithi -Yea di. It was super fun :) I dint do much of it in MOP though..
@Sowmi, Sindhi, Vedha- Adi pavigala :P My family total damage!! The guy, was just another entity. He doesn't need a mention here :D
@Venky- Yea, food review only!! Drop in to their office sometime, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Azad said...

Lovely experience!
An entrepreneur myself, people often blame me for giving a lot of freedom to my employees! Will direct them to your post next time it happens!

Arv said...

Ensoi the down time :)

sMiLeViL;) said...

kombeny peru sollave illiye.. sonna naanum review kudupain :)