Monday, September 21, 2009


A very random and “it-makes-absolutely no sense” post ahead. It’s mentally challenging to plough through so much of crap at one go. If you manage to draw sense, you can redeem brownie points and get a chocolate free! Free advisors, please lay-off.

Too many people, too many things, seem to be driving me up the wall! No matter how poker-faced I’m, the happenings seem to find a way around me. Wording it the Yogic way would be – There is a lot of negativity around me. I agree that I’m a patient listener; easy going in a way, my stress resistance is at tolerable limits. Driving me up the wall isn’t always an easy thing. I really don’t mind being the counselor; I think I’m rather good at it. Like I said too many things; too little time. Everybody wants a share of my brain! I really doubt, if there is any.

I’ve been on a regular course of Power Yoga, Deeeeeep-Breathing, it doesn’t work. There is too much stress in my tiny little nonexistent brain. I know that its stress, yet I can do absofuckingutely nothing about it. There is so much to do, that I feel guilty about not giving it the right kind of attention. The water level has risen above the tolerable limits. I know my problems and surprisingly even the solutions, the irony is- it simply doesn’t work!

Another round of mid terms just went by. It’s the same old grueling session only with different subjects. Everybody knows what to expect. The reactions haven’t changed over the year. Some people worry about it, while others have just brushed it off. Why this apathy? Because, the whole thing exercise is plain mind numbing. Test is a frequently used abusive word! In all these years of writing tests, I haven’t figured “why” we need them. Are they the “only” assessment tools around? Give me an assignment, an article to review; even a never ending case is fine. But exempt me from these 100 min brain wrecking exercises which only help in ruining my mood for the rest of the day.

Some people, think they’re smarter than most of us. Such people are the worst things alive. A certain ______ of mine, tried to act really smart with me a few days back. What freaks me out is not his thought, but this frigging attitude. If you really think, so are as smart, why don’t you fricking go ahead and complete it. Why act like a smart ass and throw your weight around? There are lots of people like this S.O.B classmate of mine around. These are the moments, when I wish I could be spiderman or superman. Give them a nice taekwondo punch on their noses and see them bleed. How liberating would it be? It would be as liberating as typing this out.

College is pissing off. Period. Now, please don’t pass on that Gyaan which goes like “beat the system, it’ll be over in a while” trust me, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. The system is made of some rock solid material which doesn’t budge. When you try to beat the system, you get beaten up. It’s frustrating in the truest sense of word, to be in a helpless position and watch the whole thing crumble around you!

I want to go to the Himalayas and bury myself in the snow forever. Personally, I’d love to pack off a few people, and make sure they NEVER come back. What I really need right now is a break. I’m counting my days *literally*. 38days to go. Hope time flies.

Why isn’t life something like “As simple as that”. Why do we do a case study analysis of everything. First SWOT it, then a GAP analysis, remember Porter and his five forces in a while. Add all possible complicated thought processes to it. Give out arbit suggestions. Why make a fuss out of it? Why isn’t there a flowchart like solution- Either a yes or a no; and a solution for either option. Why ruin life..

Why? Why drive me up the wall?


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Brand Tag & An Award!

Another tag! Courtesy: Sowmi.
YaaaY! These tags work as wonderful fillers when you can't come up with something decent to write about. Here goes mine!

My Laptop Brand - Compaq Presario
My Mobile Brand - Sony Ericsson W810i
My head phones Brand - I had an i-ball, it broke. Then had SE Headphones, history repeated itself.. I'm unlucky with headphones.
My watch Brand - TATA Sonata. (MSD fan :P)
My Shoes/Sandals Brand - Durable Chrome Factory.
Other Brands I use -
Sticky notes: 3M
Pencils: Faber Castelle
Eraser: Camel;
Paint: Fevicryl;
Pen: Cello, reynolds, even 2Rs pens write well :D
Sharpner: Camel
Lead: Camlin.
Notebook: Classmate, Matrix

Beauty Products:
Shampoo: Dove;
Sunscreen : Lakme;
Moisturiser: Vaseline;
Cold-cream: Ponds
Deo: Revlon, Rexona, Nike :P
Lip-gloss: Lakme
Kajal: Lakme, Btw, Shanaz hussain is awesome :D
Body-wash: Lux;
Face-wash: Himalaya;
Hair oil: Parachute or Himalaya.

Water bottle: pearlpet.
Lunh box: Some local brand, I lost my tuppperware ;(
Jewellery: Tanishq :D
Contact Lenses: Baush and Lomb
Lens Solution: Ditto
Toothpaste: Vicco
Toothbursh: Oral-B, recommended by dentists.
Chocolates: Nestle, Cadburys;
Chips: Lays
Coffee: Leo, Bru :P
Pain-balm: Iodex and Moov;

LOL! I'm done :D I'll use this post before my CB exam to get some ideas..
All you FMCG Uncles and aunties :P or Good-looking guys, if you are reading this, get in touch; I'll pass on my Resume, please send it across to your respective companies, I'll do a good job of Understanding Consumer Behaviour :P

PS: anybody who is interested can take up this tag.

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On an extremely random and unrelated note; I'm making Sowmya Kumari read her first book on Advertising. Advertising and Integrated Brand Management: By, O'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik.:P
YaaaaaaaY! Go Marketing Go!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Teachers Day!

"Good teachers impart good education. Great teachers groom their students to become leaders. Ordinary teachers direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire us to seek our own path. They encourage us to discover our talents. " (Source: Internet).
Going by the above quote, I've had 19years of education, a huge chunk of my life in classrooms. An average of say 6 teachers in each class, if you do the math, it says 114 teachers. Yet, I can think of very few people who've made a mark. A hallmark of a real teacher lies not in the knowledge they impart, but in the value they add to a person’s life. The whole statement sounds very high and mighty, but I guess that’s the real challenge every teacher faces.

Teaching by no means is an easy task; it takes a real person to hold the attention of 50 odd people. Handling kids, teaching them, making them understand what you have to say, and at the end of the day, leaving them with something solid. I think an astronaut’s life is a lot easier. I truly admire all these men and women who have walked into my life, taught me something, and made me realize a lot of other things.
Remember the nursery rhyme: Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips teeth within. Eyes are blue lovely too; teacher’s pet is that you? My answer would be “No, no an no”!. The popular maxim in education says- The topper smiles all the way. I’ve never been the topper either, an above average student, I knew what I was supposed to do, but, I was never the star.
Going by my history, I’ve never been the “teacher’s pet”. It’s not something I really regret though. Because, when you are a teacher’s pet, a lot of responsibility rides on your shoulders, you have to be the nicest kid on the block, finish your homework on time, and be that perfect model student, whom everybody can emulate!

Thankfully, I’ve never had to face such a daunting task. I could be myself in a class- talkative, a little too noisy sometimes; a little moody, unfinished homework was ok! I was neither hated nor loved. Yet, I had a bunch of teachers whom I could look upto. A handful of them who’ve been instrumental in moulding me into what I am today.
I would be lying if I said I love all my teachers. I’ve been extremely picky and choosy about whom I choose to emulate. Call it attitude or arrogance; I firmly believe that there are very very few teachers who stand out in a crowd. They’re the real stars of the education system. A teacher in my terms is not somebody who gives you marks, corrects your assignments and reprimands you when you go wrong, but a person who mentors you, guides you, and makes you see things from the ‘right’ perspective.

Here is a small note on all those men and women who’ve made a difference:

The first person I can think of when you mention the word teacher is my: MOM. She is a qualified teacher, but has never taught in a school (Works in a bank). I truly believe your first teacher is always your parent. My mom holds the key to what I am today. Life’s little lessons, respect for people, dealing with situations, cooking, love of English, reading books, dressing up, my love for old Hindi music, learning new languages, making friends, the list just goes on(Except for the temper, which is my Dad’s). I sometimes believe, I’m a perfect photocopy of my mom, not just by looks, but in many ways more than one! I look upto her, for every little thing.

I love English teachers, to put it succinctly, any teacher who speaks good English! I think this is the single most defining factor in me picking my teachers :P My English teacher in School, Mrs.Lakshmi is my greatest inspiration in life after my Mom. I admire this lady for her simple yet striking dressing style; Mangalgiri cotton sarees, a black bindi, a little bit of kajal. There was this mystical aura surrounding her. The way she spoke, carried herself, teaching style. I mean, everything was just different from the rest of the lot. She was the one inspired me to write. She was an absolute critic, but made sure your article has no errors whatsoever. The right choice of words, the annotations, punctuations, everything had to be there in the right place! If the compliments I get for my writing style are meant to be true, the credit goes to this very lady! I have lost contact with her, but I sincerely hope she’s doing really well wherever she is!

I’m scared of mathematics is no understatement. The very mention of the subject sends chills down my spine. Mathematics is still by all means my most daunting subject. Sometimes, I feel that the math textbook actually taunts me: “Ah! Here you come.. Let’s see how far you go today”. I know many people on the other side of the fence too. One of those people who, eat breathe and live; mathematics is my Rockstar Math Sir aka Sundarajan Sir! At 75+ he still has the energy of a teenager. When most of us get tired after 30 sums, here is a man who can solve n-number of sums and still not be tired. He taught not just math, but also English, physics and chemistry! Every day after class, he used to give us 5 new words in English, we had to do the math homework + this. My homework was always incomplete, but the words were complete! Now, you know why I call him the rockstar. He’s been a constant source of support and inspiration all my life. Be it the never ending battle against math or gyaan, he is unconditional!He’s seen the transformation of a math hater to a semi math lover in 7yrs! Every time I go over to pick up Adi after class, he says “Enna Sandhya, integration podalama?” I decline the offer :P In June, when I announced that I’m taking up Finance as my major, here was a sir who was mighty proud of his bungling kid petrified of numbers taking it on a head-on collision! He has inspired so many kids, and still continues to inspire them. Yesterday when Adi & Co. got him a bouquet, I was jealous. And Sir, with all his humility said “Thank you”.

These folks have been my greatest inspirations! Apart from them, here is a small list of teachers who are the recent ones.
Kannan Sir, Who is the Bindaas Sir, he discusses everything with you. He is the coolest sir in the whole campus! HOD sir, who is the perfectionist, his language is impeccable, so is his knowledge! KasturiRagan Sir, the whole class pays attention when he talks. Professionalism is one lesson that you can learn from him. Talking about profs from SSN, this would be incomplete without the mention of V.S.Kumar sir; He is simply the best prof ever. Teaches us once a week, and trust me, I’ve never enjoyed finance classes as much. I haven’t known these Profs for a long time, and hence this is all I can manage. But, take it from me, these people are nothing but the best!

All of them mentioned above, have made an indelible mark on my life.
Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Teachers Day! I salute all you great men and women, who’ve been instrumental in designing the lives of so many students!