Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Brand Tag & An Award!

Another tag! Courtesy: Sowmi.
YaaaY! These tags work as wonderful fillers when you can't come up with something decent to write about. Here goes mine!

My Laptop Brand - Compaq Presario
My Mobile Brand - Sony Ericsson W810i
My head phones Brand - I had an i-ball, it broke. Then had SE Headphones, history repeated itself.. I'm unlucky with headphones.
My watch Brand - TATA Sonata. (MSD fan :P)
My Shoes/Sandals Brand - Durable Chrome Factory.
Other Brands I use -
Sticky notes: 3M
Pencils: Faber Castelle
Eraser: Camel;
Paint: Fevicryl;
Pen: Cello, reynolds, even 2Rs pens write well :D
Sharpner: Camel
Lead: Camlin.
Notebook: Classmate, Matrix

Beauty Products:
Shampoo: Dove;
Sunscreen : Lakme;
Moisturiser: Vaseline;
Cold-cream: Ponds
Deo: Revlon, Rexona, Nike :P
Lip-gloss: Lakme
Kajal: Lakme, Btw, Shanaz hussain is awesome :D
Body-wash: Lux;
Face-wash: Himalaya;
Hair oil: Parachute or Himalaya.

Water bottle: pearlpet.
Lunh box: Some local brand, I lost my tuppperware ;(
Jewellery: Tanishq :D
Contact Lenses: Baush and Lomb
Lens Solution: Ditto
Toothpaste: Vicco
Toothbursh: Oral-B, recommended by dentists.
Chocolates: Nestle, Cadburys;
Chips: Lays
Coffee: Leo, Bru :P
Pain-balm: Iodex and Moov;

LOL! I'm done :D I'll use this post before my CB exam to get some ideas..
All you FMCG Uncles and aunties :P or Good-looking guys, if you are reading this, get in touch; I'll pass on my Resume, please send it across to your respective companies, I'll do a good job of Understanding Consumer Behaviour :P

PS: anybody who is interested can take up this tag.

And..... An award :)

"I Give Good Blog Award"

Thanks Kaddu :)

On an extremely random and unrelated note; I'm making Sowmya Kumari read her first book on Advertising. Advertising and Integrated Brand Management: By, O'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik.:P
YaaaaaaaY! Go Marketing Go!


Arv said...

this tag is more like a brand promotion :P

nice p.s. at the end :)

All the best :)

take care.. cheers...

vEnKy said...

me and dont go well at all. Most of the items i use are not branded i mean accessories