Monday, September 21, 2009


A very random and “it-makes-absolutely no sense” post ahead. It’s mentally challenging to plough through so much of crap at one go. If you manage to draw sense, you can redeem brownie points and get a chocolate free! Free advisors, please lay-off.

Too many people, too many things, seem to be driving me up the wall! No matter how poker-faced I’m, the happenings seem to find a way around me. Wording it the Yogic way would be – There is a lot of negativity around me. I agree that I’m a patient listener; easy going in a way, my stress resistance is at tolerable limits. Driving me up the wall isn’t always an easy thing. I really don’t mind being the counselor; I think I’m rather good at it. Like I said too many things; too little time. Everybody wants a share of my brain! I really doubt, if there is any.

I’ve been on a regular course of Power Yoga, Deeeeeep-Breathing, it doesn’t work. There is too much stress in my tiny little nonexistent brain. I know that its stress, yet I can do absofuckingutely nothing about it. There is so much to do, that I feel guilty about not giving it the right kind of attention. The water level has risen above the tolerable limits. I know my problems and surprisingly even the solutions, the irony is- it simply doesn’t work!

Another round of mid terms just went by. It’s the same old grueling session only with different subjects. Everybody knows what to expect. The reactions haven’t changed over the year. Some people worry about it, while others have just brushed it off. Why this apathy? Because, the whole thing exercise is plain mind numbing. Test is a frequently used abusive word! In all these years of writing tests, I haven’t figured “why” we need them. Are they the “only” assessment tools around? Give me an assignment, an article to review; even a never ending case is fine. But exempt me from these 100 min brain wrecking exercises which only help in ruining my mood for the rest of the day.

Some people, think they’re smarter than most of us. Such people are the worst things alive. A certain ______ of mine, tried to act really smart with me a few days back. What freaks me out is not his thought, but this frigging attitude. If you really think, so are as smart, why don’t you fricking go ahead and complete it. Why act like a smart ass and throw your weight around? There are lots of people like this S.O.B classmate of mine around. These are the moments, when I wish I could be spiderman or superman. Give them a nice taekwondo punch on their noses and see them bleed. How liberating would it be? It would be as liberating as typing this out.

College is pissing off. Period. Now, please don’t pass on that Gyaan which goes like “beat the system, it’ll be over in a while” trust me, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. The system is made of some rock solid material which doesn’t budge. When you try to beat the system, you get beaten up. It’s frustrating in the truest sense of word, to be in a helpless position and watch the whole thing crumble around you!

I want to go to the Himalayas and bury myself in the snow forever. Personally, I’d love to pack off a few people, and make sure they NEVER come back. What I really need right now is a break. I’m counting my days *literally*. 38days to go. Hope time flies.

Why isn’t life something like “As simple as that”. Why do we do a case study analysis of everything. First SWOT it, then a GAP analysis, remember Porter and his five forces in a while. Add all possible complicated thought processes to it. Give out arbit suggestions. Why make a fuss out of it? Why isn’t there a flowchart like solution- Either a yes or a no; and a solution for either option. Why ruin life..

Why? Why drive me up the wall?


vEnKy said...

I disagree with that test thing. Its hard reality you need to learn to face instead of ranting.

i like the yogic analogy and the taekwondo punch thing enna veri.

soin said...

if life was that simple we wud be just a collection of tissues and bones.. a bit of hormones.. coz its all complex that we have so much to think of.. anwyas 38 is not.. six months to go for

Pushkaraj said...

Because....Life is lived forward and learnt backward. We may wish that it was learnt forward, but the line does not go in a straight direction. Much less, it does not always go where we intend it! So we keep learning backwards while all the time living forwards.

Meow said...

calm down! I thought college was the worst thing ever in my life.. there is more to come! Be ready da :) with a smile... and yeah now am afraid of gettig the punch.. so lemme stop here :)

Krishnan said...

Its really good that u FEEL these things.....its a proof that ur alive......that ur a HUMAN...hahah!!!

Don't worry, u don't have a BILL BOARDS saying "Hey all Problems attack meee"

Every 1 has a Personal "LIFE SUCKS" book..some like me have 2 or simply write in it & move on....

That Taekwondo is a good "CONSTRUCTIVE OUTLET" i agree....

Who says 2 do yoga 2 anything that relaxes u..COOKING,CLEANING,WALKING, CHATTING, Internet ......hell u feel ROCK MUSIC relaxing..then listen 2 it.......

Hell...i have 2 rush...LOADS 2 WRITE today, in my "LIFE SUCKS" book!!!

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