Saturday, October 31, 2009

Farming on Farmville

Sample this: A Lonely Pink Cow strayed into my farm- Would you like to adopt it?

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Somebody was farming when a sad, Lost Turtle wandered onto their farm in Farmville. This little guy was running a race and lost his way. None of his friends are anywhere to be found. He feels very sad and could use a new home

There were cows, black sheep, ugly ducklings, lonely brown cows. People were getting weird coloured ribbons- Farming architects, somebody was movin’ up Farmville. All of them had one option- Play Farmville Now!

My initial reactions to these were – What the Hell! Jobless buggers with absolutely nothing to and they’re “farming”. How stupid! Who wants to indulge in such a mindless activity of farming- Blah! It’s boring. And one day- there was a corporate finance class and a test in international business post lunch. I logged into Facebook out of sheer boredom.

.. And I have been farming ever since. 10 days – 51,000 coins, 4970-XP, 19-FV Cash, Level 15 ! Not bad eh? :P

I had no idea, I’d become such an addict, I’m not yet that oh-my-god Farmville addict, I’m that- let me see if my crops have grown addict. I planted a few raspberries and forgot all about them, by the time I came back home from the gym, they were all wilted.

I never knew I’d come to the level of discussing farming with people- I get tips on how to grow my crops- how to gain XP, sending gifts across. People ask me “how is your farm and restaurant doing”. I inform my friends that I fertilized their crops and ask them to return the favour. I add neighbors and intend to add my junior’s sister and all her friends because I need more neighbors.

Messages like the following have become commonplace – Hey Sandhya! Raccoons- Ransacking my farm, can you shoo them away? Do you see these Leaves, will you please Rake them up for me? These Crows are eating my crops, can you shoo them away? These Foxes are scaring my animals- this is in case of farms where there are no animals too. These Gophers are Munching on my crops. Please clear the weeds. I know it’s mindless, and yet I perform these activities with great diligence.

Here is a chronicle of my Farming activities:

  • I log into FB at 9 every night, and have a look at all my gifts for the day. I set them on my field and make sure I harvest my crops.
  • I plant crops which can be harvested in a day or two. The harvest in 2hrs raspberries, 4hrs strawberries, and 6hrs Aloe Vera don’t attract me.
  • I fertilize my friend’s crops everyday to gain coins and XP, and publish them on my homepage.
  • I’ve expanded my farm twice in the last ten days.
  • I look at my friend’s farms for planning initiatives- I see how they’ve arranged their crops and their animals and try to incorporate them into mine.
  • I make very important capital budgeting decisions like- should I expand my farm now or buy new grains, should I buy hay bales to increase my XP and move up to the next level? Do I have enough cash to invest in a dairy farm – can I shell out 10000 counts and still stay afloat? What’s the whole point in buying lanterns when I already have two on my farm?
  • I buy fences and hay bales when I have too many coins and just need a few XPs to get to the next level.
  • I wonder if I should buy too many trees and animals. I have 8 horses, 8 sheep, 8 cows – includes 2 brown cows and one pink cow. 3 ducks, 1 chicken, 2 turtles (lonely things which lost a race, and landed in my space), 1 pig, 3 goats and 1 ugly duckling which just became a beautiful swan!
  • There are space constraints and my plants are all placed chock-a-block. I’ve been planting daffodils, rice, cotton, wheat, soy beans, bell peppers, peppers, squash and rice. I intend to plant Pineapples and red tulips after my current batch of daffodils are harvested.
  • I have a whole bunch of trees, I don’t know their names- I’ve bought two trees in the last 10 days, and the rest have all been gifts by friends.
  • 1 picnic set, 2 wells, 1 butter churn, one farm-wagon, one white stool. I plan to buy a small pond, water trough and a feed trough.
  • My farm needs some serious farm planning. I have to allocate a separate space for the animals and the trees, push them all to one nice corner- give them a fence and keep them happy.


I never knew I’d become a certified farmer :D

And here is the proof:

A friend who wanted me to proof read his doc, pinged on FB- I said wait, give me two mins. He: You can't be busy, you are on FB. Me: Dude! Wait, I'm farming :D

A lot of my non-farmer friends have been furious at my farming activities; eg: I asked for Gitu’s laptop, Gitu says- “Sandy, you are not signing into Farmville ok?” , Neesu-“You too?, what do you see in such a stupid game” LOL

Ok folks, it’s just a phase- I’ll be out of it in a while. :P

Until then,

Signing off,


Architect Farmer :D


Meow said...

Capital Budgeting Decision??? Amazing :)Somebody is talking finance :P

ki said...

oh dear god, not ANOTHER one!

I think I may HAVE to succumb to farmville :P

SG said...

Nice one. First time here. Finance? I love it. That is my forte.

vEnKy said...

Perusa pesina FB wastu athula okkaravanga dandan, athula farmville velayadaravanga dhandam. ippa paathiya. Vaazhka oru vattam

Sandhya said...

@Sowmi- LOL.. Chumma capital budgeting nu sonna, it doesn't come under finance :P
@Ki- Haha... join the club.. We the Farmers!
@SG-Oh, no! Me and finance?? There were just two words, and that's the end of it.. Finance and me.. Lets not discuss that :P it's not my forte at all, I'm a Kolter lover! :)
@Venky- Seri da :P No Visay padam dialogue in my blog :P

Rachana said...

hahahhah!!.... this is soooooooo me!!... i was so addicted, and i had everyone i know hooked on to it! :)... we even have this sync with the mafia wars, and we call it Milk Mafia - the Milk denoting the cows in our farms!!

then, i went outta town for 20 days, and wham!... when i am back, i lose complete interest!.. so much that now, when ppl gift me, i dont know, if i should accept it or now!... and yea, the amateurs, have all overtaken me, and own nothing short of a country on their own :)

Kaddu said...

Yaar! U were supposed to add me on FB na! What happened? And my God... u look like u hv hopelessly fallen in love with FV too!

LOL! If u hv time, then 4-hour crops are the best, especially blueberries, and later blackberries. Very profitable both money-wise as well as XP-wise.

And try collecting as many ribbons as possible... the Architect ones are easy... just buy rest tents for 1K each and then sell them off after u get the ribbon. For the Pack-Rat, the 100-coin hay bales are the best.

Try to get some foreign neighbors... they are more addicted to this game than Indians as of now. Indians have only recently started it. And more neighbors means more ribbon bonuses, more gifts, more lost animals to adopt! Send me an add request on FB... I'll introduce u to all my neighbors! :D

Kaddu said...

P.S. Forgot 1 thing:
Have u locked ur farmer in the middle of the farm, where the fellow is found standing when the game loads up? It makes the game a lot faster... the planting, plowing & harvesting etc.

gitanjali.j said...

he he :P I know!! and sometimes I get ISD calls saying "hey send me an invite I need to buy animals for my farm!!" OMG!! :D

Vedha said...

seriously....the bug has caught everywhere. i joined one day on an impulse..but i knew i was a useless farmer in like 15 min. so now farmville is in the trash