Monday, October 5, 2009


I had just finished writing an assignment on – How I as a finance manager would advise my CEO on mergers and why a company should take it up. Had this not been an assignment I would happily said “Go ask a finance guy” But yeah, it’s an assignment, it carries marks (valuable marks :P), so I decided to try and make some sense.

Yeah, the point I’m trying to convey is- Assignments and blogging seem to have common thread running which is; you don’t really write one unless you feel like it :D and, there’s another factor- if you don’t submit your assignment, you are penalized; if you don’t blog, people sweet talk you into it and say- write something na :P!

Nevertheless I love doing both; because, it fun; thinking-analyzing-and-putting it down on paper. An overdose of which is actually the opposite of the above stated point. When you overload a student with too many assignments it leads to mass copying. A lot of us actually strike deals- see, I’ll finish sales, you finish services, and we’ll exchange papers ok. :D

About the MnA assignment, yours truly did not copy. I wrote it on my own; we were given sufficient time for prep and I learnt quite a bit. Again, I’m no finance whiz-kid, so I suffice my lack of finance knowledge by using cleverly manipulated words to convey meaning. But blogging is a different ball game altogether, its super fun. When you can’t go about punching people and breaking noses, writing something on a piece of paper and then transferring it onto the webpage is a stress buster!

I’ve wanted to write about a lot of things- it starts off with a germ of an idea, I develop something and then it gets directed into something completely different. The other day, I went shopping, I wanted to crap about consumer behavior, then consumer behavior gave way to people watching and finally it amounted to gossip. You know what’s the worst part of all this? I get accused for writing blogs during a particular class. The comment goes like this “Sandhya, I know you write really good blogs, but I think you’d be better off, if you listened to my class”. If that was the case, you’d see a new update every time you log in. Note the point your honour.

The weighing scale slipped by 0.5kg today! YaaaY, this was after a one hour workout! I feel sooooo good :D I don’t know if the machine is lying, but machines don’t lie. Do they? It moves by say, 0.3 or, 0.2 everyday, but today, it jolted!

My Mom joined orkut! I tried dissuading her by saying it’s a virus, it’s spam and other random bull. Thankfully, she dint find my working id, she’s added me on my gmail account which I hardly use. So nothing to worry about :P I’m just hoping she doesn’t add me on FB through the “friend finder”. I don’t fancy parental guidance at 22!

Guys and metrosexuality has caught my fancy now! My bro has an assortment of “styling products” which have been bought off my hard saved pocket money. Agreed, guys have to smell and look good too. I think any normal guy is better off with a good shaving gel, cologne, nice pair of jeans and a fresh tee, shoes go without saying. But what are these weird coloured hair-gels? The last thing I wanted to see on his rack was “moisturizing cream + sunscreen”! God, where is the world heading to? I think next in the line is; face scrubs, fruit packs and other arbit accessories. Where have the real men gone?

I think I’m done crapping. I’ll come with more a little later. You can mull over this for now. Before I say bye, I have a request, somebody please take the responsibility of sending regular mails or threats; Write a post- submission date xyz :D Will you?

Now, I have to rush! I have a test on Strategic Management. The textbook still smells of fresh paper. Takers anybody :P


Praseela Nair said...

Your next blog is slated to be released on Oct 15 or before failing which you ll be granted another two days extension failing which ....

Deepz said...

cool! as gud as usual...

vEnKy said...

Hey u said u use wifi in class hours ;)

Women are becoming like; men are becoming like women. I too not a big fan those colored hair gels and the other stuff. May be the rugged stuff is saved for T.R and Vijay films hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hehe :D

yeah guys need gel, moisturiser, aftershave and (god forbid this ever happen to any guy I know) Fair and Handsome!!! :P

Sandhya said...

Prasee: Thanks di :P But do you think I'll actually stick to deadlines ;)

Deeps: Thanks :) Keep reading!

Venky: I use Wifi when I carry my lappy to college.. :P And, Im not talking bout "bears". I'm talking bout guys :P

KI: Well, you never know. Next time you meet your guy friends, just try asking them :P

Arv said...

ha ha.. should have been a neat assignment :P

My strategic management books were torn due to heavy usage :P

take care and have fun :)

Meow said...

You mentioned you din copy ur assignment since kumar sir is reading urs??? anyway don't worry .. I'll tell sir :P

My male pal uses face scrub.... sunscreen

V said...

0.5 kilos?? awesome!!! :P but check out my blog at its new address.. i took a leaf from ur book and decided quote "to not depress the soul" end quote... =D

suvarna said...

hey very interesting da

Anonymous said...

Parental guidance at 22, now see that's funny :D