Monday, October 12, 2009

Wake Up Sid

Wake up Sid for starters is the movie about a Lazy-Young-Man; who is L.A.Z.Y. period. Cares for nothing, super-duper aimless, absolutely clueless, all he wants to do is have F.U.N. This guy is so random that he’d give all the random people in the world a run for their money. Life is served on a platinum platter, and the best part, this guy doesn’t realize how valuable it is. Life is taken for granted and one fine day- his final year results are out, and a bolt out of nowhere, strikes his filled-with-domino-pizza-brain. Our man, who was living in vanity, finally wakes up to the realities of life.
How he ‘wakes’ up is the story. The portrayal of his transformation isn't very realistic. But there is no masala, no melodrama. The young man learns it the hard way. The characters are etched out really well. Two people who are like chalk and cheese trace their journey of life. It is Simple, yet striking. Thankfully, nobody performs that typical Karan Johar 3-hanky act. The movie does have its share of clichés, but I’d like to ignore them for a change.
No matter how sarcastic I’m about the premise; I could see shades of me in his character. I’m not all of the above, but some of the above. The movie to me is closer to home, because; in exactly 6-months, my dad sponsored vacation of 22years will come to a grinding halt. There was so much in my head that made it me draw parallels.
My room like his is messy beyond description. It doesn’t matter how hard I try; it remains messy all the time. It’s not dirty, it’s just cluttered. To be precise, the messiness of my room changes with the amount of mess in my head. E.g.: Lesser the mess in my head; cleaner the room and vice versa.
I click a lot of random pictures when I’m studying :P I sleep off half way through a mugging session and wake up with my head buried inside the textbook. Even a whole flask full of coffee fails to keep me awake. I set the alarm for 3.00am and wake up at 7.00. :D I have a fetish of arranging the books neatly in a row, click pictures from every possible angle, my room when it’s squeaky clean. I click just about anything.
I’m awful at accounts & finance, I can’t tell credit from debit. My Dad for one is a chartered accountant. He’s tried his best to set me up with the game of numbers, and convincing me that debit, credit, tax and crap; are the best things around. Somewhere, deep down inside his heart; he hoped that I’ll take charge of his tiny little firm and become a CA. I’ve taken finance as a major to pacify him; I can tell you for a fact that I’m not making a career out of it. Quoting Sid; “It’s just not me”.
Just like Sid’s folks, my folks think I’m wasting my life sitting in front of the laptop and watching movies/ listening to songs. They think I was born to waste time. Regular seminar sessions are a common sight. My dad’s favorite dialogue is “I was earning when I was your age”. I really wish I could retort back saying, I’m half an MBA. But I don’t if it’s actually worth it. He takes every opportunity to tell me & my bro, that he’s worked really hard to reach where he is right now. Good point, but I think it’s every child’s nature to rebel against it.
Apart from this- I have nothing else in common with Mr. Sid. I'd like to be independent, earn my own money, work for a great marketing company, do branding and new product development. I just hope, a day comes when I can handover my first pay-check to my folks and say this is for you :D And I'm not becoming a Chartered Accountant. Never.
On the whole; I loved the movie. Most of us around are a lot like Sid. Some of us realize it and try to mend our ways, while others live-it up the way they want to!

Verdict: Wake up Sid- A lot like me!


Eowéniel said...

Oye..great post ya!..I think there's a Sid lurking in all of us..somewhere deep down..just that it is a bit more pronounced in certain people..but then its a cute, lovable character :D nice post, and hilarious comparisons!

Meow said...

Interesting... onna pathi neraya unmaigala puttu puttu vechurka....

AM said...

I wanted to watch the movie for two reasons;one that it was shot at my college which brought some nostalgic value to the film, two that I felt Ranbir Kapoor carried the role very well. Later on I discovered that the film was directed by one of the students of my college who also happens to be from the Mukherjee clan (Family of Kajol, Rani n their grandparents), that brought some kind of a possibility that the movie could have a stroke of fresh paint like DCH by Farhan Akhtar.

On watching the movie, I did a check for myself if I too have taken some vanities for granted and the answer was 'NO' for the simple reason that my parents have hammered the statements of the century which have somehow got engraved in my brains n have never allowed me to take things easily. But irrespective, parents never tend to trust the honesty or genuine respect that the child might have for all those things that they have earned, instead the statements of the century get repeated every year for the next century. Thank God I won't live for so many years! But what makes me laugh is the way in which our parents think we really are hopeless and will remain so for our entire life.

You know my story, Sandhya and somehow things that seem difficult to achieve have come to me gift wrapped, like the chance to sit at home without a headache of earning bucks to survive n do what I always wanted to do, write. Now that doesn't happen to everyone. In spite of me knowing that its a very big thing that my family has done for me, I still have to hear the following:"Why don't you join your previous company again!", "I don't know where you are heading!","There is still a chance for you to join the banking sector, it's a secured job with regular income!" (Yes my Dad was a banker, now retired but happily living n still makes us happy by giving us money when we need it, just out of his pension),"You are just not interested in money because you have gotten everything so easily", "Hamaare zamaane mein..." etc etc.

All this n more is discussed almost every second day of my life. Whether I like it or not, they might be right but just because they can still give me pocket money out of their pension doesn't mean I don't want to earn. But I guess they too want us to learn the hard way!

ki said...

I didn't like it too much when I watched it but it's nice to see someone identifying with it! Maybe my dislike was because I'm quite different from Sid!

Krishnan said...

Great post yaar!!!!
I will surely catch the movie sometime.......

Thumari kahani tho har ghar ki kahani hai!!! just enjoy life as it is!!

V r all business people so technically v must have Strategically planed out every thing... 2 tell u the truth i dont even have plans for next week.....No body does....
the 5 yrs & 10 yrs plans r simply many people r working in the line they started with.....V just keep on adapting ....& thats the BEAUTY of it !!!!!!

so....Aaj ka kaam kal karo kal ka kaam parso.....itini jaldi kya hai pyaree jab jeena hai barso !!!!!

vsk said...

Sandhya, you're still young enough to take a line you love/like, and stop wasting time with Finance. I firmly believe - and I said this to you in our first meeting (lecture on careers) that your leanings are the first filter in the choice of a career. My son was very, very clear in 11th std: I will not do what you are doing, pa. Not only does it suck, but you're a sucker (pardon the PJ).

So check with your heart tonight after dinner and it will tell you where to go. Whenever I ask, it tells me to tally a balance sheet.

Much love


sMiLeVil;) said...

that is what makes these college stories fun to watch.. you can relate to them in so many ways..
I must watch this one soon :)

Extra-Ordinarily Ordinary said...

I thought WUS was a great movie. Typical Dhanush style storyline, but made with some sophistication without the crass titillation that Dhanush movies offer.

I thought ranbir was one of the maida maavu gumbal - but ended up really impressing me.

On a personal note though, I'm far from waking up sid! :P