Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The People

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I strongly believe that it is the people component that keeps me going. I associate myself with people whom I get along with. I have realised one very important aspect of me in the course of time is- I'm not mass marketing material. Mass marketing as in- I'm not your super friendly girl who gossips with everybody. In a class of 60, I talk to say 30 of them and that's that. Of this, I'm very close to 4, good friends with around 6, Hi hello buddies with 20. And to the rest of the class- I don't exist and vice versa. I don't see mass marketing as a vehicle to instant stardom in the class or any place for that matter. I'm very choosy about whom I speak to and hang out with. I agree that I lose out on a lot of support- but I like it this way. I like keeping myself to myself. The reticent attitude gets passed off as "she's got some major attitude". I've become quite obdurate to these comments. Here's my thanksgiving to the bunch of people who've made my stay memorable. This comes in no particular order.

The tooth fairy- the first person I got in touch with before joining the class. Until then she was the dell laptop girl. She exudes what is called- girl's college exuberance! I'm sure the co-ed folks would never be able to appreciate this inert quality. Smiles 24x7, and makes sure you do the same. The apt example of mass marketing; I still wonder how she manages to pull it off. Gitu is synonymous with all things nice. I'm not ashamed to call her my alter-ego. She knows exactly what's in my head with one look at my face. We've gone window shopping, line marofying, hogging, watching movies in the hostel, or just sleeping when the classes get awfully boring! Fellow enthu-pattani, entrepreneur and co-partner of SoMCA stores. Calling her a super talented girl would undermine her ability- does things her way; aka Gitu way! :) If you guys ever want somebody to participate in any hartal, get in touch with her. She'll be more than happy to squat :P what say? ;) Girlie, you know what? "Macha chill, it's ok" works wonders! Lowes di :)

The Thanga Padakkam (Gold Medal), we're not discussing that old tamil movie. We're discussing this sincere girlie. Simple, level headed and very clear about what she wants to do. I'm in awe of her determination to make it big and she takes everything seriously. Nothing ever bogs down. I love pulling her legs, calling her names and the best of all is irritating her. Prasee means different things to different people. If you don't know her- you'd probably think she's one major padips, very serious and has no sense of humor. Only when you start talking to her, you get to see the reality. I think this image is a manifestation of her workaholic attitude- poor thing ends up doing the work of all her other teamies and takes unwanted tension to her head. Loves poking fun at me and vice versa. Wakes me up when I'm fast asleep in the middle of a lecture. She is the Finance Titan :P The ONLY one in the whole group who'd finish a portfolio management assignment :P (Now you know how vetti she is :P) Can't swear for the life of hers. I've tried my best to impart a few swear words into her pure as platinum brain. It fell flat :P Prashee? What's your Rasheee ? :D She calls for product differentiation.

Sowmi- Has more degrees that Kumbakonam Degree coffee :D. Padips, na padips semma padips! Blink blink! Thankfully, the padips nature isn't her only profile. She's got a fun part too. She'll give you these survival tips to wade through Anna University exams, or how to escape from SPAM class. Beauty tips, sleeping tips. Semma talented, sings like an angel. (Pay me 100bucks for this manasakshiye illada compliment :P). Kareena Kapoor would be dethroned from her size zero status if she gets to see this 0.5 lead! She's what you call the so-called senior. The timepass, the unlimited phone calls- we're the biggest contributors to Vodafone's Top line. She finance, I marketing- opposite poles. Super cook, will do anything to feed you when you are hungry! Be it at her place or in college. One sms would do- Sowmi, bring something to eat ok? And she'll get you awesome roti and cauliflower subzi with lots of love! I can go on endlessly! I'm indebted to this girl for being there at the right time. Bless you di!! Lets start a korathi shop ok??:P

In every organization you look for people who share the same vision and mission statement as yours. She's the one who nicked me "Masakali", much to Prasee's annoyance. ( Unna poi samadana pura nu kupadrale :P) Thinks I'm as free spirited as the bird itself. Another product of the product differentiation factory. Knows me inside out, somebody who understands me and my quirks and puts up with my incessant mood swings. One the first friends I made in this class and I love her attitude towards life. She'd make a great scribe- SoMCA's free journalist. She publishes whatever happens in college on her blog. Fellow MOPian, who shares the enthu pattani tag. Makes a super HR, pet of all the teachers :P epdi di?! She's the exact opposite of what I stand for :) Raji- You are simply superb di :D

Buggie!! :P Narcissism will have to rechristen itself Swaroopa in a while :P You should see her pictures man! Wonder how she manages to give those beautiful poses.. have camera will pose syndrome wali ladki. Shares this loose character streak of mine. Me+Gee+Roo= Sure hell :P She compensates for the lazy bum attitude of me and gee! Together we've come up with wacky tags for profs. Very very sincere sigamani version 2.0! SoMCA stores, lays hogging, vetti scene pottufying. Lowes presenting - roo makes ppts, sandy gives ideas! Girlie- the classes would've been such a bore without you around. We come up with amazing business plans and other allied plans .. Roo remember ;)?

Thank you lovely ladies for being there for me! :)
Sandy :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Ppt's will go on...

A year and a half back, when I walked into the class of 59; I had no idea, I'd become a part of the class which was already set in moulds. I was very apprehensive I would ever be able to break that mould and become one among these people. I was 15days late, and had already lost out on the competitive advantage of making friends. And thus, the journey started...

This period has been a mélange of -Fights, gossips, seminars, case studies, midterms, end-terms, sleeping sessions, movies, masti, Daksha, ppts, stores, photos and a lot more... It's all over now! Saturday, Nov-7th 2009, signaled the end of my classroom sessions in a long time to come. At this juncture, I would like to reminisce on all the good things that this place called SSN SoMCA has had to offer.

MBA has been a different ballgame all together. To be very honest, I've never loved any of my courses as much as I enjoyed this one.A course where amazing Profs imparted knowledge. Every Prof has contributed to the culmination of what's called an MBA. Each one of them is special- sparing a few. The group sessions- where we really worked, played and fooled around. I've learnt a lot more than what the course has had to offer.

There were different people with different facets. I have learnt to take these people in my stride. By not looking beyond the façade, accepting them as they are, and most importantly not subjecting people to my "multi-filter" elimination technique. The gossip sessions have been very cathartic. The best ones (10%), good ones(40%), bad ones(15%), some rotten (15%) and others beyond redemption(20%).

The Classes- I got back to being my usual self, something that I discarded back in class 11; answering in the class. I knew at the back of my mind, that this will be my last leg of academics in a long time to come, and I was determined to make the most of now offer. I answered like there was no tomorrow. I wouldn't care a rat-ass if people thought I was a geek. I took down notes, absorbed what the Wise Old Men of Management had to offer. It has done a world of good!

The Placement Brochure- Lovely stuff! Quoting Kumar Sir, I'd call it "Intelligent bull-work" :P LOL! Me, gee and roo were in charge of the placement brochure, and I came up with content. The document went through some half a dozen filters, and only 2 corrections were made. The final content was the same as what I had initially submitted. This is my first published work! Any company which decides to visit my college will have to read through the "real" stuff written by me! YaaaY!

The SoMCA Stores: A lot has been written about it already. But there was this lump in the throat moment; My sales Mgt Prof wanted muruku and there were none at the stores. I told him , we're not in charges any more, ask the juniors. He looks at me and says “You will always be the stores girls for me". The stores were the bestest things about the college, and a lot of people associate me with the stores. The juniors gave me the "3-roses award" for waking up people, whilst the profs put them to sleep :P

The Vanishing Lunch Box syndrome: I've never seen people lap up food faster than this. Open the dubba, look around, and it's over in minutes :P People seem to love my mom's curd rice too :D It doesn't matter what your bring, there is always somebody to finish it up.

My blog has become some Celeb blog types only! The blog has somehow become my brand identity (if only something like that exists). I love writing and I’m amazed by the kind of popularity it has garnered. Thank you folks! What’s surprising is- why pick my blog when people like Raji, Prasee, and Gitu write better stuff? I’m a great fan of their blogs J

The tests and the cases- LOL! There were so many of them that I’ve literally lost count. But they’ve been real good learning experiences. You learn to be the Driver, the passenger and the nonexistent one with equal ease.

These 1.5yrs have changed a lot of facets in me. I have changed for the better, yet keeping intact the real me. J The credit for this goes out to a bunch of people- and it would be unfair if I just wrote a few lines about them. I'll thank them in a separate post!

And… the ppt’s shall continue! :P