Sunday, December 20, 2009

All About Fizz

There is this strange thing about my life; every time I reach a set goal, something brings me back down. Downslide is not what I’m talking about; it is called a “Landslide”. The about me in Orkut was written in a spur of creativity. I had no idea, that the Yo-Yo would become an inseparable part of my personality.

I’ll do a quick rewind now…

Class-10: I probably scored the best marks of my life, except for math. My dad was damn proud of me. The man decided that his daughter would make it to “IIT Madras”. PS: it was my dad’s dream and not mine.

Class-12: I got the worst marks of my life. I was in a school which was a part of IIT Madras :P. I made it to a lovely girl’s college!

Under-grad: Years of MPD, not literally though. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be the “Chaamathu Iyer Aathu Ponnu” or the “MOP Girl”. More like, should I go out with a lot of guys/ study for the next unit test. Realization struck, and I managed to find my kind of friends- the good girls who could strike the balance.

MBA: CAT, and the likes, made it to a decent college. Lots of friends, super hip gang! It was that ‘I have arrived moment’. Tragedy strikes. And I returned home. The stint with SSN SoMCA, 1.5yrs passes. Placements start. I don’t make it to the first company I sit for, make it to the next and happiness is expected.

Last Monday: I was the happiest girl on planet earth, or so I believed. I was beaming and grinning from ear to ear. I arrive at the office 45mins ahead of time, and start clicking pictures of the company like a “jackass”. The HR arrived at 10.00 by 11 we were dispersed to depots, and then were sent on the road.

At 12.00 I was C/o Platform. We then rang up a couple of third party dealers whom I thought were employees of the company. I start waxing in ‘englees’ only to realize that they spoke ‘Tamil’. The beat starts. I was on the TP’s bike, the bike was no super bike, but it was called “Zeus” :P. Travel around, Mylapore, Santhome, Pattinapakkam. Walk in and out of 50-60 shops, from ciggy ke dukaan to decent looking departmental store. Add to those inglorious stares from people on the road, and the discomfort of travelling on the bike and in the heat.

I came back home at 6.30 like any other respectable office-going girl. Only addition was a red eye, and I looked very similar to the burnt Kentucky Fried Chickens. I’m not looks conscious, but the reflection in the mirror dint look like me at all.

The next day morning: Red eye becomes the red, which is very similar to the company's logo and it starts bleeding in a while. I decide to call it a day. I did not attend day-2 of the training program.

Fast forward: the going around in the sun, dint go down well with me. The safety was another reason to be worried about. I was shit upset that I couldn’t take up the offer, they paid me peanuts, but it dint matter. The brand was all that mattered at that point.

And hence, the love affair with the fizz company ended. I’m back to the pavilion. The final year project, will be taken up in the company where I did my internship.

You see the High-Low-High-Low yo-yo-ing of my life? I'm waiting for the next High to come around. Until then,

Signing off,

Yours truly

Sandhya A,

(Member of Berozgar Junta).

PS: People who say I quit the job. Please correct your English or check the meaning of the word “Quit” in the dictionary. The correct usage is- I did not take up the offer.

PS1: Next time anybody tries to act smart with me; I’ll track down that guy who drove me around in his “Zeus” and will make sure you get kicked by the same bike. Don’t try to pull me down to that- You also quit your job community.

PS2: Thanks to the friends for being supportive! :D It feels good to wallow in self pity once in a while. But it doesn’t gel well with me.

PS3: I still have the pictures taken at their office. Should I press the delete button and forget all about it or keep it as a memoir?

PS4: I don't have "sad" songs on my playlist yet. I'm happy, shining and looking at the sunnier side of my life. The nay-sayers shall not be forgiven.

PS5: I have nothing against the company / the Job/ The profile. I'm very proud of the fact that I made it there, and very ashamed that I couldn't live up to my dreams. If I get another opportunity to work for them I'd be the happiest. Give me a job inside the office please.


ki said...

I love how you've restricted all possible comments with the PS 1 to 5 :D

Very smart. Coke should see this and totally give you an inside office job.

gitanjali.j said...

What to comment macha :P Im saying what everyone has been telling me past few days - "The buggers dont deserve you!!" :D

Vedha said...

oh good. then i think the competitor fizz wouldnt have suited u much as well. that also bees the road the roamings. anyway, good luck with the project! i know u had a fun internship, this will also be good se...

vsk said...

Sandhya, that was a sensible thing to do - giving this job the miss, I mean. Health should not be compromised at any cost. And it's good your body gave the alarm bell kaafi early, thank God.

Was there an upside as far as the job content went, by the way? I mean, did you learn something about selling in that one red day? Or was that also a washout?


sawan said...

what wus the profile and what was ur major in MBA – if I may ask.

HaRy!! said...

thats quite sensible enuf! i did not take up the offer!! now ll remember that line!

Anonymous said...

Ah ! that is one helluva experience ! I liked The PS4, no need to mope around ! health is very important, and you can always go back when you are confident that your health wont take a beating !