Thursday, December 31, 2009

Annual Report 2009

Haha! I got you! If you expect something related to finance, here ends your dream. I couldn’t think of anything beyond Annual Report because, this is about what the year has been like. Sorry boss, you don’t get to see the Auditor’s report and even if you do, it is very unlikely that you will hear something ‘good’ about this year’s performance.

If I had to describe the year in a word- I’d say – Awe-inspiring! It was almost perfect, and if I had to pick out one year of all my years of existence, 2009 would pass off as one of the best.
It’s been … the words refuse to give way. It was a really really good year! Of all the events, if I had to pick one and call it the best it would be – LIFE. According to me, joining LIFE was the one of the high points in my life this year.

The marks improved. I hope it goes up further! The results are around the corner...

The happiness quotient also increased. I’m a lot happier than usual these days.

Bickering and cribbing have gone down by more than 70%. I’m quite serious about it.

I’ve become stronger than last year, and a lot more determined.

I’ve changed for the better, a little more responsible, a little serious, and the funny-loony-crackpot me is still alive.

Learnt new things- power yoga, and almost gave up on music classes. I’m looking for a nice maami who will be ready to teach me. Ideas are welcome!

My views about people are becoming a little too stronger, in the same breath; I’ve come to respect a lot of people, not just for their age, but for the wisdom.

I learnt the art of saying beep-off.

I made a lot of friends in college, and outside.

I managed to achieve almost everything of what I planned for.

I learnt to deal with people; their tantrums and chucking a few of them off my system.

The BEST thing, that happened to me was – The Cola Company. Like they say, a meal is incomplete without spice, and the unexpected mirchi finds its way into the plate- the same happened to me.

At the end of it- All is Well!

I'm in my element, happiest best! Hope the new year brings in more happiness! To me, and to the people around me at large.

Happiness is here! And where are you?


Praseela Nair said...

Heyi Sandy!! Wish you a very happy , bright, prosperous and cool year ahead...Hope you become more refined, more mature, achieve great heights. May all your dreams come true...All the best dear!!

Anonymous said...

hello sandy ! interesting annual report ! so finally the word doc did filled up :P... all the best for the future ! and may the year 2010 bring great joys :)

AM said...

I understand the high you get out of life when it looks like a perfectly balanced balance sheet and without any suspense accounts. Cheers!

vsk said...

Considering the substantial increase in your assets with very little addition to the liabilities side, your 'owner's equity' seems to have made a quantum leap.

And you are ploughing it all back instead of declaring a huge dividend - just the right thing to do. Will stand you in good stead in 2010 & make your growth even faster.

See how simple my subject is? Pity you don't like it.

Much love


Arv said...

Happy New Year da :)

vEnKy said...

ditto 2009 was also by best year so far in the 20 yrs i have spent in this god's green earth