Sunday, December 13, 2009

Open Happiness!!

The firsts in our lives are always memorable. The first Job, The first day at work, the first pay cheque, the first Kiss, The first date. For most of us, it would be the first job! Is stands out as the best for the simple reason that- a job gives us an identity, that sense of responsibility, and most importantly; the financial and economic independence!

The job thingy was at the back of mind all the time. I couldn’t imagine myself staying at home for the next 6 months, working on a project from home, and killing time mercilessly. I dint fancy bumming and lazing around, somehow they dint conjure a pretty image. This was for two reasons; I’ve never stayed at home for more than a week with nothing to do (We had holiday homework in school mind you :P), and my parents are workaholics.

With this, the job hunt began, applying to companies on the job portals. This worked out quite well; 2 top companies and one chintu-candy shortlisted me. But they dint select me. Then the college placements started, first a software company, I chucked it, next was the FMCG- A very good company. I gave it my bestest shot, and it was shootout No.4 in a row. And then the BIGGIE I was waiting for. I dreamt about it, fantasized and there was this jalti-aag which said “Go for it Tiger”. I was a wounded tiger; the FMCG rejected me, because I was too soft. And it upset me. A little tear did escape the eye.

And thus, the cola chase began. It was the day of fear, nervousness, excitement, and HAPPINESS! Happiness is not the word, Euphoria-exhilaration, ecstasy- rupture-cloud-9, all rolled into one big bundle! Every round cleared, created a flurry of messages. And the final verdict what all that mattered! I clinched the deal! :D I just made it sound like a piece of cake, but I was this super nervous wreck, ask the people, they’ll give you a first person encounter of how cantankerous I was! At the end of the day, it was so endearing to see people that people really cared for you, a lot of them were ‘genuinely’ HAPPY! I’d cherish that moment till the day I breathe my last.

When the Cola dudes informed me that I was selected, it dint register at first. My personal interview was abysmal. The minute I answered the first question, I reduced my chances of getting selected by half. And then, they call! I stammered, stuttered and finally managed a “Thank You Ma’m”. What do I do now? Scream/ squeal/ cry/ laugh/ jump off the bus?! It was still hazy out there. I was in a crowded bus, with no room to jump. The first thing I did was call Amma. “Amma… I made it!” sadly, it dint register at the other end also :P! I started messaging friends, calling the Profs. So much for a job you may think, it feels so damn bloody good! A whole bunch of people are genuinely happy, and quite a few of them are green eyed. It feels good either ways. Balances the equation you see. :D

The job hunt has taught me a few valuable lessons.

1) Believe in yourself. Lend a deaf to all those freaks who try to pull you down to their level. Show them your middle finger if you can’t take the bullshit. Remember that there are only a handful of people who genuinely care about you. Keep them close!

2) Listen to your parents. Very important. This doesn’t mean, you blindly accept what they say. You can reason out with them. But all that they say comes from 25yrs of experience. Amma has been my Ambuja cement pillar of strength and greatest support system in all my 22yrs of existence. And in all these years, there’s not been a single unanswered prayer.

3) Respect the teachers. Remember Mata Pita Guru Devo? The teachers are at par with uparwala and your folks. The job would’ve never happened if not for the guidance and the gyaan from two very important Profs.

Kannan sir for the constant guidance, he’s put me back on track every time he thought I was straying away from away the ultimate goal. He’s kept me going with words of encouragement and chiding me when I was chickening out or when he saw me wasting time. Sir Ji, tussi great ho!

Kumar Sir for clearing the cobwebs at the right time. Sir if not for you, I’d still be in fantasy land, building castles in the air with bricks of unrealistic expectations and improbable events. I wouldn’t have taken up Sales otherwise. The session that day was not for me, but it did put things in the right perspective.

4) Hardwork takes time to work, but you’ll definitely reap the fruits. I was damn upset after the FMCG debacle. But it made me take another look at myself. Maybe I was a little too soft. So what? I should work on it.

5) Opportunities will come your way if you make the right moves. You don’t need recommendations to clinch that dream job. Perseverance works fine. An important take away from this would be; never belittle any job or a company. Say an FMCG wants to recruit from your college, go for it! Don’t look at it from that crooked view- stop thinking that you are going to sell sad bathroom cleaners or floor cleaners. Instead, you must understand that you’re a novice and you are learning the tricks of the trade.

6) If you live in fallacy that you are working only if you are given your ‘worth’, I think you are wasting away your precious life, for you will be frustrated forever expecting the impossible to happen.

7) You are never too good for any job. The whole perception of *I’m An MBA, how do you think I’ll do something as menial as this*, is not going to take you anywhere. You can never learn a language without knowing the letters and you’ll never learn an art without the basics. Same applies to a Job as well. You’ll never learn to market/ brand a product unless you know who buys it.

8) Take things in the positive spirit. There’s nothing that works like a good laugh after a bad day. Take life as it comes, one thing at a time and one bite at time. Keep yourself occupied. There’s more to life than Acads. Add a dash of colour and vibrancy. And most importantly- remember it’s your life!

9) Things don’t always move at the pace you want them to. They happen one by one. You can never be airlifted in the first step of your career. Start small, but aim big!

I think that’s enough gyaan from my side. :P It’s been a long article in a long time. The views are completely personal, and have come from experience of watching people go mad and also from pages of my life.

I think I must call it a day now. Office awaits me tomorrow. Wish me luck :D

Good luck to all you people who are still looking for jobs.



ki said...

What akka, so much gyaan? :P But it makes sense toh theek hi hai :)

Put up the pictures asap, I want to see :D

Meow said...

All the best :D

Praseela Nair said...

Hey Congrats Sandy! You made it! You had the right attitude to make it ! All the best! Hope u ll rock!


vsk said...

Sandhya Patti, that was positively breathtaking! I've heard it said that girls mature faster than boys, but this is maturing at bullet train speeds.

Jokes apart, wow Sandhya. Many of your peer group would be able to appreciate the style of writing and the pithy prose, and perhaps the basic goodness of your 9 points. But at 58 I am able to 'feel' every one of the 9 points you'v made. I have experienced almost everything you've mentioned there and hence the delighted response. Tum to ek dam ustaad ho.

Lots of love - Indra Nooyi had better watch out. Coke has just got tougher.


meena said...

sandya it was gr8 to read it..i felt as happy as u might have been ven i read abt the big moment...good one..! congrats again.. happy working !

Vedha said...

sandy girl...u never msgd me :(

and the word verification for this post is "frizate" :P

sawan said...

liked the spirit and the message :)