Monday, January 18, 2010

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya- Trailer!

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya!

There's something about this movie, that it has created ripples. You can attribute the hype to the following reasons;

a) A R Rehman's Music! After the Oscars, people have been waiting for that magical music, that will literally sweep them off their feet. This time around, the benchmarks were higher, and I think- the album has achieved that.

b) It's a Gautam Menon movie; A lot of people 'loved' varanam aiyiram, but sadly the movie did not appeal to me, maybe because me and my Dad don't share that; daddy-daddy relationship.

c) The strange but fresh pairing on Simbu and Trisha; I'm not a great fan of either, but I really want to catch this flick on the big screen! Lets face it, I've fallen in love with those simple chiffon and synthetic sarees, with contrasting coloured blouses!

d) The captivating visuals and stills- they're bloody good! The marketing guys have already done a damn good job. People are hooked. That's half the job done.

This is a trailer of the Movie,

It isn't anything different. Love story yes! This is a personal point of view, the trailer reminds me a lot of Varanam Aiyram.. Don't ask me why.. But it looks a lot like that. There was a Youtube Video with a yellow still which looks like a still right out of Alaipayuthe.
Well, let's wait and watch..

The movie releases on Feb 14th, and I'm watching it :D If nobody wants to come along, I've decided to catch the flick, even if it means watching the movie all alone, (sans the cola and popcorn).

Here is an after thought- Simbu in the trailer looks refreshingly different. He looks very smart. This is coming from a person who isn't a fan. This brings us to a point; I think everybody can look good, if they change the way they dress. Being a little presentable does make a difference to your personality! Now you know, why all those geeky senior guys in school, look damn smart in their suits ;-)



Anonymous said...

cant believe i am actually saying this but for the first time i am actually looking forward for feb 14 ! :P ... the music was awesome waiting to see the movie,,, maybe after this one i wont hate 'sombu' that much :P

vEnKy said...

Thwe music is very nice but i dont think the movie will be nice the trailer looks really bland. Movie will surley be 3 hrs :-)

Sunshine said...

Oh! You are going to watch it alone?
Alright! :P
Someone was teasing me when I was telling her about VTV, its music and Simbu.. and see.. who is talking about VTV now? ;)

sawan said...

ah! god knows when I cud see a tamil/Malayalam mov here in hyd :( lets hope they wud play this [tamil version] if it’s a hit. sigh!

Vedha said...

simbu and trisha arent fresh pairs...remember the disaster 'Alai?!

and why even talk about VTV when TAMIL PADAM is getting released this 29th!!!! :D :D

Ira said...

The only Telugu movie I have ever watched...oh I think I also watched College was refreshingly good. The song picturisation was nice.